Public Transport Tracking Software Public Transport Tracking Software Public Transport Tracking Software Public Transport Tracking Software
Public Transport Tracking Software

Public Transport Tracking Software

Optimize Public Transportation Like Never Before

Reduce operational expenses and increase the efficiency of your public transportation fleet with TrackoBit.

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waste management tracking software

Operate Publically, Track Privately!

Managing a fleet of public transportation vehicles is nothing but sensitive and complicated. After all, these vehicles do not carry consignment but actual people.

Most people use public transportation to save time and money and to ensure road safety. Therefore, safety and resource optimization are of paramount importance while managing a public transportation fleet.

TrackoBit allows fleet managers to reduce fuel expenses, manage vehicle, driver, passengers security, and optimize routes efficiently. Increase your fleet’s bottom line and improve your city’s public transportation network with our dynamic fleet management solution .

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

What You Get

The ability to help the public move around in the city at ease while making massive profits!

Top-Notch Security

Features such as the SOS button and panic alarm safeguard your passengers. You can also secure passengers and vehicles through immobilization and live tracking features. Driver supervision also plays a role in public transportation safety.

All-in-one Solution

Geofenced Routes

Optimize each vehicle’s routes within a geofenced area to avoid intersected paths. If a vehicle leaves its designated circuit, you’ll be notified. Moreover, you’ll know if all vehicles are following routes and stoppages diligently.

All-in-one Solution

Distance Readings

Track each trip’s duration and each driver’s shift hours through direct odometer readings on the software. These readings help expense management through exact figures and also help calculate trip fares for passengers.

All-in-one Solution

Intuitive ETAs

Calculate exact ETAs through diagnostic data such as distance and travel time reports. Moreover, paired with geospatial traffic reports, your passengers will get the most accurate ETAs possible through our software.

All-in-one Solution

What You Get

A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time Tracking

GPS tracking allows you to track all your vehicles at all times. Regardless of your operation area size, all vehicles’ locations will be available in one place.

Route Optimization

Real-time Tracking

Geofences allow route segregation and planning. However, our software also helps you plan routes that are the least fuel and time-consuming, and are passenger-oriented.

SOS Button

Real-time Tracking

Safeguard your rental vehicles and passengers with SOS button. If anyone senses danger, they can press the button to send an alarm to your device immediately.

Driver Management

Real-time Tracking

Other than tracking driver behavior, you can upload all information such as PAN, driver’s license, and UID card for higher vehicle and passenger security.

Fuel Monitoring

Real-time Tracking

Check when the fuel tank is filled and how it is consumed for better expense insights. Increase fuel efficiency for better resource and expense optimization.

Detailed Reports

Real-time Tracking

Actionable reports such as trip duration, driver behavior, engine performance, fuel consumption, and sensor database are present on the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • How many public transportation vehicles can your software accommodate?

    TrackoBit is not built according to the software’s ease but according to what you need. As long as you have a fleet of over 20 vehicles, we are happy to help you! Our software is built to scale according to your business. Therefore, even if you start with 50 vehicles but go on to expand to 500, our software can accommodate that growth. All the features offered on the software will remain the same regardless of the fleet size. However, the larger the fleet, the more data we will have, and hence, the better reports we will be able to generate for you.

  • How do I brand my hardware while using your fleet management software?

    Your hardware needs our software and vice-versa. To help you build your hardware brand, we offer our software in multiple levels of white label. Complete white label: We will customize our product’s interface according to your brand and the TrackoBit name or essence will be absent. All your clients will see is your company and your colors and branding style on your portal. Partial white label: The software will work on your portal under your name. However, the UI/UX will stay standard for our product. Basic white label: Your software will work on our portal with our standard UI/UX. However, your clients will see your brand’s name instead of ours.

  • What kind of alerts can I expect from your software?

    Route deviations, SOS alerts, theft alarms, engine breakdowns, and security alerts are the standard alerts we offer. However, TrackoBit works on complete flexibility. Therefore, if you want to be alerted about something that isn't automatic to our software, we will make it happen for you. You can receive alerts for things such as PODs, trip scheduling, and speeding violations as well.

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