GPS Trackers We Support

What makes TrackoBit a hardware-agnostic fleet automation platform? Its flawless
compatibility with universal protocols, device-friendliness and a lot more.
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Truck Management Software

Embracing Diverse GPS Trackers

TrackoBit exemplifies unity in diversity! Our software seamlessly adapts to the firmware, protocols, and strings of varied GPS trackers. We embrace small, medium and large hardware manufacturers alike.

  • 500+ devices/sensors integrated
  • Technical troubleshooting via SMSs
  • ELD friendly software solutions
  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices

The Convergences of GPS Tracking Devices

We have liberated our users from the dilemma of what combination of devices and sensors to pick.
Our unrivalled GPS tracking software epitomises flexibility, adaptability and ease of integration
with any given hardware device in the market.