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Efficient Field Service Operations

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Turn every client visit and potential customer interaction into business by staying a step ahead of your competition. Count on automation and TrackoField for reliable field service management. Our field service software comes with the latest tech stack, round-the-clock support and years of industrial experience.

Case Study: Leading Home Appliance Brand
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software
Case Study: Leading Home Appliance Brand

Bring Your Scattered Team Together

With advanced Field Service Monitoring App

Remote field service management becomes a piece of cake with robust solutions
of our field force automation platform.

Field Job Allocation

Managers can allocate daily and weekly jobs to field executives over the app. The field service management software notifies the executives in real time and prepares the task sheet for each employee.

  • Geo-tagged Task Allocation
  • Ad-hoc Job Delegation
  • Accurate Performance Reports
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Attendance Management

Employees can mark attendance remotely when they reach the client site and save time. Managers receive a notification when employees mark their attendance and stay abreast of the current field staff strength.

  • Geo-verified attendance Records
  • Mark Attendance On-the-go
  • Punch in/out from anywhere

Order Management

Field executives can take orders or execute sales anytime and anywhere. Our field service monitoring app is all they need to process a sales order. Managers instantly approve the order and voila!

  • Elaborated Product List
  • Instant Order Approval
  • Remote Order Details
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Distance Travelled Report

Our automation-powered field service software traces every move and turn of the employee on the field. Playback their journey, get the total distance travelled, waypoints touched and other crucial information.

  • Best-in-the-industry Accuracy
  • Replay the trip any time
  • Real-time Tracking

Custom Forms and Fields

Get instant feedback, customer details, deeds and order specifications via custom forms. Create multiple forms, however you want. Choose the type of question, allow attachment, and assign it to executives.

  • Create Bespoke Forms
  • Upload Attachments
  • Assign Multiple Forms
Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Highlights of our Mobile Field Service Monitoring App

Optimising Businesses

When you track every aspect of your field operations and work on the shortcomings, you are
optimising the functions. That’s what our field employee management software does
with a multitude of tools.

  • In-built Chat

    Say goodbye to phone calls and multiple messaging apps since TrackoField’s built-in chat simplifies team coordination.

  • Battery & Network Status

    Get the real-time status of mobile batteries and network of every field employee’s phone while on duty.

  • Off-line Tracking

    Our field service app fetches data even while employees are in a no-network zone and generates reports accurately.

  • Expense Management

    Online expense reimbursement tool simplifies expense settlement for managers and employees.

  • Code Scanner

    TrackoField comes with a barcode or QR code scanner that makes product verification, POD and other operations easier.

  • Leave Monitoring

    Employees can easily apply for leaves online, get them approved instantly, and track their leave quota anytime.

How does field service software operate?

Enterprise Big or Small Count on TrackoField

  • Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

    Employee marks in

    Field executives can punch in/out remotely on the field service management app.

  • 2

    Manager tracks the

    The app enables the manager to track the whereabouts of employees.

    Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software
  • Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

    Manager assigns
    ad-hoc tasks

    The manager assigns impromptu tasks to employees as per their availability and current location.

  • Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

    Riddhima Gupta

    Sr. Executive

    Today’s Task Report

    27/01/2023 17:49 Start Time

    27/01/2023 18:49 End Time

    60min 15sec Task Duration


    Manager Monitors the performance

    The software generates automatic performance and task reports for the manager to analyse.

  • Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

    Manager takes the tasks

    The field employee uploads forms or takes orders at the client site and completes the task.

  • 6

    Assess and Download Reports

    The manager and employees can download or
    print various reports that they have access
    to for future reference.

    Download PDF Download Excel Print Document
  • Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Automate Field Service Management Software

Across Industries

No matter how varied and vast your clientele is, TrackoField will
automate field operations for different industries.

Servicing and Maintenance

Agents visiting customer locations for after-sales servicing
or maintenance work, can be tracked seamlessly.

Servicing and Maintenance

Logistics and Fleet

The field service app comes in handy to manage technicians
and drivers who work remotely in the field.

Servicing and Maintenance


Track medical representatives visiting pharmacies and
doctors for selling medical products.

Servicing and Maintenance


The field service monitoring software proves useful to effortlessly
execute van sales and direct sales models in the FMCG sector.

Servicing and Maintenance


TrackoField simplifies selling books from shop to shop
and monitoring salesmen while they are on duty.

Servicing and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is field service management software?

    The field service management app is a software tool to streamline and optimise operations for businesses that deliver field services or at-home services. It helps organisations and staff managers to remotely monitor and control the scattered workforce from one place. Field service management software such as TrackoField improves real-time visibility into field operations and team performance.

    Some common features of field service automation software include:

    - Task Roaster management and Ad-hoc task scheduling

    - Automatic Task Management and allocation

    - Remote Attendance Management with Geo-verified Mark in/out.

    - Sales order management solutions

    - Expense Management Solutions

    - Automatic Reports and Analytics

  • Who needs automated field service management software?

    Small, Medium, and Large enterprises that offer D2C services to clients and have remote workforce require automated field service management apps to bring everything and everybody on the same page. Such companies may include utilities, service and maintenance providers, field sales staff and construction.

    It’s particularly useful for companies that receive a high volume of orders/tasks or have a complex scheduling procedure, many field employees and need a report on each aspect of field operations. Field service management software simply optimises it all for them and improved communication amongst the stakeholders.

  • What are the key field service management trends to look out for?

    Advancements in technology make way for new trends across industries every day and decade. Several key field service management trends are revolutionising the industry and should be acknowledged. Mobile and cloud solutions such as TrackoField make remote team management simple and easier. Internet of Things(IoT) devices proactively monitor various assets and predict their maintenance needs. AI and ML are optimising scheduling, route planning and resource allocation. Hence, paving the way for more efficient field operations. Data analytics and predictive analysis are the most relevant and game-changing trend that is improving decision-making pertaining to employees, resource allocation and new business opportunities.

  • What does Field Service Management Software do?

    The field service management solution tracks and monitor field employee who has on-field duty. The app helps employees to get daily job sheets and tasks on their phones. It automatically generates geo-verified reports which saves employees time.

    It also allows managers to manage the scattered field team on one platform and get performance reports on each employee and task.

  • How can remote Field Service Management Software improve job management?

    Field Service Tracking software automates entire field operations from task allocation to scheduling, and report generation to alerts and notifications. Automation software provides real-time visibility and control over field operations.

    As far as job management is concerned, an automatic task allocation solution offered by field service management software fetches the necessary information from the CRM via API. Henceforth, it’s the magic of the software that automates roster management, ad-hoc task allocation, route planning for the field employees and eventually analysing individual performances.

  • How does Field Service Monitoring Software work?

    TrackoField provides separate apps to manage field employees. When an employee marks in the attendance, the software logs in geo-coordinates and starts the tracking. Managers get notified every time a task is completed or the task status is updated.

    The app for employees is designed to fetch data of any sort pertaining to tasks, attendance, location, etc. Manager on the other hand gets reports and data on everything that needs to be monitored.

  • How is TrackoField’s Field Service App better than other competitors?

    TrackoField’s field service management app optimises field operations and automates half a job for employees and managers. Employees do not have to create reports, update managers, or carry physical documents everywhere. Our app simplifies entire operations for managers and employees alike.

  • How Much Does Field Service Management Software Cost?

    The cost of a field service management platform depends on numerous factors such as features, solutions, the number of employees, deployment model and your requirements. However, if we talk about a simple subscription-based pricing model of a ready-to-use application, you are charged per month on per user basis.

    The pricing may vary from a couple of dollars per month per user to a hundred dollars depending on the functionality and sophistication of the software you signed up for.

    You can get accurate pricing only from the software provider. We document you to reach to some renowned ones in the market such as TrackoField and discuss your use cases, and specific requirements with them to get a customised quote from them.

  • What are the benefits of using Field Service Management Automation Software?

    Using automated field service management software has more benefits than cons. It automates and reduces operational dependency on humans resource. Hence, making the entire process more efficient and error-proof. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

    1. Efficient operational management

    2. Improved productivity and individual performance

    3. Streamlined communication and data sharing

    4. Transparency of data among all the stakeholders

    5. Efficient resource management

    6. More insightful and confident decision making

    7. End-to-end visibility into field operations.

  • Which industries can use field service management software?

    Every industry that has a field workforce working remotely requires field service software to optimise employee monitoring. Sectors such as sales and after-sales, pharmaceutical, publishing, FMCG, and home servicing leverage field service management app to automate field operations.

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