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Telematics Software
Meant For Enterprises

We know your business is unique and so are your business requirements. Assessing your business challenges and offering custom GPS tracking solutions is our USP.

GPS tracking system
  • Complete Design White LabelOur Software wrapped in your branding!

    Get the most out of our GPS tracking software products with your label, logo and choice of UI/UX on it. We customise solutions as per your requirement and business-specific use cases.

  • Scalability GuaranteedYour greed for growth shall not cease!

    Growth is the only constant we believe in and our success is directly proportional to yours. Hence, presenting highly scalable solutions, always ready for exponential growth.

  • Advanced AnalyticsBecome future-ready with historical insights!

    Taking the power of data and analytics to another level. Our GPS tracking software offer a plethora of insights and on-point analytics driving confident business decisions.

GPS Tracking Software
Products in our TrackoSuite

TrackoBit - Track Every Bit

New-age Fleet Management Software that offers comprehensive solutions to enterprises. TrackoBit offers hidden analytics, real-time insights, multiple sensor integration and a lot more than just tracking.

Explore TrackoBit
  • Video Telematics Solutions

    We have up the game of fleet tracking by integrating video telematics solutions with our pre-existing fleet management software. Besides DMS and ADAS, our system supports 24*7 video surveillance of consignments.

    Video Telematics Solutions
  • Route Planning Solutions

    TrackoBit offers robust route planning software to streamline route planning and management in a more efficient manner. Dynamic ETAs, Custom PODs and Route deviation alerts make it a fool-proof solution.

    Route Planning Solutions
  • Driving Behaviour Analysis

    Supervise your drivers remotely with real-time updates on their driving activities. Get event reports, excess HOS alerts, driver scores, and much more. Ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and consignments.

    Driving Behaviour Analysis

TrackoField - Track EveryTask

TrackoField is a sophisticated field employee monitoring software system that streamlines field operations on a single platform. Download the App on an Android or IOS smartphone and get going.

Explore TrackoField
  • Employee Tracking Solutions

    Managing field employees can be challenging! TrackoField makes field force management a cakewalk for employees with the help of automation. You get geo-verified attendance, remote task allocation, and performance monitoring.

    Field Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Order Management Solutions

    Designed and developed to streamline sales operations for field sales executives, TrackoField’s Order Management Software offers everything that simplifies sales and after-sales order management.

    Order Management Solutions
  • Field Service Management

    Optimising field service and maintenance with automation. TrackoField offers real-time tracking, task monitoring, performance analysis and other solutions to ensure 100% employee, employer and customer satisfaction.

    Field Service Management

TrackoMile - Track Every Mile

Get answers to all your last-mile problems with the right technology, state-of-the-art route planning, and automated dispatching. TrackoMile ensures on-time delivery and flawless routing powered by optimised carrier and roster management.

Explore TrackoMile
  • Hyperlocal Delivery

    Leave your mark of excellence in the highly competitive sector of quick commerce and hyperlocal delivery. Optimised route planning coupled with capacity assessment and rider roster management results in faster TAT and excellent customer experience.

    Hyperlocal Delivery
  • Carrier Management

    Our rule-based engines cluster the best carrier combinations based on capacity, distance, traffic and fifty other factors, even for EV fleets. No matter how drastically order volume varies, our last-mile delivery solution is meant to stand and scale.

    Carrier Management
  • Rider Application

    Optimising operations at the rider's end is crucial. The app is imperative for receiving tasks, marking proof of deliveries, scanning barcodes and fetching order/customer details. Riders can track their performance and task insights on the dashboard.

    Rider Application

Device-friendly Gps Tracking Platform
You name the device and we can integrate it.

We call TrackoBit every device’s best friend for a reason. You don’t have to limit yourself to a handful of devices. We have integrated 500+ devices/sensors successfully.

Supported GPS Hardware

Tracking The World One Bit At a Time

  • Countries40+
  • Units Onboard300000+
  • B2B Clients700+
TrackoBit - Tracking The World One Bit At a Time

Delivering Geospatial Excellence

Want to explore the domain?

Stay ahead of the curve by finding solutions to hidden anomalies. Our GPS Tracking System fetches geospatial data and analyses it for you to make insightful business decisions. TrackoBit has levelled up telematics and fleet management with geospatial analytics.

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Frequently Asked Question

Get answers to all your queries related to GPS Tracking software and white label tracking platforms.

  • What does telematics software do?

    Telematics software is designed to collect, transmit, and process data from vehicles on the move to the cloud server. Data is collected by hardware devices such as GPS trackers, OBD CAN, sensors, etc installed on the vehicle. This data is then sent for processing to the cloud. It is then presented in digestible formats on the GPS tracking software dashboard. Telematics software allows managers to know what is happening to their fleet on the road in real-time

  • What kinds of information can GPS tracking software access?

    GPS tracking platform can ideally access the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of a vehicle in real-time. It can track geocoded information as well. However, when paired with advanced algorithms and features, GPS tracking software can be revamped into a complete fleet management solution. This solution can access information such as engine health, driver behaviour, fuel levels, and odometer readings among others.

  • What is GPS fleet tracking?

    GPS fleet tracking is the process of monitoring commercial vehicles’ locations in real time. It is the process of getting real-time information on assets scattered across states or borders. GPS fleet tracking software allows managers to be aware of where their vehicles are at all times. It helps managers to plan routes, send emergency help, generate accurate ETAs and keep tabs on their consignment.

  • Why should I use telematics software for GPS Tracking business?

    Telematics uses wireless devices to collect real-time data from commercial vehicles and transmit them to your systems. GPS Tracking goes beyond locational monitoring and provides a comprehensive transport management solution to businesses. It offers driver monitoring system, video telematics, vehicle health diagnostics and so much more. The more comprehensive the solution is, the better the fleet analytics get. Hence, stimulating better decision-making and swelling profits.