How Field Sales Management Software Can Automate Your Business

How Field Sales Management Software Can Automate Your Business

Manual is a thing of the past. Therefore enterprises are resorting to field sales management software to automate their businesses.

With growing needs for doorstep delivery, remote assistance, and instant purchases, companies need to upgrade themselves for this paradigm shift. 

Optimising field sales operations is not just about monitoring employees’ moves and activities but also transparency for employees and the company. Demand for employee monitoring software increased by 80% in March 2020 as compared to the monthly average in 2019. Post pandemic the requirement for employee tracking software has spiked exponentially. Companies are willing to spend extra dollars for convenience, speed, and data accuracy.

What is Field Sales Automation Software? 

Automation fuels the functioning of businesses in this time and age. Field sales automation software is optimising the sales sector. 

The software monitors the field sales team, their tasks, and their performance. It brings remote teams to a single platform and simplifies task delegation, planning, updates, and assessment. Software-backed field sales team management allows real-time location tracking, geo-verified attendance, fool-proof expense management, and much more. 

It is more than just a monitoring tool. Field sales management software helps you meet your goals and KPIs without going out of the way. Sales targets can be hard to meet if everything is mismanaged. However, efficient time and task management can overcome this challenge. That is what field sales tracking software does.

Get the most out of your team with Field Sales Employee Monitoring Software

It is a myth that technology is making us laid-back and dependent. However, technology has made humans more efficient and productive. The software-enabled system speeds up the process and makes room for a goal-driven approach. Wondering how it helps you get the most out of your team? Let us find out.

  • Time Management
  • Even when employees lose track of time, the software does not. Field sales force software sends reminders when a task is due, or a new task is assigned to them. Employees have access to their task timelines which helps them better their time management. 
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Managers can delegate tasks to executives remotely. Having it all on the phone helps executives have their schedule at their fingertips, quite literally. The chances of skipping a meeting, client visits or follow-up calls are quite low. When things happen as per schedule in a planned manner the chances of converting the lead are higher.
  • Build Trust 
  • Data transparency helps build trust in executives. Field salesforce software collects insights on employees, and they know it. It’s only better if you share performance analytics with them. Employees are also interested in knowing the number of conversions they secured, how much business they garnered for the company, and how close or far they are from their monthly target. It will help them discover their weak and strong areas, thus, building trust that the company is transparent with them.
  • Improved Productivity
  • When employees have access to their work insights, they tend to improve their skills, enhance their working style and better their performance. It further leads to better productivity and improved results. When executives compare their sale targets to their actual sales and other achievers in the team they develop a competitive spirit. 
  • Upskill Team
  • With software-enabled sales management, you get good insights into strong and weak areas of the team. It helps employees conduct targeted training programmes instead of holding one-size-fits-all workshops.

Features of Field Sales Management Solutions

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

Field salesforce tracking software comes loaded with features that act as catalysts in getting the tasks done. What are these features, and how do they help streamline the sales team? Here they are:

Complete visibility with Location Tracking

Real-time tracking ensures that managers get complete visibility into field activities. Current locations of sales representatives, tasks they are working on, clients they have to meet next – everything is updated in real-time. It comes in handy when teams are working remotely. 

Distance Tracking and Auto-play

Other than live locations and the timeline of the executive movement, advanced field sales employee tracking software such as TrackoField can also trace the route taken by the employees. Even when the phone is in sleep mode, our software can track the movement in the background. Managers also have a facility to auto-play the trip taken by executives. 

Task Delegation and History

Task management is one of the most crucial yet, complicated jobs for employees and managers. The software simplifies delegating client meetings to field employees for the day and scheduling follow-up meets. 

Attendance and Leave Management

Field sales employees coming to the office only to mark their attendance or punch their card does not make sense. Right? Safe on their time, energy and fuel by enabling a geo-verified attendance system with TrackoField. With auto-attendance, executives do not need to log in. As they enter the client site, their attendance is marked automatically. Even with leave application and approval, everything happens online. 

Chat online and resolve queries in real-time

With an inbuilt chatroom, it becomes so convenient for executives and employees to communicate. Employees can create chat windows for one-on-one conversations or team discussions. Time is a commodity for sales executives, therefore, we introduce a voice note feature for quick and convenient chats. 

Employee expense management tool

Field Sales Automation software is incomplete without an expense management tool. Sales executives are perpetually on the move. They spend most of their working hours in the field. So, it is natural that they will require extra allowance for travel, food, stationery and other necessities. The expense management tool optimises the expense reimbursement process through automation. 

Custom fields and forms for a better experience

Customisation is the currency of trade in the professional world today! Statics solutions with fixed and restricted features limit scalability too. Hence, we offer a custom field wherein managers can create custom fields under any section as per their requirements. Similarly, custom forms also allow managers to create bespoke forms to make them more user-friendly for their executives.

Leverage Field Sales Automation Software to Improve Efficiency

Drive profitability to another level, enhance customer experience and improve the efficiency of sales representatives with salesforce management software. Accurate yet in-depth insights stimulate the right decision-making that further results in scalability and growth. 

How Field Sales Management Software Can Automate Your Business

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Currently creating SaaSy content strategies for TrackoBit and TrackoField, this content professional has dedicated a decade of her life to enriching her portfolio and continues to do so. In addition to playing with words and spilling SaaS, she has a passion for traveling to the mountains and sipping on adrak wali chai.

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