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Fuel Management System

Fuel Monitoring System Fuels Your Profits

Our fleet management software TrackoBit comes with an advanced fuel monitoring software that keeps a strict check on increasing fuel costs. Various reports and real-time data updates aid fleet managers make instant decisions in Real-time.

What We Offer

Everything That Keeps Your Fleet Up and Running

We can’t control rising fuel prices but we can indeed prevent the rising fuel wastage. It is important to find the origin of the
problem first, in order to fix it. We offer you ready-to-use white label GPS tracking software and tailor-made solutions.

Fuel Monitoring

You get live fuel level updates with location and vehicle status. Once the fuel level readings are calibrated on the fleet management software, the fuel monitoring set-up is ready to relay data.

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Reports

Highly insightful fuel reports by TrackoBit help improve the fleet's overall efficiency. You may use report graphs to compare the performances of drivers, vehicles, and routes to make well-informed decisions.

Precise Fuel Reports

Refill/Drainage Alerts

Managers receive real-time alerts with vehicle details and exact location as soon as the system senses a sudden drop or rise in the fuel level. Keep fuel pilferage or misuse of resources at bay.

Instant Refill/Drainage Alerts

Reports & Insights

Adding Fuel To The Claims

We offer a set of essential reports and analytics that help you achieve your business goals. Our
clients swear by the accuracy of the insights our fuel monitoring software presents.

  • Fuel Refill Reports

    Every time the driver refills the vehicle with fuel, our software registers the time, location, and fuel levels. You may or may not opt for refill alerts.

  • Fuel Drainage Insights

    The software triggers an alert when there’s a sudden drop in fuel levels and maintains a proper fuel usage graph wrt distance travelled/engine hours.

  • Mileage Report

    Our advanced analytical dashboard offers graphical reports and actionable insights on vehicle mileage and driving behaviour.

What You Get

All That You Need To Keep Your Vehicles Fueled.

We offer you reliable fuel tracking software and top-notch technical support. Our promise of quality comes without conditions or compromise.

  • Monitor Fuel Wastage

    Fuel wastage due to idling, harsh acceleration, or reckless driving behaviour can easily be detected. Reports and insights provide detailed information on fuel consumption, mileage, and refill activities.

  • Reduce Operations Cost

    Improved fuel economy leads to a reduction in overall fleet costs. Our clients have reported more than a 20% reduction in fuel costs ever since they upgraded to TrackoBit’s fuel management system.

  • Say No To Fuel Theft

    Whenever a sudden drop in fuel levels is detected, you are notified then and there. This helps in taking immediate action. Our software is smart enough to detect small quantity pilferages that people commit slyly.

Monitor Fuel Wastage Reduce Operations Cost Say No To Fuel Theft Fuel Management System

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Fuel Monitoring Systems Help Reduce Carbon Footprints

Fuel Monitoring Systems Help Reduce Carbon Footprints

By signing up for a fuel monitoring system you are also taking a stepping closer to a greener tomorrow. The world is going gaga over reducing carbon emissions for a reason. TrackoBit’s new-age fuel management system not only helps in reducing carbon footprints but also promotes the environment-first ethos.

Transport alone accounts for 9 Billion T of carbon footprints. That’s roughly 17% of the total emissions. Fuel tracking system ensures a good return on investment in terms of money as well as our responsibility towards the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is a Fuel Management System?

    A fuel monitoring system is a wholesome combination of hardware and software set-up that enables monitoring, optimising and controlling fuel consumption.

    Fuel monitoring sensors are installed on the vehicle to collect the real-time reading of fuel levels in electrical or electronic signals and share it with the software.

    Fuel Management system software converts the electrical values into litres according to the pre-set calibration.

  • What does a fuel management system do?

    A fuel monitoring system tracks, analyses, and manages fuel usage in the fleet. It simplifies the fuel consumption patterns for each vehicle, the entire fleet, and trip-wise for better understanding. Fuel management software helps discover inefficiencies in fleet operations w.r.t fuel and identify the right solution for the ailment.

  • What are the benefits of a fuel monitoring system?

    Modern fleet owners leverage features offered by advanced fuel monitoring systems to their benefit. The following are the advantages of fuel management software:

    - Improved Efficiency: Real-time fuel monitoring system consumption insights and in-depth reports help businesses optimise routes, improve driving practices, and enhance vehicle health. Hence, improved efficiency.

    - Cost Saving: With better efficiency comes more profit! By identifying and correcting operational inefficacies, fuel wastage, and bad driving practices, overall fleet costs reduce significantly.

    - Theft Prevention: Fuel monitoring software spots and notifies the fleet manager of possible fuel pilferage with real-time alerts.

    - Reports and Analysis: Get your hands on hidden anomalies, consumption trends, performance metrics and insights with software-backed data and analysis.

    - Informed Decision-making Accurate insights help make instant and informed decisions pertaining to fuel-related operations and expenses.

    - Reduced Carbon Footprints: Better fuel efficiency means lesser fuel wastage which further result in lesser carbon emissions.

  • How much does fuel management Software cost?

    Fuel management solution comes as an add-on solution with fleet management software. However, the average pricing of software solutions alone would start from $12 per vehicle per month. Hardware cost is additional. Talk to our experts to get better pricing.

  • How do fuel management systems help prevent fuel theft?

    A fuel monitoring software solution tracks the real-time fuel level of each vehicle in the fleet. Whereas, intelligent fuel management systems such as TrackoBit, analyses the fuel usage trends, spots abnormalities and triggers an alert in case of fuel theft. It not only identifies the clear and obvious fuel drops but also detects pilferage in small quantities which are often overlooked by average fuel monitoring solutions.

  • How do I monitor fuel use, speeding & bad driving with the GPS Fleet management system?

    TrackoBit is the one-stop solution for all your fleet tracking-related queries. From tracking fuel trends to monitoring whereabouts, speed and performance our GPS Fleet tracking software offers it all. A sophisticated driving behaviour analysis solution and video telematics facilities are the cherry on top.

  • Do you support both, analogue and digital sensors?

    Yes, we support analogue as well as digital sensors.

  • Do you track fuel 24*7 or only while the ignition is on?

    Our software monitors fuel day in and day out irrespective of the status of the vehicle. As per the reliable statistics, the maximum number of pilferages happens while the vehicle is standing.

  • Can this fuel monitoring system support duel/multiple fuel tanks?

    Yes. Our fuel monitoring software supports a duel fuel tank system. It’s compatible with both, RS 232 and RS 485 sensors. Two or more sensors are installed in different tanks and data is sent to the GPS Tracker that relays the data further.

  • Is your fuel management software compatible with diesel generators/gensets also?

    Yes. TrackoBit’s fuel monitoring software solution works efficiently on moveable and non-moveable equipment.

  • If I have installed a fuel sensor, do I also need a GPS tracker?

    Yes, the GSP tracking device is essential. A fuel sensor is installed in a fuel tank to collect fuel data whereas GPS Trackers is responsible for sending the data to the cloud server which further relays data to the software.

  • Do you also provide a fuel sensor?

    No, we do not. We do not deal in hardware at all. We are solely a software company.

  • Is remote fuel monitoring possible?

    Yes, remote fuel tracking software is possible with new-age fuel monitoring solutions backed by telematics. TrackoBit is one such software that delivers on-point accuracy in remote fuel monitoring.

  • Can I monitor my fuel consumption through real-time fuel management software?

    Yes, the primary objective of modern fuel monitoring software is to provide real-time fuel tracking level readings. Not only this, data visualisation via fuel consumption charts w.r.t. speed and absolute mileage give a better understanding of utility trends.

  • Do you track fuel 24*7 or just when the ignition is on?

    Yes, our fuel monitoring software tracks the fuel levels around the clock even when the ignition is off.

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