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Field Service Management Software

Attendance Management Software for Field Employees

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Get past faulty log-ins and mismanaged week-offs! With an employee attendance management system,
plan workload better with accurate information on employee absence.

  • Geo-Coded
    Attendance Marking

  • Flexible Leave
    Management Module

  • Payroll Processing
    As Per Leave Policy.

  • Insightful and
    Analytical Dashboards

Online Attendance Management System

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With an attendance tracking system, make it easy for your employees to effortlessly
check-in/out from the app, and instantly raise leave requests.

Our Efficient Attendance Tracking System

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Payroll Management

Enjoy accurate compensation data and automated salary processing backed by on-point work-hours tracking with our Payroll management system.

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Highlights of
Employee Attendance
Management Software

Yay! More Features Unlocked

Don’t worry, we won’t let you settle for basic! Our attendance
management system has more features to automate all the
monotonous tasks you hate and put off for later.

  • Attendance Regularisation

    Don’t let your valued workforce worry about their incorrect attendance data! Give them a self-service portal where they can submit requests for required corrections.

  • Attendance Task Linking

    Effortlessly link tasks with attendance! Make executives reach the client site first to mark their attendance and unlock their further tasks or schedules.

  • Biometric Attendance

    Ensure authorised premise visit and avoid proxy attendance! Sync biometric scanners captured data with our software to track the daily attendance of employees.

  • Geo-Codes Visual Verification

    Ask for visual verification for attendance to avoid proxy attendance marking. Confirm presence on the field with a picture covering the lat-long and time of capture.

  • Attendance Overriding

    Executives taking urgent tasks on leave? Don’t worry, let the app help them effortlessly regularise their attendance — without irks, judgment, and delays.

  • Facial Recognition

    Revolutionize attendance with facial recognition. Let executives snap a pic via mobile app, the app will confirm and verify their presence on site.

Productivity Reports

Effortless & Efficient
Leave Management

Possible with “TrackoField”

Get insights on employees' absence and unforeseen leaves!
Automate leave calculation and management based on Pro-Rata,
Half Day, Short Leaves & 50+ custom conditions. Let the system
auto-compile data as per leave policies and holiday calendars.

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Get Attendance Management Solutions

With TrackoField

We can help you swap paper-led tasks with a cutting-edge attendance management
system - so you can invest in other strategic tasks.

  • Error-Free Entries

    Avoid overpayment or underpayment! Eliminate manual errors in recording work hours, and ensure precise data for payroll calculations.

  • Automate Process

    Automate the process you hate of tracking attendance. Integrate it directly with payroll systems to reduce administrative tasks.

  • Save Dollars

    Accurately track attendance, and minimise instances of buddy punching or fraudulent time reporting, to save precious money.

  • Stay Informed

    Parallelly view attendance records to foster transparency in work-hour tracking and prevent misunderstandings.

  • Better Compliance

    Leave it to automated systems to enforce policies regarding overtime, leaves, and tardiness. The company is always compliant with regulations.

  • Data-driven Decisions

    Get much-needed insights into attendance patterns, trends, and anomalies. Use this data to optimise workforce management .

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TrackoField has been our knight in shining armour, revolutionizing our field operations. We had a clear vision of where we headed but the challenge was to make it happen at a desirable pace. That’s where team TF stepped in along with TrackoBit to automate the entire field management including our fleet of vehicles. Today, we are operating in 6 regions and 14 cities with their software support.

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Rajeshwar Wadhera - CEO

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Easily integrate our attendance management system software with existing CRM, ERP, complete HRMs, payroll systems,
or classic time sheets! Let software automatically pick employees' working days and generate salary invoices accordingly.

Integrate TrackoField with 200+ Apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is employee attendance software?

    Leave and attendance monitoring software is a system that streamlines and automates the process of managing employee leaves and attendance records. It enables remote attendance marking with geo and time stamps, online leave application, and automatic report generation.

    Some common features offered by leave and attendance monitoring software include leave balance tracking, leave entitlements, live attendance updates, and other reports and analytics.

  • Who uses a leave management system in an organization?

    Leave and attendance management software comes in handy to many stakeholders in the organisation.

    - Employees: To request leave online at any hour of the day. Also, to track their current leave balance and history of leave availed.
    - Managers and Team lead: They can keep track of the total strength of the team currently or at any time in the past or the future.
    - Human Resource Dept: It enables the HR department to monitor leave balance, handle leave encashment, or carry forward and monthly auto report generation.
    - Payroll Department: Salaries and allowance calculations are done only after counting the days present/absent in a month.
    - Management: They may not keep track of it regularly but they need a record of it for future references or high-level reporting, analytics, planning, and resource allocation.

  • How do you manage leave of absence?

    You must utilise an attendance management system where you can seamlessly process leave requests, track their durations, set permissible leave quotas, and manage return-to-work procedures efficiently.

  • How do you manage employee attendance?

    You can seamlessly and accurately manage the attendance of in-house and remote employees with dependable employee attendance tracking software. Thinking about where to find such online attendance software? Try TrackoField for free!

  • What is the best way to track employee attendance?

    Automation is the key! You will now have to bid adieu to dependence on just classic timesheets and basic reporting software. It’s time you switch up to the attendance and leave management system by TrackoField, where every basic functionality is digitalised and automated for your convenience.

  • How do you create an employee attendance policy?

    To create employee attendance policy, draft rules, and define expectations, and consequences clearly. Later, integrate an online employee attendance management system with internal ERP and CRMs to track, report, and enforce policy adherence consistently and efficiently.

  • What is the best software for attendance?

    TrackoField leave and attendance management software offers competing features and functionalities that help you with:

    - Remote attendance marking with geo-and-time stamps
    - Online leave request and approval
    - Reports on leave balance and entitlements
    - Real-time attendance and total strength tracking
    - Auto leave policies and guidelines configuration
    - Instant alerts, reminders and notification
    - Third-party software integration for data exchange

  • Why is employee attendance and leave management important?

    While all business operations are optimised in today's time and age, automated leave and attendance tracking is crucial for employee management. A few reasons include:

    - Eliminates paperwork and other manual tasks associated with employee leaves
    - Reduces the possibility of human error in record-keeping and other calculations
    - Provides a centralised platform for the entire workforce to mark their presence, assess leaves and manage leave entitlements.
    - Helps in scheduling tasks and allocating duties as per resource availability.
    - Reduces absenteeism and enhances productivity.

  • How can I improve my leave management?

    You can improve your manual leave management processes by opting for attendance and leave management software that lets you automate:

    - Leave requesting process
    - Streamline approvals
    - Work in sync with company policies
    - Track balances

  • How leave and attendance Management system work?

    Like any other workflow management software or process streamlining software, the leave and attendance management solution also follows a set flow and rules.

    1. Employee applies for the leave remotely online via the employee app
    2. The attendance management software sends the request to the respective in-charge.
    3. The manager/in-charge approves/rejects the leave.
    4. The software also produces the leave balance of each employee and the total strength of the team in real time.
    5. Leave entitlement tracking is based on the company’s policies. Also, leave requests are in tandem with available resources.
    6. As soon as the request is acknowledged, the employee receives the notification

  • How do you solve attendance issues?

    Attendance issues are mainly an outcome of inaccurate recordkeeping, miscalculation, manual lodging, etc. We can prevent you from making clerical errors by automating the entire process from attendance tracking to leave management and payroll processing — all under one hood!

  • What are the types of attendance?

    Attendance tracking is categorised into the following types:

    - Time-based
    - Location-based
    - Biometric
    - Mobile app-based

    With our sought-after staff attendance management system, we can help you track attendance irrespective of the methods or types you prefer!

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