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Make last-mile deliveries a least worrying concern with:

  • Automated Dispatching Tool
  • Route Optimisation
  • Rider App
  • PODs and ETAs

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Trusted Logistics Delivery Management Software Solutions

Brands from 30+ countries trust our AI-powered delivery management and dispatching tools
to walk the seamless path of on-time deliveries.

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    Faster dispatch

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    Reduction in
    delivery delays

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    Increase in first
    attempt delivery

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    More effective
    scheduling & routing

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    Accurate data
    to act around

All-in-One Delivery Management System

Automate your end-to-end delivery process under one hood! From seamless order management
to dispatch planning and on-time delivery with proofs — align all with delivery management solutions.

  • Route Optimization

    Plan Efficient Delivery Routes

    With our route optimization engine, pick up the most optimized
    routes for 1000s of multi-stop deliveries. Experience on-time
    deliveries at a lower cost and faster turnaround

    • Routing algorithms with 120+ variables
    • Dynamically arranged addresses
    • Last minute routing updates
    Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Dispatcher Platform

    Automate Dispatch Management

    Up for some auto dispatch management? Let our rule engines
    lead your way in planning, scheduling, and matching orders with
    the nearest & best-suited riders.

  • Rider App

    Simplify Riders Scheduling

    TrackoMile’s Rider app simplifies the allocation of jobs and shifts
    management and sends instant updates in real-time. All to
    ensure the seamless functioning of the delivery process.

    Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Real-Time Tracking

    Oversee Every Step of the Delivery

    Ensure eagle-eye view with real-time delivery tracking
    software. Monitor deliveries remotely and make last-minute
    adjustments proactively. Let no process in the last mile stay hidden.

    • Track riders’ schedules & rosters
    • Trace every vehicle or carrier assigned
    • Monitor and treat factors causing delays
  • Digital PODs

    Deliver With Proof & Surety

    Leverage our best delivery management software's robust
    capabilities, including digital proof of delivery, to validate safe
    and timely deliveries. No more false claims or missed deliveries.

    • Multiple ePOD formats
    • Prompt delivery alerts & notifications
    • Digitalised & error-free recordkeeping
    Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Analytical Dashboards

    Drive With Data-led Reports

    Rely solely on data for comprehensive insights across every last-mile
    event – from scheduling to routing. Access intuitive dashboards
    and reports to Identify and resolve inefficiencies before time.

    • Precise dispatching analytics
    • Rider, carrier, and routing reports
    • Real-time locational analytics

Level-up Your Delivery
Process Now

Master the art of on-time deliveries! With our best delivery
management software solutions, say yes to affordable and
well-timed deliveries.

Delivery Management Software

Optimise Last Mile Logistics in Simple Steps

You’ve got a delivery business to manage, we’ve got solutions to transform your last mile. With a level-headed
approach, we make you experience on-time and cost-effective deliveries — consistently.

  • Step 01

    Upload or Fetch
    Orders via API

    Add all orders in one place either by simply uploading order details or letting the software fetch it via API.

  • Step 02

    Routing &

    Let the delivery dispatcher automatically assign tasks to riders with the most efficient routes.

  • Step 03

    Track Orders
    on the Go

    View delivery status on the phone, track delivery agents, alert customers and get delivery proofs.

  • Step 04


    Review delivery analytics and reports, gain customer feedback, and enhance the process before it’s too late.

Delivery Management Made Simple

For Industries Across…

Looking for a customized online delivery management system designed specifically for your business?
We have solutions for any business dealing in pickup, delivery, and workforce scheduling.

  • Crowdsourced
    Delivery Services

  • Traditional

  • On-Demand
    Delivery Platforms

  • Same-Day/Express
    Delivery Specialists

  • Food & Grocery
    Delivery Services

  • Specialised Appointment
    Based Services

Ready to Optimise Deliveries?

Say yes to “precision” and “control” with our delivery management software. Manage, track, and optimize every delivery to achieve the highest value you deserve.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Delivery management software?

    The delivery management software helps automate and simplify the process, right from order dispatching, and routing to final delivery. It leverages smart route optimization, capacity, and carrier management algorithms to ensure on-time and safe deliveries.

  • Why is delivery management important?

    Logistics delivery management software is important to streamline the intricate process of the last mile logistics from route management to dispatching to receiving ePOD.

  • How does delivery management work?

    Delivery management works by optimizing routes, scheduling and tracking shipments, coordinating logistics, and ensuring timely deliveries through streamlined automated delivery management systems.

  • What are the advantages of delivery management software by TrackoMile?

    TrackoMile offers customized, ready-to-deploy, and fully functional delivery management software solutions. Making tasks right from route management to dispatch and scheduling a breeze.

  • What are the benefits of delivery management?

    Best delivery management software solutions enhance efficiency, optimize routes, track shipments, and ensure timely deliveries for superior logistics operations.

  • How to improve delivery management?

    To improve delivery management, you need optimised routing, automated scheduling and dispatching, and seamless delivery. A customised and scalable delivery management software like TrackoMile is the one to count on.

  • What are efficient delivery management KPIs?

    Here are the efficient delivery management KPIs that last mile brands must stand by:

    - On-time delivery
    - Reduced delivery cost per order
    - High order accuracy
    - Less delivery time variance
    - Positive customer experience

  • Which common challenges in delivery management TrackoMile help solve?

    TrackoMile helps address last mile delivery challenges such as:

    - Inefficient and manual route planning
    - Manual job allocation
    - Delayed or unmet deliveries
    - Poor syncing of resources
    - Heavy revenue leaks

    TrackoMile’s delivery management app removes these challenges before they multiply and become a headache.

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