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White Label Telematics Solutions White Label Telematics Solutions

Fleet Telematics Solutions
For Long Distance Relationships

Distance is not a constraint anymore for fleet companies. Telematics solutions gather data on vehicles afar in real-time. They help transmit crucial insights from hundred and thousand of vehicles simultaneously to the cloud server via GPRS.

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Fleet Telematics Solutions For Long Distance Relationships Fleet Telematics Solutions For Long Distance Relationships
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What We Offer

Advanced Telematics For Fleet

TrackoBit offers robust telematics solutions for fleets with a variety of vehicles and equipment.
We have clients across geographies and industries and crafting custom telematics solutions is our speciality.

  • Route Planning Solutions

    Get custom route planning software with imperative features such as route deviation alerts, dynamic ETAs and PODs. You get additional customisations such as trip prioritisation, tour creation and auto trip assignments.

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    Route Planning Solutions Fleet Telematics Solutions For Long Distance Relationships Explore More
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis Driver Behaviour Analysis

    Driving Behaviour Analysis

    Ensure 100% consignment safety, vehicle security and driver performance with comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring. TrackoBit offers credible driver scores and in-depth performance analysis.

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  • Video Telematics Software

    Stay ahead of the curve with video telematics solutions! DMS and ADAS solutions by TrackoBit ensure end-to-end video surveillance. You get live video streaming via all the integrated cameras

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    Video Telematics Softwares Driver Behaviour Analysis Explore More

Telematics Fleet Management

Software with Top-notch Services

We believe a good software platform becomes the best with the top-notch
services offered by the software company.

Video Telematics Softwares Video Telematics Softwares Video Telematics Softwares
  • Complete Design White Label

    Get the most out of the GPS tracking software with your label, logo and choice of UI/UX on it. Customise software solutions as per your requirement.

  • Device-friendly Software

    We call TrackoBit every device’s best friend for a reason. You don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of devices. We have integrated 500+ devices/sensors successfully.

  • 24*7 Technical Support

    We leave none of our clients hanging no matter what hour of the day it is. Our round-the-clock support staff helps you tackle technical challenges like a piece of cake.

  • Seamless API Integrations

    No wonder we have carried out more than 1000 API integrations so far. You do not have to worry about scattered data sources, we’ve got you covered there.

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Highlighting Features

TrackoBit’s Advanced Telematics Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer? Get in touch with us.

  • What is Telematics?

    Telematics is a wireless technology that helps transmit data over a distance with the help of telecommunication. It’s majorly used in the automotive industry for tracking and monitoring purposes for the same reason. Telematics forms the basis of fleet management software such as TrackoBit.

    Read further about telematics software here.

  • Are Telematics software and GPS tracking systems the same?

    Telematics software uses the GPS Tracking system to gather locational data. Telematics devices also called GPS Trackers collect this data and send it to the server. Telematics in automotive is the transmitting technology whereas GPS tracking is related to locational insights.

  • What can Telematics software track?

    Telematics software with the help of GPS Tracker and other sensors can track everything pertaining to vehicles and equipment. The telematics software can fetch and process data on speed, vehicle status, location, vehicle diagnostics and whatever the hardware device is capable of gathering.

  • How do Telematics systems work?

    Telematics devices installed in the vehicle collect data on the vehicle's activities. Various sensors installed in the vehicle send data to the telematics device that shoots the collective data packets to the telematics server via GPRS. The software then fetches the data from the server and presents them in a digestible manner on the platform. This is the data collection process of telematics software.

  • What are the benefits of telematics vehicle tracking software?

    The primary benefit of fleet vehicle telematics is long-distance data transmission which was a farfetched dream a few decades back. With the advent of technology, fast internet speed and sophisticated hardware devices, automation has become a necessity in today’s age and time. A few other benefits of automotive telematics include:

    - Real-time Data Insights

    - Accurate Reports

    - Improved Decision Making

    - Round-the-Clock Surveillance

  • What are the key features of telematics software solutions?

    A standard telematics software solution for the fleet would offer basic features such as live tracking, alerts, speed, distance and location insights. The advanced features would include:

    - Route deviation alerts

    - Estimated Time of Arrival

    - Proof of Delivery

    - Geofences

    - Travel Summary Reports

    - Sensor Integrations - Fuel, Load, Temperature, etc.

    - API integrations with other software

    - Driver Behaviour Analysis

    - Service and Maintenance Alerts

  • How does telematics help the automotive industry?

    Telematics has become an integral part of the automotive, transport and logistics industry. These industries are becoming data-driven at the hands of telematics. With the growing demand for automation, the demand for telematics software will also spike in the coming time.

    Telematics is helping the automotive industry become more optimised and profitable with less wastage.

  • How does a truck telematics system optimise fleet efficiency?

    Advanced telematics solutions for trucks and vehicles gather data on vehicles, trips and driving behaviour. The more detailed the data is, the better the insights get. Insights on fuel consumption, driving behaviour, trips undertaken and vehicle diagnostics give a fair idea of what’s happening in the fleet.

    Managers can refer to real-time insights before assigning new delivery tasks to a vehicle. A thorough study of historical data helps managers predict future strategies. Hidden insights which were tough to deduce with manual reports see the light with the help of automatic report generation.

    Fleet managers are not blinded anymore. They can make confident decisions backed by insights, hence, improving not just fuel efficiency, driver performance or vehicle productivity but also the overall fleet efficiency.

  • What are the advantages of including telematics software in the fleet?

    The fleet managers discover more benefits of vehicle tracking telematics software with time. The more they use the software, they more use cases they unravel. Some top advantages of using telematics fleet management software are:

    - Insightful decision making

    - Improved fleet efficiency

    - Reduced fuel costs and wastage

    - Transparency of data

    - Predictive analysis

  • What is the best telematics software company?

    A SaaS product that best suits your needs or provides custom solutions to your industry-specific problems makes the best telematics software. TrackoBit is one of the most sought-after white-label telematics software providers. They custom design software solutions to meet your industry needs. They craft solutions fulfilling your use cases to the T. TrackoBt offers a comprehensive telematics software platform with route planning, driver behaviour monitoring, video telematics, fuel monitoring, consignment tracking and field service management.

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