Last Mile Rider Management System

Simplify rider roster and tracking!

Put an end to juggling between order dispatch, real-time tracking, and rider communication. With TrackoMile’s rider management system

  • Manage weekly to monthly rider rosters
  • Automatedly allocate riders
  • Live track riders with progress
  • Generate delivery proofs

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Rider Management Software
Assign Fast & Deliver More With…

Rider Management Software

Let our scaling rider management system make it simple for you to:

  • Assign riders based on their proximity, skills, and distance.
  • Manage rider rosters, trips, attendance & POD.
  • Provide real-time order tracking with ETA & order status to your customers.
  • Rider Roster Management

  • Fast Route Planning

  • Quick Order Dispatching

  • Digital Delivery Proofs

  • Real-time Rider Tracking

  • On-Time Deliveries

Features of Rider Management Software

To Do More Deliveries in Less Time!

Leave multi-tasking to us! Let our carefully engineered rider system help you plan, schedule, and dispatch delivery
riders on time, leading to cost-effective deliveries.

  • Order/Task Assigning

    Assign orders, tasks, or deliveries to riders based on their skill set, proximity, availability, and 50+ custom variables.

  • Automated Roster Management

    Effortlessly manage daily, weekly to monthly rider roster. Easily set recurring shifts when you don’t have hefty time to invest.

  • Live Rider Tracking

    Monitor beach riders' location, progress, and estimated arrival times to proactively address any unforeseen delays.

  • Real-time Performance Tracking

    Monitor riders with analytical reports around important metrics like first-attempt delivery times, completion rates, and customer feedback and satisfaction.

  • Route Optimisation

    Always plan and ensure the most efficient routes for riders factored based on distance, traffic conditions, delivery windows, and 100s of other variables.

  • Quick Chats

    Quickly communicate with riders over in-app chat for messaging or voice calling options. Make no delay in sharing urgent updates or instructions.

Choose TrackoMile's Rider App for Your Delivery Business

Choose TrackoMile's Rider App for Your Delivery Business

Ride the Wave of Fast Dispatching!

Don’t wish, just get one rider-focused app that simplifies rider assignment, real-time tracking and boosts communication with riders!

  • Order Assignment with Details

    Take the complexity out of the rider’s task management. Assign deliveries with dispatch details, recipient address, route information, and other information your rider needs to be well-equipped with for smooth deliveries.

  • Attendance Marking

    Make it easy for your riders to effortlessly mark in/out their attendance without failing. Let riders mark geo-verified attendance or apply for leaves without impacting business deliverables.

  • ePOD Collection

    With the rider app, say yes to accurate, paperless confirmation for each delivery. Let rides generate and share proofs via OTPs, e–sign, barcode scanning, and custom notes.

  • Feedback Collection

    Don’t miss out on what customers on the receiving end feel. Leverage the rider app to collect honest feedback and ratings from customers to serve them better.

Schedule Riders for On-Demand Items

in Just 10 Minutes!

In just a few taps and steps, fulfill every on-demand delivery or superfast hyperlocal delivery
without failing customers' expectations.

  • Step 1

    Sync Every Order

    Orgnanise delivery requests, and orders for scheduling all via the simple-to-use delivery management system’s dashboard.

  • Step 2

    Fast Rider Assigning

    Assign and coordinate deliveries with nearby drivers based on their proximity, skills, and 100s of other custom factors.

  • Step 3

    Track Riders Till Delivery

    Real-time track riders’ precise location, whereabouts, halt duration, and more. Know every factor behind on-time or delayed deliveries.

  • Step 4

    Keep Customers Informed

    Keep your customers informed about updated ETAs and key order details via quick notifications and reminders.

Benefits of Rider Management System

Your Business, Riders & Customers Enjoy!

Eureka! You have just found a one-stop efficient dispatch management platform that treats your business
challenges and customers’ pain points.

  • What Your Business Enjoy!

    • Auto-assigning of delivery tasks to drivers based on their location and workload.
    • Tools to auto-manage and schedule rosters for multiple riders in a few minutes.
    • Optimized delivery routes for minimum travel time and fuel costs.
    • Real-time visibility into the location of delivery vehicles.
    • Digital proof of delivery with e-signatures, photos, barcode scans, or confirmation codes.
    What Your Business Enjoy!
  • What Your Customers Enjoy!

    What Your Delivery Riders Enjoy through the Rider Application

    • Quick info on all the orders with delivery details.
    • Access to optimise routes for fast and time-saving deliveries.
    • Access to mark attendance or apply for leave to enjoy fair reimbursement.
    • Ability to maximize the delivery potential to earn better remuneration.
  • What Your Customers Enjoy!

    • Option to choose delivery time or slots to enjoy fast & convenient deliveries.
    • Automated notifications about ETAs, delays, or current delivery status.
    • On-time deliveries in good condition.
    What Your Delivery Riders Enjoy through the Rider Application
What Your Delivery Riders Enjoy through the Rider Application

Skip the Lines,
Deliver Only Smiles!

It’s time you effortlessly manage orders, track riders, and deliver fast with TrackoMile’s rider management services.

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What Your Delivery Riders Enjoy through the Rider Application

Rider Management System Serving Industries

And Wide Use Cases!

If you fit the bill of last mile delivery business as a restaurant, grocery store, pharmacy,
or any quick e-commerce store — then TrackoMile is just for you.

  • Delivery Businesses

    Automate the process of allocating riders, dispatching, and tracking delivery drivers for your restaurants, groceries, pharmacies, and e-commerce stores with on-demand delivery services.

  • Courier services

    With real-time delivery agent scheduling and real-time tracking, streamline your parcel deliveries. Effortlessly live track packages and move towards faster and improved deliveries.

  • Transportation Companies

    Effortlessly manage order bookings and timely dispatch and track drivers for any transportation business you manage multi-stop deliveries with.

Frequently Asked Question

Still have doubts about the rider management system? Here are your answers!

  • What is rider management?

    Rider management involves a series of well-organized processes to plan and coordinate riders' activities– from their roster scheduling to final dispatch for successful on-time delivery. It explains how well the manager can process each dispatch without delay and additional costs.

    The process also involves optimizing performance to enhance on-time and first-attempt delivery rates. It also involves processes that help manage riders' tasks, activities, assigned order details, travel routes, delivery proofs, etc.

  • How does rider software help in last-mile delivery?

    Rider software helps optimise the last-mile delivery process as it aids in:

    - Real-time route planning for finding efficient routes
    - Automated scheduling and pairing of order requests with the right rider and vehicle
    - Tracking dispatch and delivery processes to ensure zero lag
    - Effective communication between the dispatcher and the rider

    All in all, it helps reduce delivery times and adds to maximum customer satisfaction in the final phase of logistics.

  • What is the importance of rider management software?

    Rider management software automates the entire lifecycle of rider management. It helps:

    - Timely schedule delivery riders for any last-minute orders
    - Manage rider roster for simple to complex deliveries
    - Manage work schedule, attendance, and day off for every rider
    - Automate order dispatch and delivery with essential tools and processes

    On-board TrackoMile’s rider management system, if you want to make rider management the least worrying and expensive thing!

  • How does the rider app work?

    The rider app by TrackoMile helps riders manage their schedule and delivery orders. The scaling rider application equips delivery agents with:

    - Complete order details, itinerary with routes, and recipient address.
    - Option to mark in and out attendance.
    - Options to collect the proof of deliveries are OTP, e-signature, barcode scanning, pictures for visual verification, and custom forms.
    - Options for collecting feedback from customers.

  • Why is the rider app important for delivery service?

    Rider apps in the last mile delivery space help:

    - Assign orders to riders with recipient address, distance, and more details.
    - Manage riders' attendance and leaves.
    - Collect POD in diverse formats of bar code scanning, e-sign, OTP, custom forms, and more.
    - Gather feedback from customers about the delivery experience.

  • What are the key rider performance metrics?

    When you onboard the rider tracking app, it must let you track key metrics like:

    - Average speed
    - Time spent riding
    - Total distance covered
    - Timeliness of delivery
    - Success rate of on-time delivery
    - Reasons for delayed deliveries
    - Behaviour and conduct with customers

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