What is DVIR?

A commercial truck or bus driver fills out a DVIR at the end of the day to report any defective or potentially dangerous equipment on the vehicle to their employer. After that, before anyone else drives the vehicles, the manufacturer has to fix the flaws or defects.

Truck drivers can roam around and conduct a comprehensive vehicle examination since the digital logs are easily accessible through a portable in-vehicle device with telematics capabilities. After filing a report digitally, fleet managers through TrackoBit can efficiently identify, group, and monitor vehicles in need of routine or emergency maintenance. Additionally, they can examine, publish, and distribute vehicle inspection reports.

If an inspection report shows necessary maintenance, DVIRs can include mechanic notes, updates, and an electronic signature.

How can a DVIR Benefit Your Fleet Business?

Here’s a more in-depth look at the benefits of using eDVIRs on TrackoBit’s driver app, which include:

  • Increased Productivity: eDVIRs can save time when performing vehicle inspections. They ensure that you look everything over and pay close attention to details.
  • Improve Data Visibility: Fleet managers and drivers can monitor their data with the use of an eDVIR connected to fleet management software like TrackoBit. Managers can instantly view any inspection detail stored in the system, making data logging simpler.
  • Rapid Troubleshooting: The speed at which eDVIRs can transmit and receive data is astounding. Your fleet managers or supervisors won’t have to wait to receive the completed vehicle inspection report.
  • Capture Visual Cues and Information: Using an eDVIR lets you to rapidly transmit images of vehicle faults, such as a shredded tyre tread or wiring for your manager to assess. Taking photos of automobile flaws helps to substantiate your conclusions throughout the examination.