logistics and transport fleet tracking software logistics and transport fleet tracking software logistics and transport fleet tracking software logistics and transport fleet tracking software
logistics and transport fleet tracking software

Logistics Fleet Management Software

Streamline Your
Fleet and Logistics

Optimise your fleet and automate your operations to deploy data-driven logistics on the ground.

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waste management tracking software

Fleet Management Backed by Intelligent Telematics

The logistics industry is one of the biggest contributors to the global GDP. With great power comes great responsibility so a lot rides on the sector. The logistics domain has its own share of problems such as managing complex operations, whopping costs, and endless possibilities of fraud and pilferage.

The efficiency of the fleet decides the bottom line of the business. The better the efficiency, the more the profit. The trucking sector is highly competitive as it operates on thin margins. White label fleet management solutions streamline the business, optimize the operations, and improve margins.

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

What We Offer

Hassle-free fleet management and good night’s sleep! Managing logistics is not a cakewalk, but TrackoBit makes it seem so!

All-in-one Solution

Fleet management in itself is a monster to deal with. It is challenging to bring drivers, vehicles, management staff, clients, and transporters together. TrackoBit allows you to managing documents for vehicles and drivers in one place. We have a solution to every fleet-related problem. In case we don’t, we’ll devise one for you.

All-in-one Solution

Driver Management

Driver management means much more than assigning trips and maintaining timesheets. It involves maintaining complete database with personal information including essential documents such as UID card, license, PAN. We offer this along with driving behaviour monitoring solutions.

All-in-one Solution

Improved Customer Experience

With real-time visibility, you know the whereabouts of your vehicles. You can share real-time ETA with customers and the live location of assets. You get alerts in case of route deviation or other emergencies, enabling you to take quick actions. All this boosts fleet efficiency, which eventually improves customer experience.

All-in-one Solution

What You Get

A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Get real-time visibility of all vehicles on one platform. Monitor their movement remotely. Fetch the exact lat-long of their location along with the running status.

Fuel Monitoring

Real-time Tracking

Monitor real-time fuel levels and receive alerts on sudden drop/rise in fuel quantity. Get valuable insights into fuel refills and consumption in your entire fleet.

Automatic ETA and POD

Real-time Tracking

You receive notifications with updated ETAs that you can share with your clients. You may opt for automatic POD, digital signature, or the OTP format.

Temperature Monitoring

Real-time Tracking

Sensors are installed in the reefers and trailers to monitor cabin temperature. Get notified every time the temperature drops or rises beyond the set limit.

Trip Management

Real-time Tracking

Choose the shortest and most cost-effective route with maximum route density. The trip management tool ensures on-time delivery and boosts client relations.

Vehicle Security

Real-time Tracking

Parking mode, lock/unlock, and battery disconnection alarm are some security features that ensure the safety of vehicleseven in the remotest of areas.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • Can we integrate multiple sensors with your software, also the ones that are not in your panel?

    Yes, you can. We offer complete customisation with white label fleet management software. You can get as many types of sensors and devices integrated with our software. Roughly 500 devices/sensors such as door closing sensors, e-locks, temperature sensors, TPMS and many more have been integrated with our software as of now. We can easily integrate commonly acceptable protocols. In case you have doubts about the compatibility, let us tell you that we have a provision for a free trial. You can test whether or not your devices are compatible with our software.

  • Can your software generate alerts in case of route deviations and unwanted stoppages?

    Yes. Only the best route planning software provides this feature. We do not only offer route deviation and stoppages alerts but also provide reports of such incidents.

  • Does your software provide elastic ETA and Proof of Delivery?

    Yes. Our software does smart route optimization. The ETA that reflects on the screen is not the fixed ETA that appears in trip planning, it’s elastic. The software updates it depending on various factors such as distance travelled/left, time, average speed, weather condition, route deviated and a few more. We offer multiple options as proof of delivery - OTP, receiver’s signature, picture of the receipt and automatic POD generated by the software itself.

  • Does your software support API integrations?

    Yes. Our software is an integration-friendly setup that enables push and pull APIs via custom connections. We have easily integrated more than 1000+ APIs so far. We use standard protocols and a secure approach to ensure safe, efficient and fast sharing of data.

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