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Leave all the fears and anxiety of not knowing where your vehicles are and whether they’re safe or not. With our GPS Tracking Software and telematics solutions, you get the ultimate access to your fleet’s geospatial data. Get solutions like fuel management, driver behaviour management, trip management, and much more. With all information you need about your vehicles being just a few taps and a glance away, you can better focus on building your business for success!

Why Track?

What We Offer

GPS Tracking Solutions for a Smart Fleet

That help you stay in the know about your fleet at all times. With our GPS Tracking
Software, don’t just track your vehicles, but go a step further and step into the
future with smart vehicle tracking systems.

Vehicle Tracking

Gone are the days of manual fleet management and constantly nagging drivers for updates. Get locational and operational status accurate to the T with TrackoBit’s robust GPS Tracking Solutions.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking Vehicle will reach its
location in 15 mins
Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

Tracking fuel consumption in your fleet has never been easier with complete vehicle tracking solutions that give you a look into how much fuel your vehicles are consuming and why.

Route Planning

Live GPS tracking solutions give you a look into your vehicles’ movements with required updates throughout the trip. You can get updates for route deviation, disturbance on the routes and whatnot!

Route Planning
Consignment Tracking Consignment Tracking Consignment Tracking

Consignment Tracking

Track not only your vehicles but also your consignment and all other assets in your fleet with consistent and robust GPS tracking for all vehicles in your fleet.


You don’t have to sit with intimidating data to understand your fleet’s functioning and whereabouts. TrackoBit forms digestible reports that you can use to take appropriate actions and improve fleet functions.

Actionable Reports
Trip Report Travel Summary Distance Report
Actionable Reports
Consignment Tracking

Telematics Solutions

TrackoBit goes beyond simple vehicle GPS tracking and binds your fleet with an entire ecosystem of telematics tools and devices. We’ve crafted the easiest-to-use and best-connected telematics system for your fleet.

  • White Label GPS Tracking System

    Because Your Business
    Is Special

    Your business is unique and so should be your Fleet Management Software. We do our job of developing the tools for you, the result is all yours, custom-made.

    This is Why You Need Custom FMS
  • Custom Branding

    Your business is your business and none of ours. We offer custom branding according to your requirements. We will use whatever logo you want, wherever you want in the software system.

  • Personalised UI/UX

    We’ll shine all your brand colours and make them unforgettable for your client with custom UI/UX designing. All the feature icons, look, and feel of the system are yours to decide.

  • Tailor-made Features

    Get all and only the features you need. Say no to clutter and hello to personalised efficiency for your fleet. If you want us to develop any new special feature for you, we’ll do it.

GPS Tracking Software That

Welcomes All

We’ve built a GPS Tracking Software that integrates any hardware from the biggest global GPS tracker manufacturers. If you have a device that doesn’t fit, we’ll integrate it for you!

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What You Get

More than Just Dots on a Map

Our GPS Tracking Software is not just about knowing where your vehicles are.
It is about knowing everything about your fleet, all under a nifty package.

  • Total Visibility

    See where your vehicles are now and where they were a couple of minutes, hours, days, or weeks ago.

  • Better Security

    With better surveillance comes better security and you can send help for vehicles in a fix.

  • Nearby Planning

    Find the nearest petrol station or food joint to your vehicle and plan routes accordingly.

  • Future-proofing

    Advanced fleet management solutions stem from accurate GPS Tracking, and we offer both!

  • Better Asset Use

    Track your vehicles to know how all your resources are used so that you can plan inefficiency away!

  • Time for Planning

    Quick updates from the software help you save loads of time from manual planning, helping you strategize better!

Good Numbers By Good GPS Tracking Software

The world loves TrackoBit. When will you get a taste of maximum accuracy and efficiency?

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Why TrackoBit

Because Nobody Listens
Better Than Us

We’re your fleet’s best friend in need. We listen to all its requirements and problems to frame the best solutions possible.

Support Security Alert Vehicle Report Vehicle Report
  • 24x7 Support

    Our tireless support team helps you with whatever fleet problems you face and whenever you face them.

  • Flexible System

    There’s no place better to see software yoga as TrackoBit. Our flexible solutions welcome everyone!

  • Maximum Accuracy

    If a vehicle is at point A on TrackoBit, it cannot be even 10 meters away. Experience futuristic accuracy with TrackoBit.

What’s In it For Your Drivers?

TrackoBit is not only great for fleet owners and managers, but also for your employees. It tracks, not spies on your drivers, helping them get:

  • Earned Recognition
  • Sense of Accountability
  • Immunity From False Accusations
  • Total Road Safety
  • Informed Feedback
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Vehicle Driver Vehicle Driver Vehicle Driver

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What GPS tracker can your software integrate?

    Our forte lies in customisation and flexibility. So, whatever device you bring in, chances are we’ve already integrated it into our system. But if we haven’t, we’d be happy to improvise. TrackoBit has partnered with all major GPS Trackers manufacturers for a quick and easy vehicle onboarding experience for you.

  • Is TrackoBit the best GPS Tracking Software for me?

    Even if TrackoBit is the best GPS tracking software provider, whether or not it will work for you can be measured through the following metrics:

    - Industry: Does TrackoBit cater to your industry in particular?

    - Usecases: Do you have a crucial use case without which tracking vehicles is moot for you? Does TrackoBit currently provide it or does it promise that can provide you with it?

    - Scalability: How big is your business and how much do you want to expand it? Can the GPS Tracking Software have what it takes to manage so much data?

    - Usability: Do you find the interface understandable and easy to use?

    - Features: Does TrackoBit offer you all the features you need for your fleet?

    - Branding: Might your business lose clients to the software provider, or do they offer white-label fleet management solutions?

    - Support: How technically sound is your fleet? If it is on a very basic level, can TrackoBit help you?

  • Is a GPS tracking system better than SIM tracking?

    For sure! GPS tracking solutions can do so much more than basic SIM tracking solutions. With GPS Tracking Solutions, you get to monitor so much more than just the location of your fleet. Moreover, even location tracking is not very accurate in SIM-based tracking systems.

    The only two places SIM tracking solutions might prove better for a customer are

    - If they are looking for extremely cheap alternatives and do not mind locational inaccuracy

    - The place where the vehicle needs to be tracked is not possible to track well with GPS.

  • How can I start using TrackoBit?

    Using TrackoBit and integrating your fleet with it is as simple as it gets. Just contact us and request a demo. We’ll reach out to you, listen to you, and guide you through the process in a simple and comfortable manner.

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