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Sail through the Sales Targets
with an advanced automation tool for sales representatives

Scalability and profitability are the byproducts of adopting automation. It simplifies remote field sales employee management and helps executives meet their sales quotas without any hassle. The field employee monitoring app automates just about everything for you.

What to Expect
Field Sales Automation for Remote Teams

Ever since automation has ventured into the remote employee management domain, it has mutually benefited both, employees and managers.

Task Management Software

Real-time Monitoring

Find the whereabouts of field sales representatives in real-time with just a few clicks. Our field sales automation software fetches the live work status and daily progress of sales representatives.

Distance Travelled

No boasting but truth - TrackoField offers the most precise distance travelled report with up to 98% accuracy without taking much toll on the phone battery of sales representatives.

Task Management Software
Task Management Software

In-depth Insights

Get clear and actionable insights into field operations, sales executives’ performance and overall team functioning with TrackoField. Equip managers to take instant decisions backed by credible insights.

Geo-verified Operations

TrackoField optimises field sales representative management with geo-coding. Geofencing, geo-tagged attendance, geo-verified task delegation, reporting, etc. are the pay-offs.

Task Management Software
Task Management Software

Offline Accessibility

Field employees work seamlessly even without or with low internet connectivity. Employees continue their field activities offline and our software syncs the data when the internet is back.

Seamless API Integrations

You can effortlessly integrate other systems and software you use across departments with our Sales Force Automation Software and vice versa through push/pull API integration.

Task Management Software

It’s a two-way street!
Bilateral Field Sales Monitoring Software

TrackoField is not just an employee tracking app, it’s a complete field employee management solution that aims at streamlining field sales and after-sales operations.

  • Create Tasks

    Both, managers and sales representatives can create daily tasks for the latter. They can also schedule tasks for the future.
  • Onboard Client

    Trackofield allows client creation at both ends. It is possible when the manager grants access to creating clients for sales representatives.

Sales Rep Monitoring App
Optimise Field Sales and After-sales

  • Remote Task Delegation

    Field sales executives receive a notification every time their managers assign tasks with a brief, deadline and notes to them online. Emails and phone calls are things of the past.
  • Battery and Network Status

    TrackoField captures the real-time network and battery status of field executives. Every time their phone goes off or is unreachable, managers can cross-check their last battery and network status.
  • Chatbox with Voice Note

    With chat at their disposal, sales representatives and managers do not have to switch between apps to chat or clarify queries. Voice notes make it more convenient for executives while they are on the move.
  • Unreachable Reports

    The unreachability of field employees is one of the biggest challenges. Check why a sales executive is not reachable- Is the phone out of network, on flight mode, its battery drained or is it switched off?
  • Upload & Archive Documents

    Our Field sales automation software allows document and image upload not just in the forms but also for attendance verification, in chatboxes, and where it is required. The documents stay saved on the app.
  • Expense Management

    Sales executives spend most of their time in the field, they need food and their vehicles need fuel to run. The built-in expense management tool simplifies the reimbursement process for employees and the management.

Visible Out-turn
Practical Benefits of Sales Rep Automation Software

Switching to automation-backed software solutions streamlines monitoring, reporting and analysis for employees. No wonder 92% of employees are okay with their organisation collecting data on them and their tasks.

  • Streamlined Operations

    Field sales monitoring software bars the hassle of manual task delegation, executive management and regular reporting. It optimises field operations and brings them on a single platform
  • Valuable Analytics

    Software-enabled sales and after-sales management ensures the accuracy of data on performance, employees and tasks which are otherwise subject to human errors when managed manually.
  • Data Transparency

    Sharing data on performance and efficiency with employees builds their trust in the management. It also enables them to spot their weak/strong areas which help them improve their performance.
  • Employee Health

    You get insights into the working hours and the leave history of employees. Discourage excess over time, no-break habits and meetings at odd hours to protect your employees from stress and burnout.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is field sales automation software?

    A field sales automation is a software system that optimises field sales operations at the execution level for field executives and also at the managerial level for the manager. It’s a digital platform or an app that brings the entire team that functions remotely on one platform. It offers solutions such as task management, geocoded attendance marking, leave management, expense management and many other custom features.

  • What are the benefits of using field sales monitoring software?

    The primary benefit is automation. The tasks that demanded too much time and labour have become a matter of a few hours to complete. Also, the multi-step procedures have come down to a few necessary steps only, discarding document handling, submission and reporting. Other benefits include:
    1. Accurate insights
    2. Efficiency of work
    3. Better team performance
    4. More organised set-up
    5. Quick turnaround time
    6. Employee safety and health

  • Does TrackoField have one Field sales management app for both, managers and field executives?

    No, there are different apps for sales executives working in the fields and a different app along with a web portal for managers. This not only simplifies UX for the users but also negates any scope of confusion

  • How is TrackoField’s Field sales automation solution different from other employee monitoring Apps?

    TrackoField offers custom solutions as per its client's requirements. Right from custom form creation and bespoke fields in different sections to tailored reports, our field force automation software provides tailored features as per industry. The accuracy of our live tracking solutions and distance travelled calculations are unmatched and the best in the industry.

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