Route Distance Calculator For Employee Tracking

Track and trace the distance travelled by field
executives without compromising accuracy.

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Distance Travelled Today: 45Kms
Route Distance Calculator
Route Distance Calculator Rahul Jain, Field Executive
Current Trip:
  • 60Km/h
  • 35:45m
  • 45km
    Travel Distance
  • 150
    Fuel Expense
Route Distance Calculator For Employee Tracking
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How Map Distance
Calculator Tool Works

It’s as easy as ABC for GPS Tracking software providers to track the movement of employees and trace the route by trading off the battery. However, it takes an advanced level of automation and technology to trace the path travelled without guzzling the battery.

Distance Travelled Report
How Map Distance Calculator Works
Alpha Industries
2Km Away
How Map Distance Calculator Works


Automatic Route Distance Calculator

Backed by the trust and technology of TrackoBit, TrackoField automates and optimises nuances that make a huge difference
in improving the bottom line for businesses. The route distance calculating feature is one such feature.

  • A-one Accuracy

    Our field force management software offers impeccable accuracy of data with reliable reports. Gone are the days of crow fly routes with optimum distance calculation coming off age with TrackoField.

    • Playback Route Travelled
    • Check Travel History Online
  • Travel Expense Calculator

    With flawless geospatial technology comes spotless locational data, by virtue of which our software generates conveyance expense automatically with respect to distance travelled by field employees.

    • Reimbursement w.r.t. Distance
    • Instant Expense Calculation
  • Battery Optimisation

    One thing we take immense pride in is our battery optimisation feature that restricts battery drainage to the bare minimum. It’s up to you at what interval you want to fetch data from employees’ smartphones.

    • Ensures Battery Longevity
    • Best-in-the-industry Optimisation
  • Advanced Analysis

    A smart business owner or manager would never underestimate the power of geospatial data. Our field force management software analyses the data collected and presents actionable insights.

    • Graphically Depicted Insights
    • Unearth Hidden Anomalies

Route Map Tracking At Its Best

We are not bragging but boasting an ideal map distance calculator on our field employee
tracking platform
makes it ideal for us to market and for our clients to operate.

  • Employee Tracking Platforms with Least Accuracy

    Employee Tracking Platforms with Least Accuracy

    • Crow Fly Distance Calculation
    • No Route Tracing At all
    • Data Reliability - Zero
  • Field Employee Monitoring Software with manageable accuracy

    Field Employee Monitoring Software with manageable accuracy

    • Inaccurate Distance Calculation
    • Route Tracing to a Certain Level
    • Data Reliability - Medium
  • TrackoField’s Field Staff Monitoring App with top-notch accuracy

    TrackoField’s Field Staff Monitoring App with top-notch accuracy

    • Accurate Distance Calculation
    • Impeccable Route Tracing
    • Data Reliability - Highest
Most Reliable Employee Route Distance Calculator Most Reliable Employee Route Distance Calculator Most Reliable Employee Route Distance Calculator

Most Reliable Employee Route Distance Calculator

A tinge of automation mixed with truckloads of engineering and intelligence make our map distance calculator feature the best in the industry.

So Far So Good!

We’ve come really far from where we started. If we can’t track our own entrepreneurial
trip to perfection are we even into GPS Tracking Software business? We get you!

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Features of Field Staff Monitoring App

That make a perfect combination with a Route Map Tracking

  • Real-time Tracking of Employees'

    Managers can track the current location of each employee on duty via their app. It enables them to monitor their next task in line, the previous client visit status and the route followed by the employee to reach each client site.

  • Remote Attendance Monitoring

    Geo-coded mark-in and mark-out is the ideal method to manage remote attendance. Clubbed with a distance calculator, managers get insights on employees’ proximity to their first or last client visit of the day while they marked in/ out.

  • Task Allocation and Monitoring

    Remote task allocation becomes so much easier with geographical data on field employees coming in frequently. Managers can assign ad-hoc tasks to the closest employee to the location with enough time window to perform the task.

  • Online Expense Management

    Expense management tool combined with map distance estimation enables automatic conveyance expense calculation. This saves the time and effort required from employees and managers for expense reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is a route distance calculator?

    A route distance calculator automatically measures the travel distance between point A and point B. Route distance calculation happens in three ways - reactive, real-time and predictive.

    What google Maps does is called predictive route optimisation wherein the software predicts the best possible route with the distance and time the user will need to travel. Real-time route distance calculation live tracks the route taken by the vehicle or user to reach point B and tells the total distance covered. However, in reactive map distance estimation, the software picks the data pack at a certain interval and with the help of AI traces the best possible route the user must have taken to travel between two points.

  • What does a map distance calculating tool do in field force monitoring software?

    In a field employee tracking platform, the travelled distance calculator traces the route travelled by the employee to reach client sites. It also estimates the distances travelled and accordingly helps managers assign tasks or plan the daily schedule for each field employee on the team. This also helps managers to decide on monthly travel and other allowances for employees.

  • Which field employee tracking app’s distance travelled report is most reliable?

    Software that provides accurate data and insights into user performance and movement offers the most reliable distance travelled reports. TrackoField is the most credible and trustworthy field workforce monitoring software that generates accurate route map tracking data. Talk to their experts to find out more about the software.

  • What industries can benefit from route map tracking in a field employee tracking app?

    Any industry that has a remote team working from the field and need field staff tracking software to manage everything can benefit from a map distance calculating tool. It will prove to be of use for calculating daily distance travelled by employees, drafting better client density per route per employee for the team and much more.

    Sectors such as sales, after-sales and services, maintenance, FMCG, construction, security guard management, etc. are primary consumers of field staff monitoring solutions.

  • Which field staff management software offers the best map distance estimator?

    You find a bunch of field force management software available in the market, but only a handful of them offer on-point accuracy and sophisticated tools to manage a remote team. TrackoField from the house of TrackoBit comes with a robust tech stack, an experience tech team to have your back and round-the-clock support. It is one of the most sought-after field force monitoring solutions in the market.

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