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Agriculture Fleet Tracking Software

The Age of
Data-driven Farming

Data-driven agriculture backed by Telematics and IoT. Manage your farming equipment and fleet from far away.

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        Integrate Technology and Mitigate Challenges

        TrackoBit is helping the farming sector overcome the biggest challenges with state-of-the-art agricultural fleet management solutions. It is easier to fetch insightful telematics data at any given time from anywhere.

        It’s tough to manually calculate the area ploughed, cultivated, fertilised, harvested or worked upon. With automation, we ensure precise calculations and discard discrepancies in data.

        Real-time visibility increases the security of valuable equipment and vehicles on the field.

        Agricultural fleet management solutions maximise resource utilisation and yields.

        Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

        What We Offer

        No wonder you reap some significant benefits by investing in white label fleet management software. Swelling profits, better operations, and greater scalability are just to state a few!

        24 x 7 Visibility of Equipment

        Get real-time visibility of vehicles, equipment, and workers on one platform. Monitor their movement remotely. Fetch the exact lat-long of their location along with status and work reports.

        All-in-one Solution

        Precise Farm Area Calculation

        TrackoBit determines the cultivated area with the help of the Concave Hull method and negates the chances of human error. It automatically calculates the daily wages of farmworkers to generate payments as per the work done.

        All-in-one Solution

        Geofence the Forbidden Areas

        Geofence plays a crucial role in defining a virtual secure zone for assets. Other use cases include – separating lands, fencing off areas that shall not be encroached, or leaving alone the area where cattle graze.

        All-in-one Solution

        What You Get

        A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

        Maximum Utilisation of Equipment

        Real-time Tracking

        Strategically place and allot the same equipment to different farms by assessing their work, requirement, and actual utilisation.

        Track Performance of Vehicles

        Real-time Tracking

        Monitor engine hours, idle time, and vehicle movement to determine the daily usage of the vehicle.

        Save Fuel

        Real-time Tracking

        Get valuable insights into fuel usage and refill patterns for your entire fleet with the advanced fuel monitoring system.

        Service and Maintenance

        Real-time Tracking

        Get automatic service reminders a couple of weeks prior to the due date of the servicing of equipment, and renewal of the permits and licences.

        Instant Alerts

        Real-time Tracking

        Get notified in case the assets are overriding, overspeeding, or not being used responsibly

        Security of Assets

        Real-time Tracking

        Parking mode, lock/unlock, and battery disconnection are some of the many security features that ensure asset safety.

        Frequently Asked Questions.

        If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

        • What all agricultural equipment can TrackoBit’s Fleet Management Software track?

          You name it and we’ll track it. So far, we’ve successfully integrated all possible equipment used in the farms - right from moving assets such as tractors, ploughers, and sprinklers to non-moving equipment such as irrigation water pumps.

        • Are the calculations done by your GPS Tracking software of the cultivated land reliable?

          TrackoBit swears by the precision of the calculations presented by our software. Our clients vouch for our effective reports and rely on them blindly.

        • Can your software track both powered and non-powered equipment?

          Yes, we can track anything and everything under the sun. Our system is compatible with both wired and non-wired devices. Therefore, whether or not the asset has electric power support, we can track it.

        • Is your GPS tracking software a good option for tracking rental farming equipment?

          Why not? With our intelligent software, you can not only track the location and status of the equipment but also generate automatic reports to monitor their performance. You can track when, where, and how the equipment was used. You’ll know for how long the equipment was actually working and for how long it was idle.

        • Do you also provide GPS Trackers?

          No, we do not. We are purely into software services. We deliver complete software solutions to our clients.

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