White Label Vehicle Tracking SoftwareWhite Label Vehicle Tracking SoftwareWhite Label Vehicle Tracking Software

White LabelVehicle Tracking Software

Track vehicles in real-time from any device. Get top-notch accuracy and smoothness with our clutter-free vehicle tracking software and app. NaviLap offers vehicle maintenance insights too!

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Simple Solution for
Enterprises of All Sizes

As the owner of a fleet with limited vehicle management
requirements, NaviLap is the solution for you. It's light, efficient,
and accurate while tracking your vehicles effortlessly. Manage
your vehicles’ location, safety, and history with NaviLap.

Simple Solution for Enterprises of All SizesSimple Solution for Enterprises of All SizesSimple Solution for Enterprises of All Sizes

What We Offer

There’s no place for biases at NaviLap lab. No matter how big or small your fleet is,
we offer tracking and functionality at its peak.

Simplicity at its best
Vehicle Tracking Software
Vehicle Tracking Solution
Vehicle Tracking

Accurate Vehicle Tracking

Get impeccable live locational accuracy for all
your vehicle. Improve visibility, safety, and uptime
while monitoring vehicles confusion-free.

Real-time Vehicle Status

Know which vehicles are running, idling, inactive,
or unreachable from NaviLap’s user-friendly

3-month Tracking History

You can not only track your vehicles in real-time
but also know where they were 90 days ago!

Maintenance Reminders

Keep your vehicles updated and in top-notch
condition with automated vehicle maintenance
alerts. Get the most efficiency from your

What you Get With Our
Vehicle Tracking Software

On-demand efficiency! Learn More
  • Vehicle Safety

    Get custom parking alarms and immobilise vehicles from wherever you are. Nobody can steal your assets
    protected by NaviLap!

    Vehicle SafetyVehicle Safety
  • Geofences

    Mark waypoints with smart geofences. They will also help you get frequent vehicle location statuses without consulting the dashboard!

  • Custom Alerts

    Unauthorised movements and activities cannot go unnoticed when you customise the alerts you want to get about your fleet’s whereabouts.

    Custom Alerts
  • Smoothness

    Free your workflow from features you do not need and experience effortless tracking and operations
    with NaviLap.

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    Smoother Vehicle

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    Faster Decision

  • Custom

  • Clutter

Optimised According to Your Budget

Our pre-paid subscription model and the budget-optimised system will help you
be in the know about your vehicles without burning a hole in your pocket!

  • Pay Per Vehicle

    Avoid wasteful expenses with per-vehicle payments. We do not have fixed packages for a fixed number of vehicles. You pay only for what you track.

  • Free Trial Period

    We will not charge you anything if you delete your vehicle from our system within the first seven days. But we’re sure you won’t need to do that!

  • Fair Starting Time

    Your subscription period will begin when we receive the first data packet from your vehicle, not when you register it on the software!

  • Coin-Based Model

    Work with our pre-paid coin-based payment model. Transfer coins (and software access) to your clients only on payment to avoid delays and hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer? Get in touch with us.

  • What is vehicle tracking software?

    The vehicle tracking system is a technology-driven software solution that enables live monitoring and management of vehicles. It’s possible by virtue of Global Positioning System (GPS), telematics and IoT coming together to track the location, speed, fuel levels, driving behaviour and other metrics. The vehicle tracking software gps device collects the data and transmits data packets to the software via a central platform. It helps in improving operational efficiency, enhances security and helps in fleet optimisation.

  • How accurate is the vehicle tracking on NaviLap?

    NaviLap offers TrackoBit's accuracy and trust. The vehicle management app is built by the same team, but we simplified the package for your requirements and needs. When you check your NaviLap-Vehicle tracking solution dashboard, you can be sure that the vehicle would be exactly where its visible or only a few meters away.

  • How can a gps vehicle tracking system help fleet business?

    A vehicle GPS tracking system can benefit a fleet business in many ways.

    Real-time vehicle tracking: Live tracking offers round-the-clock visibility of vehicles and other assets.

    Route planning and optimisation: Automatic route planning and optimisation are possible via multiple routing algorithms crafted around hundred of variables.

    Efficient dispatch and delivery operations: Auto task scheduling, delivery planning and dispatch management is possible via route optimisation solution

    Driving behaviour analysis: Analyse every driver individually on their on-road practices, turn-around time, timely deliveries and overall performance via reports and a dynamic driver score.

    Regular vehicle and equipment maintenance: Servicing reminders and preventive maintenance alerts work in tandem with DVIR reports and OBD reports.

    Vehicle and asset safety: Features like geofences, parking mode, route deviation alerts and elock integration ensure 100% vehicle safety.

    Optimal fuel consumption and reduced fuel cost: Advanced vehicle tracking software solutions provide live fuel updates, vehicle mileage and consumption patterns.

    Enhanced customer service: Lesser downtime, timely deliveries, PODs and ETAs together help in enhancing customer satisfaction.

    Data-driven decision-making: The gps vehicle tracking software generates valuable insights and reports for analysis, enabling informed decisions to optimise fleet operations and improve profits.

  • Do you provide a live demo of your vehicle GPS tracking device?

    Yes! We offer a live demonstration of our software platform. After a live demo, we offer a free trial period for a significant amount of time that you deem necessary to make a call. You get access to the complete platform and all the solutions you are interested in.

  • How to manage multiple vehicles with a single application?

    Vehicle GPS tracking software allows the tracking of a hundred thousand vehicles at once on a single platform. Advanced white-label vehicle tracking software like TrackoBit enables real-time monitoring of vehicles and multiple vehicular metrics via telematics solutions and IoT.

  • How much does a vehicle tracking system cost?

    The cost of a vehicle tracking system depends on several factors including the type of GPS device used, the combination of solutions required, the brand of the tracker and other custom requirements. However, the basic components are the hardware(devices and sensors) and the software(app and platform). The basic level online vehicle tracking systems start at $12 and go beyond $100 per vehicle per month.

  • How do GPS vehicle tracking systems work?

    A online vehicle tracking system works on the same concept as vehicle fleet tracking software. The combination of satellite, GNSS (global navigation satellite system) interacts with a GPS tracker to detect its exact geographic coordinates. The device then collects the location data and other insights from other IoT improving gps trackingservices and transmits data packets to the central unit or cloud server. The software then fetches data from the central server and processes data to present it in a digestible format.

    The user can access data in the form of charts, graphs and analytics. They can also track the vehicle in real-time on the map, play back their history and take real-time decisions.

  • How do vehicle GPS tracking solutions help in fuel reduction?

    New-age white label vehicle tracking software come with myriads of monitoring and IoT solutions. A fuel Monitoring system is one of the most sought-after solutions along with a fleet monitoring system. Fuel monitoring solutions offer real-time fuel levels in each vehicle along with reports on fuel consumption and refill. Real-time alerts in case of instant fuel drainage and refill keep fuel theft at bay.

    Automated route planning and optimisation also ensure optimal fuel consumption. Driving Behaviour analysis keeps fuel-guzzling driving practices such as hard braking, acceleration, overspeeding, idling, etc. at bay.

  • How to install the vehicle tracking device in our fleet?

    Ideally, gps vehicle tracking software companies install the tracking devices in your vehicles, integrate them with the software and check the compatibility before handing them over to you for use.

    However, for your understanding let’s elaborate on the steps involved in installing vehicle tracking devices in your fleet.

    1. Choose the suitable GPS tracking device

    2. Determine the location where you want to mount it.

    3. Figure out the wiring and power connection for the device

    4. Install the device and fix it firmly

    5. Test for compatibility and evaluate for a few days.

    6. Set up tracking software for other vehicles, assets and drivers

    7. Train your operations staff, drivers and other possible users

  • Is your vehicle tracking device accurate with its reports?

    Our white-label vehicle tracking software is unmatched in terms of accuracy. Not only this, TrackoBit offers a historical archive of reports and analytics for one year. Our clients swear by the accuracy of the reports we deliver be it driving behaviour analysis, trip reports, vehicle health reports or any custom report you seek.

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