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Optimise your last mile without getting out of your comfort zone.

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Delivering Excellence To The Last Mile

Delayed Delivery?
What’s that?

Last-mile delivery is a bigger sector with multiple segments! However,
two crucial facets remain common across segments - faster deliveries
and customer experience.

TrackoMile ensures your riders and field staff always stay on the right and
the most optimised route, keeping customer experience at the core of our
product. Dispatchers are well-equipped to make last-minute changes to
the trip, squeezing in the ad-hoc orders with absolute ease.

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Delayed Delivery
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Explore Last Mile Delivery

We Went The Extra Mile to Deliver
the Best Last Mile Experience

Last mile is the most expensive leg of the delivery hierarchy, hence leaving the most scope for optimisation.
Lay a solid foundation for your D2C, hyperlocal, or e-commerce business with a robust last mile delivery system.

Best Last Mile Delivery Software For Logistics Tracking Best Last Mile Delivery Software For Logistics Tracking
  • Hyperlocal Delivery

    A last-mile delivery software built to withstand and mitigate
    hyperlocal delivery challenges - from finding the nearest and
    the most suited rider/route available to managing the roster
    for riders and field staff.

    • Rider Roster Management
    • Real-time Dispatch and Delivery
    • Order Management On-the-move
  • Carrier Management

    The flawless rule engine help find the perfect carrier match for
    orders on the basis of capacity, traffic, distance, and fifty other
    rules. Your deliveries are always on time, irrespective of the
    drastic rise or fall in order volume.

    • EV Friendly(BMS) Software
    • Rule-based Carrier Sorting Engine
    • Visibility of On-going Deliveries
  • Route Optimisation

    Just feed in the addresses, and the software will map out the
    most optimised routes and delivery combinations. Schedule
    deliveries as per user-preferred time slots and route constraints. Intelligence meets automation!

    • Routing Algorithms with 120+ Variables
    • Dispatcher Friendly Platform
    • Dynamically Arranged Addresses
  • Rider Application

    Complete last mile delivery optimisation is impossible without
    the rider app. It allows attendance mark in/out, order
    acceptance, bar code scanning and a lot more without which
    real-time visibility is out of the question.

    • Multiple Types of Proof of Delivery
    • Direct Communication With Customers
    • Dashboard with Performance Insights

Last Mile Delivery

TrackoMile Mitigates like a Pro!

Every industry and business has its share of
challenges and use cases. Can TrackoMile
have something for everyone? We say we
have everything you ask for when it comes
to last-mile delivery.

Last Mile Delivery Challenges
  • Once the order dispatch is scheduled, it’s tough to compute the best route to deliver ad-hoc orders. Well, not any more?

    We have Order Management for You.

  • What combination of vehicles and riders will work out the best, without any space, cost or time wastage?

    Here’s Capacity Management!

  • Poor route planning and inconsistent utilisation of resources. How to find cost-effective, time-saving yet fastest routes?

    Enjoy Trip and Dispatch Planning.

  • Inability to check the whereabouts of field employees, track their availability in real-time, and monitor liabilities while on the move.

    Voila! Field Staff Management.

TrackoMile Highlights

Highlighting some game-changing features that will help you stay a mile ahead of your competitors.

  • Insightful Analytics

    Uncover hidden anomalies and inefficiencies to mitigate them instantly with accurate business insights, trip analytics, and a plethora of data at your disposal.

    Insightful Analytics
  • Decentralised Control

    While dispatchers and staff managers have access to their end of functionalities, riders and users can independently control and manage their interface.

    Decentralised Control
  • Workflow Calendar

    Managers get a calendar view to plan daily, weekly, or monthly deliveries or trips that further present a detailed description and easy access to trip details.

    Workflow Calendar
  • Staff Roster Management

    Automating rider roster with the most simplified UI/UX. Our last mile delivery software displays the number of riders and vehicles at the shift and day vertex.

    Staff Roster Management
  • Automated Fulfilment

    You get end-to-end fulfilment automation right from order management, and dispatch planning to route optimisation and on-field rider management.

    Automated Fulfilment
  • Why Choose

    Because it's hard to lose track and go
    off-route with TrackoMile

  • End-to-end Visibility

    Limited visibility, just like limited knowledge is dangerous. Hence, allowing complete visibility into the field ops.

  • Seamless UI/UX

    A simple interface and seamless UX are our specialities. We declutter elements to provide a meaningful and relevant experience.

  • Secure and Scalable

    Forget about malware attacks, data loss or inability to manage fluctuating user/order volumes. We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

  • Latest Techstack

    Staying true to our software values and technological orientation, we resort to only the best and the latest technology available.

  • Customer Experience

    Transparency and adaptability simplify last-mile intricacies like never before, ensuring on-time delivery, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are last mile problems?

    The last mile logistics simply means delivering the goods to the customer or the consignee. It’s the last and the most expensive leg of the supply chain that involves direct customer interaction. In this time and age, customers want quick and free delivery services, hence even the slightest inefficiency can lead to significant issues. Some common last-mile problems include:
    - Delayed delivery
    - Bad route planning
    - Lack of route optimisation
    - Zero real-time visibility
    - Ill-managed Rider Rosters
    - Unstructured reserve Logistics

  • What is an example of last mile delivery?

    Your Amazon order dispatched from the delivery hub, coming to you for delivery is the perfect example of last mile logistics. Zomato, Swiggy, Blinkit, etc. deliver food in 10-20 min to your doorsteps and comes under hyperlocal delivery which is the subcategory of last mile delivery.

  • How can Last-mile Delivery help improve profit margins?

    As mentioned earlier, the last mile delivery alone eats up more than 50% of the shipping cost. Hence, the scope for cost-cutting lies majorly in the last leg of the supply chain. Enhancing customer experience, improving route density and planning better routes can reduce extra costs and better profit margins.

  • What does Last mile delivery logistics mean?

    The last-mile delivery refers to the final step in the delivery process between the delivery station and the consignee which can either be an end customer or a retailer. The efficiency of your last-mile delivery impacts the overall logistics cost as it costs more than 50% of the entire shipping cost.

  • Which industries need Last Mile Delivery software?

    With the growing demand for the D2C model, quick commerce, and hyperlocal businesses, the need for last-mile delivery optimisation is at an all-time high. Today, customers seek authenticity in terms of quality and cost, hence consumers are ordering directly from the manufacturer or the brand itself. Therefore, other than e-commerce sites, big and small brands across sectors need last-mile delivery optimisation to enhance customer experience.

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