What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

When most of your team is in the field, you might need employee tracking software to control operations. After all, it is hard to know what everyone is up to when there’s no physical contact, right? 

If you’ve been managing a team of field employees manually, you know how difficult the process can be. So, why not invest in field employee tracking software to automate things? In this blog, let us learn about what field employee tracking software is and how they help your organization flourish!

What is Field Employee Tracking Software? 

Field employee tracking software is exactly what you can understand from the name itself. It is a software system that allows employees to be able to track field executives at all times. 

In essence, field employee tracking software is a software-as-service product that functions through GPS tracking systems. It provides real-time tracking for managers who handle a team of field executives while they manage other stuff from the office. 

The best thing about field employee tracking software is that it can be the base for several field force management services. Let us look into it in the next section.

How Does Real-time Employee Tracking Help? 

Locational data seems pretty basic, right? However, that is not the case! Simple lat-long data can be manipulated to get several functions. Let us discuss them and some benefits organizations have through field employee tracking software:

  • Assurance of Location: With real-time locational data, managers can rest assured of knowing where their executives are. They don’t have to worry about not knowing if executives are procrastinating, or if they are in the field, to begin with. 
  • Honest Attendance: With location linked to the attendance system, the logging in and out process can be made reliable. After all, executives have to be at the specified location instead of getting to log in attendance from their home, right? 
  • Meeting Confirmations: Managers can see when executives reach or exit specific locations. Therefore, getting actual meeting confirmations becomes simpler. If an executive has stayed at the location for the duration of the meeting – it’s confirmed! 
  • Higher Accountability: It is simpler to increase accountability within the company’s hierarchy with live monitoring. The better the accountability, the higher the possibility of executives being more productive in the field. Accountability also leads to better teamwork and hierarchy compliance for a better-structured work environment. 
  • Productivity Analysis: With real-time analysis, you get an idea of what each employee is doing in the field. Therefore, you can make highly evidential and better productivity analysis reports, which will help your team grow at a higher pace. 

Is Real-time Tracking Ethical?

The authenticity of real-time tracking can be one of the biggest concerns your employees might pose while you are switching to automation. They are not wrong in believing that their privacy might get barged into since, well, they’ll always be under surveillance. 

However, to make real-time ethical, you can seek employees’ consent. Good field force management software systems like TrackoField allow tracking to be consensual by:

  • Only starting tracking after employees grant consent to the same 
  • Employees have the option to stop the tracking whenever need to 

To make this process even more ethical, organizations should offer separate work devices to employees. This way, only their work devices are tracked while their personal lives stay private. 

Improve Field Operations With TrackoField

The world is moving towards automation, and so should you! If you’ve been manually handling a team of field operations executives, you know how tough the job is! Make things much simpler for yourself and your team with the potent field employee tracking software TrackoField!

What is Field Employee Tracking Software?

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