Real-time Tracking

What is Real-time Tracking?

Real-time tracking is continuous live monitoring and updating of the location and status of vehicles, employees, assets, or consignment.

The process of real-time tracking is not a simple one and requires advanced technologies such as telematics, GPS, and strong network connectivity. The lack of any of these technologies removes the ‘real-time’ aspect of tracking, and the data doesn’t come into the software as accurately or frequently.

Whether it is done through a vehicle tracking software (for fleets) or an employee tracking software (for field executives), the definition of real-time tracking remains the same, and so do its purpose and benefits.

How Does Real-time Tracking Work?

For real-time tracking to work either in vehicle tracking or employee tracking software, the system needs GPS and telematics hardware installed in the vehicle or employee’s phone and the same hardware to be integrated into the concerned software.

The hardware then collects and transmits this data in real-time to the software for it to analyse and present the said information in bite-sized format for the managers to understand. The data is processed and displayed on a live map view that helps managers track the vehicles’ and employees’ locations, routes, activities, and productivity in real time.

  • – Asset safety
  • – Multi-modal tracking
  • – Accurate ETAs
  • – ITimely PODs
  • – Theft prevention

What Are The Benefits of Live Tracking Through Fleet Management Software?

Live tracking is a crucial aspect of the existence of fleet management software. Here are some benefits the software offers through it:

  • Maximised Visibility: Managers know where their vehicles are without having to contact anyone.
  • Improved Safety: In case a vehicle is in trouble, at least the manager knows where it is so that they can send help immediately.
  • Better Operations: Real-time tracking of more than just the location (such as fuel and reefer temperature) allows managers to have a better understanding of how their vehicles are working and how they can improve operations.

What Are The Benefits of Live Tracking Through Field Force Management Software?

Field force management software will greatly fall short without live tracking. Here are the benefits managers see through real-time tracking of field employees:

  • Maximised Visibility: Managers know in real-time where field employees are and whether or not they are at the task sites they are supposed to be at a time.
  • Authentic Attendance: Attendance records backed-up by locational verification reduces chances of fraudulent activities.
  • Increased Accountability: Employees reach their destinations on time and work more efficiently when they know their location and productivity are being tracked. Overall, team operations improve.