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  • Manage daily to monthly schedules
  • Automate expense reporting
  • Mark geo-coded attendance
  • Automate payroll for your field employees

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All the tools you need to equip your field force to enjoy accurate and efficient on-site job completion – are here.

  • Create employee schedules in 10 minutes.
  • Track task progress and adjust schedules.
  • Manage attendance, expenses, and payroll.
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With the best field force management software for small & medium businesses or giants, empower your mobile workforce to work smarter, faster, and happily.

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Field Force Scheduling Software Solutions

Reduce Man-hours. Boost Job Site Productivity!

Ready to experience field force automation? Explore the wide range of field operations solutions
we offer to empower your team, optimize efficiency, and retain your customers.

  • Field Employee GPS Tracking

    Track Remote Staff

    Track your field workforce in real-time, monitor job progress, and gain insights into their location, activity, and performance. Improve accountability and enjoy data-driven decision-making.

    Field Employee GPS Tracking
  • Task Management Dashboard

    Task Management Dashboard

    Assign & Track Tasks

    Eliminate paper-led tasks! Now effortlessly plan, assign, and track tasks on the move. Auto task reminders, file sharing, voice notes, and self-allocation of tasks come in handy for optimal productivity.

    • Real-time Task Status Updates
    • Ad-hoc Task Allocation
    • Target vs Achievement report
    • Explore More Here
  • Leave and Attendance Management

    Attendance & Leave Reporting

    Let your field staff easily log attendance remotely with a single phone tap. With our software, enjoy fool-proof, geo-tagged attendance for field employees, ensuring accuracy.

    Leave and Attendance Management
  • Order Management Solution

    Order Management Solution

    Track Orders and Sales

    Streamline field sales tracking with our order management tool. Monitor order progress, from placement to delivery, on TrackoField, enabling seamless ad-hoc order processing.

    • Take and Track Orders On The Go
    • Create an Inexhaustive Product List
    • Custom Discounts and Pricing
    • Explore More Here
  • Payroll Management

    Automate Payroll Processing

    Let our software make payroll management a cakewalk for you with accurate compensation calculations based on work hours, leaves taken and other overheads.

    • Auto-salary Calculation for Individuals
    • Data Transparency b/w Employee and Employer
    • Ready-to-use Salary Slips
    • Explore More Here
    Payroll Management
  • Expense Management Software

    Expense Management Software

    Fast Expense Reimbursements

    Simplify expense management and reimbursement with our field force management app - employees declare expenses and track real-time claim status, while managers approve or reject applications.

    • Reimbursement Request Notification
    • Inbuilt and Custom Expense Categories
    • Automatic Travel Expense Calculation
    • Explore More Here

Highlights of Field Force Management System

Wait! There’s More?

Manage your field force with advanced and upgraded features! We have stored more ingredients needed to transform your field force!

Highlights of Field Force Management System
  • Battery & Network Status

    Track live device battery and network status for accurate updates on executives. Get daily reports on the same.

  • Bulk Task Upload

    Speed up the task delegation process by uploading tasks in the set template and automating allocation.

  • Reminders & Notifications

    Neither field employees nor the manager sitting in the office, stay away from any update or task reminders.

  • SOS Button

    With an SOS button, ensure prompt response and timely redeem your employees in case of emergency.

  • Unreachable Reports

    Get the exact reason for the executive’s unreachability - whether the phone is out of network area, on flight mode, or switched off.

  • Text and Voice Chats

    Give your deskless employees the liberty to exchange quick or important information over chats — supported by voice note sharing.

Automate Distance Calculation

Across locations, job sites, or client visits.

Say goodbye to manual mileage tracking errors! With our automated distance calculator, generate precise data for billing, payroll, and performance analysis.

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Highlights of Field Force Management System

Field Force Scheduling Software

From a single dashboard, plan, assign, and optimize the
deployment of employees to tasks and locations.

Check How TrackoField’s Smart Scheduling & Dispatching Works
Highlights of Field Force Management System

Plug Into Remote Success with…

TrackoField’s All-In-One Toolkit

With digital forms, checklists, and instant access to customer information — make every task a breeze. It’s time to turbocharge your multi-skilled field employees' performance with essential productivity tools.

  • Work smarter, faster, smarter from anywhere.
  • Leave the paper chase behind
  • Beyond desk & expectations
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Highlights of Field Force Management System

Go From Scattered to Strategic - in 2 Ways!

Now manage your entire field operations in a few clicks! With field force apps and systems,
assign tasks on the fly, track location & automate reporting.

Employee App Manager App/Web

With the employee app, let your field force enjoy a unified dashboard featuring options to mark geo-coded attendance, report expenses, manage tasks, and communicate via chat. Simplify your field staff’s admin tasks so that they can focus on execution.

As a manager, oversee and manage your field staff’s real-time location, attendance, upcoming leave requests, payroll, tasks, and productivity — all over a comprehensive dashboard. Get minute-to-minute updates on each employee’s whereabouts and task progress.

Benefits of Field Force Management Software

With TrackoField, get features to enjoy automated workflows and digital reporting. Along with precise
monitoring of field force activities, track time spent on tasks, projects, and client engagements.

  • Streamlined Shift Scheduling

    Optimize schedule based on worker skills, location, and availability. Reduce scheduling conflicts, and minimize idle time. Ensure the right person for each job.

  • First-Time Fix Rate

    Ensure timely scheduling, efficient technician routing & on-site arrival to raise first-time fix rates. Reduce customer hassle and add to their satisfaction.

  • Automated Workflows

    Automate repetitive job assignments, data-led entries, and reporting. Free up valuable time for your team to focus on more strategic & high-value work.

  • Performance Analytics

    Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports on unified dashboards, providing valuable insights into your workforce’s performance, job timeline, customer satisfaction & areas for improvement.

  • Reduced Overheads

    Enjoy reduced operational costs by automating employee schedules. Track employees' time, tasks & expenses to identify areas where you can save money.

  • Great Customer Value

    Set a schedule guaranteeing prompt and efficient service. Track customer interactions and feedback, to easily identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Integrate TrackoField with 200+ Apps

TrackoField is easy to integrate with any internal CRM, ERP, complete
HRMs, or classic timesheets – you use!

Route Planning Software for the FMCG Industry

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  • One platform, capability of 100s of apps
  • On-demand solutions for custom use case

With the field force management app, ensure technicians stick to schedules, arrive on time, and come prepared for appointments.

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Field Force Management

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is Field Force Management?

    Field force Monitoring or field staff management refers to the procedure of managing and controlling the remote workforce that operates outside the office. It involves supervising and optimising the performance of field staff such as sales representatives, mechanics, drivers, and other service providers.

    The roles and responsibilities of a field staff manager include streamlining operations, improving resource allocation, scheduling and assigning tasks, tracking performances, and task completion.

  • What is a field management software?

    Field force management platforms are one-hood platforms where field managers can freely coordinate, optimize field employee scheduling. In parallel, it lets them even track task progress, compile all the orders taken, review total expenses claimed, and manage leave and attendance to improve operational efficiency.

  • What are the benefits of field force software?

    An effective field force software makes it effortless to:

    - Assign schedules to field employees
    - Manage their leave, attendance, and last-minute time-off work
    - Settle on-the-way expense claims with a quick closing cycle
    - Employees locational tracking and updates in real-time
    - Automated payroll management for quick salary disbursement

  • How does Field Force Management Software help you control end-to-end field operations?

    The primary role of a software aid is to help you simplify the existing task by conserving time, energy and other resources. Field force automation software and field force management apps help do that and so much more.

    - Live tracking of employees and their activities ensures real-time visibility into end-to-end operations.
    - API integrations allow the fetching of data from different sources. Hence, aligning and allocating tasks becomes easier for software.
    - Performance analytics and reports generated by the software entail every aspect of the operation and present flawless and on-point insights.
    - Right from planning, execution, and monitoring to managing and controlling every facet of field operations is enabled with field staff management software.

  • While tracking our field employees are we breaching their private space or information by any chance?

    No, you are not. Our field team management software is strategically designed to only get work-related data. The employees are tracked via a mobile app. We do not intrude into their calling details, sim details, or other personal spaces

  • Do the employees get both mobile apps and web dashboards just like the employer?

    It’s completely up to you, how you wish to have it. We offer complete customisation with our white label field force management software. You get features, design, and UX as you like.

  • What is field force automation in CRM?

    Field force automation in CRM leverages technology to optimize and streamline field operations. Moreover, it helps manage tasks, and schedules, and compile data for mobile sales or service teams efficiently.

  • Why is field force management important?

    Field force management is crucial for optimizing productivity, enhancing customer service, ensuring efficient resource allocation, and enabling real-time tracking and coordination of mobile teams.

  • What is field force management software?

    Field force management software in a one-stop platform that lets you manage, monitor, and schedule mobile workforce effortlessly. It does take care of everything right from employee task allocation, attendance & leave management to expense management. It supports every task and functionality needed to make workforce management a breezy task.

  • What is Field Force Management Software and why is it important for Small Businesses?

    Field force management software is a tool, platform, or application that automates and optimizes field force management for small, medium, and big enterprises alike. It makes way for data-driven management and insightful decision-making. It automates task allocation, report generation, and performance analysis. It also simplifies team coordination, improves the transparency of data, and enhances customer satisfaction.

    It’s especially recommended for small businesses as it streamlines everything and helps spot operational inefficiency which otherwise requires good experience and keen attention to detail. Small businesses lack the manpower and other resources to set up separate teams for planning, execution, operations, and management.

  • What are some of the best Field Force Automation software features?

    Some game-changing features that advanced field force management software must have:

    - Automatic Task Allocation (Roster and ad-hoc basis)
    - Real-time Tracking with battery optimisation
    - Custom Forms and cloud storage
    - Sales Order Management tool
    - Remote geo-coded attendance management
    - Integration with CRM and ERP Software
    - Automatic reports and performance analytics
    - In-built chat and file-sharing options
    - Expense Management Tool

  • Are there different dashboards/panels for the executive and the manager?

    Yes, to make it easy to understand and user-friendly, our field force tracking solution offers two different panels of employees and managers. While the executives only have an app, managers get the app and the web portal.

  • Does your field employee management software work efficiently with all types of phones?

    Yes, absolutely! Our field employee monitoring system is compatible with all sorts of smartphones. It is not compatible with feature phones(for obvious reasons).

  • Is your Field force monitoring software good for tracking sales executives?

    TrackoField is exclusively designed to monitor field employees. It is one of the popular Field sales management software in the market. It has all the features from a meeting scheduler, and chat box to custom form builder that are needed to automate the field sales operations.

  • What is an example of a field force?

    A field force typically includes field executives or employees who work on the field. They can include sales reps, delivery personnel, service technicians, delivery personnel, or maintenance crews working in different locations.

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