Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Software

Trailer and truck temperature monitoring solutions
to optimise the end-to-end cold supply chain.

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In Transit Temperature

Did you know that 14% of food produced goes stale in the supply chain before it reaches the retailer? Poor cold chain monitoring costs India 14 billion USD every year. Businesses can also control losses by strengthening their cold chain logistics with advanced temperature monitoring software.

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Highlights of Our

Temperature Monitoring System

Our sophisticated cold chain monitoring solutions comprise much more than just
the temperature readings of the containers.

Temperature Monitoring System Temperature Monitoring System Temperature Monitoring System Temperature Monitoring System
  • Real-time Visibility

    You get real-time temperature updates of each reefer on the move. Our new-age temperature tracking solutions show live locations, speed, status and other crucial updates of each vehicle round-the-clock.

  • Insightful Reports

    Our software generates automatic temperature reports that you can analyse corresponding to other factors such as location, load, speed, etc. Trackobit offers custom reports along with graphs and charts for a better depiction of stats.

  • Instant Alerts

    Once TrackoBit is connected to every reefer or truck in your fleet, you can turn your Zen mode on. You get notified instantly every time the temperature fluctuates beyond the optimum temperature bracket.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    The software analyses the historical data to present in-depth analytics on the cold-chain operation of the fleet. Vehicle-wise, consignment-wise and tour-wise analytics help make more analytical decisions for the fleet.

Cold-chain Monitoring Triangle

Advanced cold-chain monitoring is the combination of the following
three important factors.

  • Location Tracking

    TrackoBit tracks the locational history of the vehicle with
    respect to time, the status of the vehicle and others,
    throughout the day.

  • Temperature Tracking

    Once the sensor is installed and connected to our
    cold-chain monitoring solution, the software monitors
    the temperature 24*7.

  • Humidity Monitoring

    Humidity is another factor that plays a crucial role in
    temperature monitoring, hence, Trackobit takes care of
    that too.

Cold-chain Monitoring Triangle


That Never Lose their Cool

For TrackoBit’s comprehensive temperature monitoring software has
gotten their back.

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Healthcare Cold Supply Chain

    Custom healthcare cold chain monitoring solutions are our speciality. Our flawless software system is designed to keep the potency of vaccines, medicines and equipment intact.

    • Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring
    • Organ and Blood Transfer
    • Vaccine Cold Supply Chain Monitoring
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  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Perishable Food Temp. Monitoring

    Food wastage is a major issue across the globe. Fool-proof cold chain monitoring software can help overcome the issue across sectors and countries.

    • Organic Vegetable Supply Chain
    • FMCG Supply Chain Monitoring
    • Sea Food Cold Supply Chain
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  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Dairy Cold Chain Monitoring

    Considering the time and temperature sensitivity of dairy products, it becomes all the more imperative to have a tight cold chain monitoring solution in place.

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Truck Temperature Monitoring

In Three Simple Steps

  • 1


    Monitors round-the-clock temperature readings of the refers, trucks and trailers.

  • 2


    Analyses the temperature fluctuations and prepare reports automatically.

  • 3


    Shoots an alert to the manager every time the software analyses the fluctuation.

Cold Chain Monitoring System by TrackoBit Cold Chain Monitoring System by TrackoBit Cold Chain Monitoring System by TrackoBit Cold Chain Monitoring System by TrackoBit

Additional Features

Cold Chain Monitoring System
by TrackoBit

  • Battery Status Monitoring

    Track the battery and voltage status of the refrigeration unit in real time for complete temperature monitoring.

  • Real-time Temperature Graph

    Graphical representation of the real-time temperature fluctuations gets reflected on the software for an individual vehicle.

  • Engine Hours wrt Fuel Usage

    The software monitors the duration ACs operated on batteries, diesel, or other sources to avoid fuel pilferage.

  • Top-notch Sensor Compatibility

    TrackoBit has integrated more than 500 devices. We have a 100% compatibility record with sensors and trackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a few unanswered questions pertaining to cold-chain monitoring software solutions ? Get your answers below.

  • What is cold chain monitoring?

    The use of technology to monitor and manage the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods is called cold chain monitoring. Automation, telematics and IoT are commonly used technologies to optimise cold supply chain monitoring.

  • What is the best temperature monitoring software for food supply chain monitoring?

    TrackoBit is one of the most sought-after cold-chain monitoring software solutions for enterprises. Logistics and fleet management companies rely on TrackoBit for custom solutions expounding business problems exclusive to them. Also, a complete fleet management software that offers other essential solutions such as route planning software, driver behaviour analysis, video telematics software and fuel monitoring solution.

  • How can cold-chain monitoring software solutions help in fleet management?

    If you have reefers, refrigerated freights and cargo in your fleet then temperature fleet management software is a must for you. It is essential for time and temperature-sensitive products such as perishable food, dairy products, seafood, vaccines and medicines to stay potent for a longer time.

    Manufacturing companies do not trust any other freight forwarders and logistics companies with their sensitive goods. An advanced cold chain monitoring system with a good uptime record is necessary for such manufacturing companies. Hence, it’s imperative for 3PL companies to invest in the best temperature monitoring software in the market without any compromises.

  • Does TrackoBit Provide White label temperature monitoring software for trucks?

    TrackoBit specialises in providing white-label cold-chain monitoring software and custom solutions. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, hence, offer custom solutions exclusive to certain industries. You get to handpick solutions you want in your fleet management software kitty, bespoke reports and analyses you want in a specific manner.

  • What are the benefits of vehicle temperature monitoring software?

    One of the most crucial benefits of temperature monitoring software is that it retains the quality and potency of the goods as is till it’s delivered to cold-storage warehouses or retailers. However, other advantages of cold chain monitoring software are:

    - Data transparency

    - Instant decision-making

    - Enhanced brand credibility

    - Improved productivity

    - Real-time visibility

    - Accurate insights and analysis

    - Automatic report generation

  • How to manage temperature remotely in the cold-chain fleet of trucks?

    The fleet management software by TrackoBit allows remote temperature monitoring with the help of telematics technology. The location data is gathered with the help of GPS. Along with temperature management solutions and geographical insights, the software also fetches data on vehicle diagnostics, load, trip and route planning along with driver behaviour analysis. Everything happens remotely from afar.

  • Which industries use temperature monitoring solutions for vehicles?

    Temperature monitoring solutions are very commonly used in various industries inside manufacturing plants and R&d labs. However, when it comes to combining temperature monitoring with mobility, logistics and freight forwarding companies are the premium clients. However, cold supply chain monitoring is required across industries that include:

    - Pharmaceutical

    - Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    - Dairy and Food Companies

    - Agriculture

    - Drugs and Chemicals

  • Why do pharmaceutical companies need cold-chain monitoring software solutions?

    Pharmaceutical companies work on drugs, chemicals and salts that require a certain degree of temperature to prepare, package, store and deliver to retain their potency. They require temperature monitoring systems everywhere from manufacturing plants to warehouses and their delivery vehicles. While it’s easier to maintain and monitor refrigeration on-site, wherever mobility is involved things became a little tricky. That’s where Cold supply chain monitoring software solutions such as TrackoBit come into the picture. Along with refrigeration monitoring systems, top-notch fleet management automation is required for error-free operations.

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