Waste Management Fleet Tracking Software

Streamline waste collection and garbage vans with top-notch fleet management software.

Waste Management Fleet Tracking Software

Dump the hassle and embrace automated waste disposal fleets with
smart waste management solutions.

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Waste Management Fleet Solutions From TrackoBit

Waste tracking software sweeps away garbage fleet management inefficiencies through real-time tracking, route optimisation, and more. Here’s what to expect from our waste fleet management software:

  • Timely Waste Collection
  • Streamlined Transportation
  • Optimal Resource Utilisation
waste management tracking software

What We Offer

Next-Gen Telematics for the Waste Management Industry

Clean up your resource utilisation with a landfill of waste management fleet solutions.

  • Route Optimisation

    Schedule routes according to custom pick-up and dumping time-windows. Real-time garbage fleet tracking ensures vehicles running at full capacity on the safest and most efficient routes.

  • Sensor Integration

    Build smart waste management tracking systems through sensor integration and data collection. Tyre pressure monitors, load sensors, cabin thermometers - you name it, we’ll integrate it!

  • Missed Bin Alerts

    One missed bin can trash away your entire day’s operations. If any vehicle deviates from its route, you will get notified immediately. You can build custom routes covering that bin immediately.

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Ensure drivers follow safe and efficient practices with our waste management fleet tracking software. No harsh driving practices will go unnoticed and unnotified.

  • Fuel Management Solutions

    Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and operational costs with fuel management solutions. Our fuel consumption reports will show where your fuel is being wasted on the way.

waste management tracking software

What you Get

Smart Waste Collection
Management For Your Business

Sweep away inefficiencies with future-ready waste management fleet tracking solutions.

  • Complete Visibility

    Gain complete fleet visibility with GPS tracking for waste management systems. Let no aspect of your fleet be unseen with full-stack data collection and processing.

  • Process Automation

    Unload all your manual worries into the software and see the automated magic happen! Solutions like the Driver App unleash automation to reduce time wastage on routine admin tasks.

  • Custom Scheduling

    Control of your fleet’s operations with custom scheduling options. Build custom routes and workflows for both trash pickup and dumping in landfills to avoid disrupting residents’ routines.

  • Reduced Costs

    Experience a dip in operational costs with fuel-friendly solutions and optimised resource consumption. Our waste disposal tracking software reduces operational costs on all levels.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Ensure all pieces of the process work together with smart fleet management solutions. Trash talk has never been so good when you talk about the efficiency you get with TrackoBit.

Why is TrackoBit

Trusted by Waste Management Fleets Around the World

Our waste management fleet software saves your city, one bin at a time!

  • Video Telematics

    TrackoBit offers video telematics solutions that allow you to see how well your drivers and fleet are performing in real-time.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    TrackoBit doesn’t let any data go to waste. Get all the crucial info you need from your fleet right on the analytical dashboard.

  • Insightful Reports

    From vehicle performance and operational flow to resource consumption and driver performance, TrackoBit gives all the (b)insights you need!

  • Technical Excellence

    Whatever problem you face - we’ve bin there and done that. We’ll reflect our years of expertise into your waste management fleet operations.

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics
All-in-one Solution
All-in-one Solution
All-in-one Solution
All-in-one Solution

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is a waste management system?

    A waste management system is a framework that controls an area’s garbage collection, transportation, and disposal. It uses advanced waste management fleet software features like real-time tracking, route optimization, and fuel management to reduce expenses and improve efficiency.

  • How does the vehicle waste monitoring software work?

    Waste management software works by using advanced IoT sensors and real-time data analysis. They provide waste disposal fleets with unparalleled operational visibility. Through sensors, the software measures fuel tank levels, bin filling, vehicle diagnostics, and more. All this data is then transferred into our fleet management software, where it is processed and analysed in real-time.

  • Can digital waste management fleet monitoring systems reduce risky landfill dumping?

    Waste fleet monitoring systems help you keep track of how much and what kind of waste is dumped into specific locations. Paired with proper analysis, you can determine which vehicles should release waste and where to reduce putting hazardous waste together. TrackoBit’s geospatial analytics and route planning solutions come in handy in the quest of eliminating risky landfill dumping.

  • How Fleet Tracking Can Improve Operations for Waste Management

    Waste management fleet tracking enhances garbage fleet management through real-time monitoring, route optimization, and improved scheduling. Through a collective use of these tools, managers optimise resource allocation, minimise fuel consumption, reduce response times, improve waste handling safety, and ensure compliance. Powerful waste management solutions can also ensure total visibility in the fleet, allowing managers to pick on any operations fallacy.

  • What are the benefits of waste management software with GPS?

    The primary benefits of waste management software are:
    - They facilitate operational automation
    - They help maximise waste collection and disposal efficiency
    - Managers can maintain 100% transparency through real-time visibility
    - They help maintain complete documentation , digitally
    - Complete supervision helps keep the city cleaner
    - They help organisations stay compliant to local laws and regulation
    - The right strategies minimise risk of toxic landfill dumping

  • Why does the waste management industry need to outsource fleet services?

    Authorities responsible for waste collection and disposal have their own set of expertise. And fleet service providers have their own expertise. By outsourcing fleet services, waste disposal fleets can get the best expert practices working on them. Outsourcing also comes out to be more cost-effective and streamlined. By outsourcing to a waste tracking software provider, waste management organisations get solutions such as route planning, fuel monitoring, etc that they cannot possibly build at the same efficiency in-house.

  • How reliable are the ETAs generated by your software?

    TrackoBit’s waste disposal fleet tracking system is made to be accurate to the last metre. We believe in real-time tracking of waste so that you get the most accurate information - from vehicle location to ETAs. Our smart tracking systems account for geospatial data such as traffic, weather, and road conditions. Therefore, the ETA you see on the dashboard will be accurate by the minute.

  • Does your software increase waste management fleet uptime? If yes, how?

    TrackoBit can increase garbage fleet management vehicle uptime by generating accurate maintenance alerts. Vehicle uptime naturally increases when your trucks are functioning healthily! Plus, since our GPS Tracking for Waste Management is laced with strong sensor integration, you can use load sensors and tire pressure monitors to analyse if trucks are functioning at their maximum potential. If not, you can change routes to increase those particular trucks’ efficiency.

  • Can your software help increase fuel efficiency to reduce operational costs?

    Yes! TrackoBit’s fuel monitoring features like fuel ejection alerts and consumption reports reduce operational costs. TrackoBit also helps reduce fuel expenses by allowing the drivers and managers to check state-wise fuel costs, so that drivers get the tank filled at the lowest cost. Other garbage fleet tracking aspects such as route planning and driver behaviour analysis play a role in minimising operational costs as well.

  • What waste fleet management solutions does trackobit offer?

    TrackoBit’s has some specific waste management fleet solutions that allow managers to make their operations much more effective. Some of them are:
    - Real-time tracking
    - Fuel monitoring systems
    - Trip optimization tools
    - Sensor integration
    - Geo-analytics
    - Insightful reports

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