Automation-driven Sales Order Management Software

Let’s streamline your field sales operations with data-driven order monitoring.

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Sell More with Seamless Order Management

Automation saves time and energy for your field sales representatives. The sales order management app optimises the entire process from order taking to order delivery. TrackoField offers top-notch optimisation for enterprises of all sizes and types, from brick-and-mortar stores to trillion-dollar MNCs.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

What Makes TarckoField

The Best Mobile Order Management Software

Scalable solutions, robust features and advanced technology make TrackoField the first
choice for order tracking software solutions.

Take Orders On-The-Go

Track the real-time status of the order on the move! Our field sales force management solution allows instant order placements. Managers receive the order update instantly within a matter of a few seconds.

  • Real-time Order Visibility
  • Ad-hoc Order Placements
  • Faster Order Processing
Driver Behaviour Monitoring
Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Selective Product Listing

Do you want to selectively display the product list to field sales agents? Well, we have got you covered! Allow selective access to the product list on the basis of location, teams, product category and in fact individually.

  • Create Extensive Product List
  • Monitor Product Inventory
  • Custom Pricing and Discount

Distance Travelled Reports

Our field sales management software enables you to track the real-time movement of employees in the field. It accurately traces the path followed by field employees without draining the battery of their phones.

  • Total Distance Travelled
  • Best-in-the-Industry Accuracy
  • Pay Per Mile/Km Travelled
Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Sales Order Management App

That Adapts to Your Business Model

Do you have a D2C sales model, van sales or any other sales model? TrackoField
adapts to your operations effortlessly.

Van Sales

One of the most commonly used models in the FMCG sector, van sales involve ad-hoc order creation and fulfilment at the same time. Managers instantly receive notifications with all the important details related to sales.

Van Sales
B2B Distributors

B2B Distributors

Our software also supports the traditional sales hierarchy that begins with a manufacturer, leading to distributors and then retailers. In such cases, managers can assign tasks to field sales agents to visit their dealers and take purchase orders.

Direct Sales

Direct sales are of two types - inbound and outbound. Our software adapts to both - inbound direct sales where the customer contacts the supplier and in the latter, the supplier directly visits the customer with offers and deals.

Direct Sales

Add-on Features

Sales Force Order Management Software

TrackoField is the leading field force management software that comes with a robust order
management module but what about other supporting features that ensure the all-around
optimisation of field sales operations?

  • Remote Attendance

    Geo-verified attendance marking method is our forte. The software marks automatic attendance every time employees reach the client site assigned to them. The sales force tracking app allows remote marking with locational and time accuracy.

  • Task Management

    Managers get to assign the planned as well as ad-hoc sales tasks to the field sales agents. The sales force order management software tracks, monitors and analyses the workflow and produces data-laden task reports.

  • Productivity

    Software-aided order management and field workforce monitoring help collect and process data automatically. The reports generated by the software track the performance of individuals, teams and also the entire sales department.

  • Battery and Network

    Managers get to see the real-time battery and network status of each employee. In case a field employee cites battery loss as, the reason for their unreachability, the manager can cross-check the last battery status when their phone went off.

  • Unreachable

    Our sales force management software offers the actual reason for the employee’s unreachability along with the location and time. Unreachability can be due to bad network strength, flight mode, or the phone being switched off.

  • Actionable

    TrackoField went a step ahead of reports with in-depth analysis of data. Get a well-churned analysis of your team and tasks. Know the top performing sales executives, top clients, most travelled to areas and a lot more with advanced analytics by our software.

Industries Optimised By

Field Sales Order Management System

The flexibility of TrackoBit as the software allows it to fit the bill for multiple industries. We have catered to more than twenty industrial sectors and successfully fulfilled their custom requirements.

  • Direct Sales


    manufacturers deal with distributors and they further have retailers and doctors to cater to. The sales hierarchy is managed very well by our software collectively and individually at different levels.

  • Direct Sales


    The FMCG has one of the biggest networks of suppliers, retailers and consumers. The frequency of orders, purchases, and distributions is also faster in the sector. TrackoField manages it like ABC.

  • Direct Sales


    Publishers target bookstores, schools, and colleges for sales. The sales agents visit the client site and generate purchase orders for managers to review and approve remotely.

  • Direct Sales


    Retail businesses have dedicated suppliers and dealers from where they procure their goods. The suppliers can count on TrackoField to optimise their field employees and order management.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Order Management Software?

    Taking, approving, and processing orders online is enabled via order management software . It allows field sales executives to remotely process purchase orders from the client site itself.

  • What are the benefits of TrackoField’s Order Management Software?

    The sale order tracking app by TrackoField fills the gap between clients’ requirements and suppliers’ ability to fulfil the same. Field sales executives take the order from the customer, feed in the order details and send it to the manager for instant approval. The benefits of TrackoField’s online order management app are:

    - Instant Order Approval

    - Faster Turnaround Time

    - Auto and Accurate Report Generation

    - Data-driven Sales Operation

    - Real-time visibility of employees and orders

    - Automated Field Operations Management

  • Who uses the sales order management system?

    A sales order management system is useful to businesses of all sectors and sizes where field or remote sales are involved. It is used by managerial employees and field sales team to coordinate and operate seamlessly.

  • What makes good Order Management Solutions?

    A good sales order tracking system optimises the traditional sales model to present a more automated model of operation. It unclutters the complications involved in remote functioning by easily integrating with other employee tracking software solutions such as QuickBooks, ERP and CRM tools used by the company.

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