Best Vehicle Tracking Software for Fleets

Know Every Turn & Location of Your Fleet!

With NaviLap, gain an up-to-the-minute view of your fleet's
daily operations, inclusive of the current location, distance
traveled, speed, and more.

  • Get 6-month trip history and report
  • Enjoy 99.99% software uptime
  • Track speed, distance & routes
  • Compatible with 1500+ GPS trackers
Vehicle Tracking Software Vehicle Tracking Software
Fearlessly Track Vehicles With NaviLap

Fearlessly Track Vehicles With NaviLap

Cut costs & stay proactive with vehicle maintenance

Trust our white label vehicle tracking software for your simple to complex commercial business.

  • See the live location of your vehicles on a map, 24/7.
  • Set geofences & receive alerts for unauthorized events.
  • Enjoy insightful reports of your fleet's performance.
Features of Our

White Label Vehicle Tracking Software

Helping You Make The Most From Your Operations.

Experience the most useful fleet tracking and monitoring features inclusive of
real-time tracking, alerts, route history, maintenance reminders, and more.

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking

    Get Precise Locational Coordinates

    With a GPS vehicle tracking solution, effortlessly monitor your fleet with our advanced vehicle tracking software, ensuring real-time visibility, efficiency, and up-time of vehicles.

    • Track the live location of vehicles
    • Distance travelled or route taken
    • Geofence entry and exit alerts
    Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Real-time Vehicle Status

    Real-time Vehicle Status

    See Vehicles Status & Activities

    With NaviLap’s user-friendly dashboard, know which vehicles are active on roads, idling, or unreachable to track at the moment. With up-to-the-minute reports, ensure your vehicles are always performing and delivering.

    • Total vehicles on duty
    • Vehicles idling at the moment
    • Instant overspeeding alerts
  • Maintenance Reminders

    Automated Maintenance Alerts

    Receive timely maintenance reminders to keep your valuable vehicles in top condition. Deliver every consignment without worrying about a breakdown.

    • Set maintenance alerts via SMS or Emails
    • Avoid road breakdowns and accidents
    • Prevent vehicle errors while on duty
    Maintenance Reminders
  • Route History

    Route History

    6-Months Tracking History

    Don’t just track your vehicles in real-time but also rewind and playback where your vehicles were in the past 180 days. Now enjoy, better decision-making!

    • Know where the driver or vehicle has been
    • Playback minute-to-minute trip history
    • Identify the vehicle’s utilisation rate

There’s More in Real-time Vehicle

  • Remote Lock/Unlock

    Remote Lock/Unlock

    Remotely lock, unlock, or immobilise vehicles from any location you are at. Prevent your assets from unauthorised access or stealing.

  • Custom Parking Alarms

    Custom Parking Alarms

    Use parking alarms to avoid obstacles or potential collisions. Ensure safety and prevent accidents even in tight or congested spaces.

  • Set Geofences

    Set Geofences

    Get virtual geofence across any route. Get notified whenever the vehicle enters/exits the assigned geofence. Ensure the vehicle abides by the halt duration and the set arrival/departure time.

  • Set Custom Alerts

    Set Custom Alerts

    Unauthorised movements and activities won’t go unnoticed with NaviLap! Choose from 50+ custom alerts notifying you about the fleet's live location, whereabouts, movements, or routine.

Tracking Vehicles and
Numbers of Success!

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    Trusting our GPS tracking
    solutions for large and
    small fleets.

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    Successfully live-tracking
    their fleet operations.

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    In tracking the fleet’s live
    location, speed, and
    distance covered.

  • 0 Alerts

    For quick actions and
    last-minute changes in
    the trip schedule.

How to Generate GPS Vehicle
Tracking Software

It’s Fun & Easy with NaviLap!

Gain fleet Intelligence with quick, concise, colour-coded reports!
Our real-time vehicle tracking system equips
you with near to real-time data on

  • Vehicle utilization
  • Geofence entry and/or exit
  • Distance covered
  • Vehicle service reminders
  • Driving violations
Generate GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Reports?

Device Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking System Software

NaviLap is easy to integrate with a variety of market-offered GPS hardware devices that you place your faith in.

Supported GPS Hardware Devices

Altered As Per Your Business
“Scale” & “Budget”

Beyond intriguing features and easy setup options, our GPS vehicle tracking
solution offers an affordable and flexible price model. Get our online vehicle
tracking software priced as you like.

  • Free Trial Period

    Test NaviLap for free for up to 7 days. We won’t charge you
    anything in case you decide to discontinue our services post
    7 days. But you won’t need to do that!

  • Coin-Based Model

    To avoid the hassle, choose our pre-paid coin-based
    payment model. Transfer coins along with NaviLap’s
    access to your clients only once payment is done.

  • Pay Per Vehicle

    Don’t want to pay a fixed sum to track a certain number of
    vehicles? NaviLap’s pay-per-vehicle lets you pay only for
    vehicles you want to track! Woohoo no extra pay!

  • Fair Starting Time

    We’ll start when you’re ready! Your subscription period
    will begin when we receive the first data packet
    from your vehicles.

Say Goodbye to Operational Gaps

Start Taking Control of Your Fleet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have doubts about the digital Vehicle Tracking Sofware? Let’s answer them All!

  • What is vehicle tracking software?

    The real time vehicle tracking system is a technology-driven software solution that enables live monitoring and management of vehicles. It’s possible by Global Positioning System (GPS), telematics, and IoT coming together to track the location, speed, fuel levels, driving behaviour, and other metrics.
    The vehicle tracking software GPS tracker device collects the data and transmits data packets to the software via a central platform. It helps in improving operational efficiency, enhances security, and helps in fleet optimisation.

  • How can a vehicle tracking system help fleet business?

    Vehicle tracking system helps fleet managers stay informed about their every vehicle’s location and move in real-time. The system lets them optimally utilise the fleet, track under or over-utilized vehicles, schedule maintenance reminders, and plan fuel-efficient routes.

  • How to manage multiple vehicles with a single application?

    Vehicle tracking software like NaviLap offers a centralised platform wherein it’s easy to import data from multiple vehicles. The single application provides insights into each vehicle’s: trips assigned and complete schedule and real-time activities without missing a beat.

    Moreover, with constant alerts and notifications, fleet managers in the back office stay aware of every valuable consignment-carrying vehicle.

  • How to install the vehicle tracking software in our fleet?

    The vehicle tracking software is a digitally available software that you can easily access over the desktop or mobile app. By gaining the login credentials from us, you can quickly start registering your vehicles over it and voila within a few minutes start tracking your fleet.

  • How do vehicle tracking systems work?

    Real time vehicle tracking systems utilise efficient GPS technology that helps track the vehicle's current location, engine speed, route, travelled miles, and several other metrics required to efficiently and safely monitor the vehicle.

  • What is the accuracy level of your vehicle tracking software?

    When you choose Navilap as your dependable vehicle tracking software, you experience 99.9% data accuracy while tracking your assets.

  • How do GPS vehicle tracking solutions help in fuel reduction?

    When you register your vehicle on the best vehicle tracking software like NaviLap, you get complete visibility into each vehicle’s journey. You get the flexibility to optimise routes that help save fuel consumption. Plus, you get timely service reminders, which helps you prevent unnecessary engine stalling.

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