How GPS Tracking Software helps you Reduce Carbon Footprints

How GPS Tracking Software helps you Reduce Carbon Footprints

It will not be wrong to call the Logistics and Transport industry the lifeline of our society. It includes the sourcing of goods, manufacturing, inventory, transportation, warehousing and much more.

In terms of numbers, the global logistics industry was worth $9.6 trillion in 2018. Trucking accounted for 43% of total logistics costs globally.

No doubt, the logistics industry has simplified our lives in more ways than people can comprehend. However, we are trading off the environment for a better lifestyle. Transport alone accounts for 9 Billion T of carbon footprints. That’s roughly 17% of the total emission. 

If every fleet owner works at the individual level towards reducing carbon emissions, the collective impact will make a big difference. Here’s how fleet managers can reduce carbon footprints. 

1. Regular Servicing and Maintenance of the vehicle

The healthier the vehicle, the better it performs. The efficiency of the vehicle is directly proportional to its health of the vehicle. Efficient vehicles are not only reliable but also give a better average. They consume less fuel and produce fewer carbon footprints. It’s impossible to miss a servicing date as TrackoBit starts sending service reminders 15 days before the date.  

2. Improve Driving Behaviour

Inappropriate driving behaviour is not only hurtful to the vehicle and the driver but also to the environment. Overspeeding, harsh acceleration and sudden breaks lead to more fuel consumption than constantly driving at an optimum speed. Vehicle idling is one such issue that leads to unnecessary carbon emissions. According to research, idling alone leads to an 8.7% percentage of fuel wastage.  

3. Manage trips efficiently

No wonder the trip management system is one of the hottest-selling solutions in the GPS Tracking space. It’s imperative to manage trips efficiently to reduce carbon emissions. Plan the shortest route, avoid unnecessary detours and strategically set the sequence of the stoppages with the tour management software.    

4. Maximum use of the Vehicle

It may not seem a very significant point at first, but maximum utilization of the vehicle makes a notable difference. Smart load management helps reduce carbon emissions. How?

  • Ensure there’s no overloading or underloading of goods. 
  • Choose the right vehicle/combination of vehicles for the consignment
  • Distribute the load evenly in the vehicle. 
  • Seamless last-mile delivery with improved first-delivery attempts

5. Track and monitor Fuel Consumption 

Along with the previously mentioned ideas, it’s also essential to regularly track fuel consumption insights. Make sure to assess the report consistently. Now, whether you do it weekly, monthly, quarterly or however it pleases you. The advanced GPS Tracking software to the likes of TrackoBit automatically generates reports and charts. It helps in analysing our fleet’s carbon footprints and making better decisions.

Benefits of Reducing Carbon Emissions


Now you must be wondering what’s the use of being so peculiar and reasonable. Well, there is! Here’s how you’ll benefit if you work towards reducing your carbon footprints. 

  • Healthier Environment

Climate change is not a fictional phenomenon. It’s a real thing. By making an effort to slash your carbon emissions, you are doing your part towards the environment. These selfless actions will slow down the process of climate change. 

  • Long-term cost benefits

When you try to reduce your fuel consumption/wastage to narrow down your carbon emissions, you also cut on extra costs. By spending a meagre amount on the maintenance of vehicles, you are making long-term cost benefits. You gain customers’ confidence by making on-time deliveries as healthy vehicles are less prone to wear and tear. Isn’t it a win-win situation in every way?

  • Improves Brand Image

Brands that are sensitive towards the environment have a special place in people’s hearts. Making conscious efforts towards the betterment of the environment will enhance your brand image, and big brands take pride in associating with such brands. 

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

The rise of the age of electric vehicles will make a significant difference in slashing carbon emissions. There has been a global uprising against climate change that made leaders, investors and businessmen take this route. 

Globally the sales of Electric Vehicles have surged 65% from 2017 to 2018, for a total of 2.1 million vehicles. APAC countries like China, Japan, and South Korea are leading the rise across the vertices – personal, commercial and industrial. India is not far behind. The EV market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 44% between 2020-2027 hitting 6.34 million units of annual sales by 2027

TrackoBit is ready for the age of EVs. We are actively working on GPS Tracking Software for the EV model. To know more, reach out to us at or drop an enquiry

How GPS Tracking Software helps you Reduce Carbon Footprints

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