Electronic Logging Devices

What is ELD?

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers use electronic logging devices, or ELDs, to automatically record driving time and Hours of Service (HOS) records. They can also record information about their vehicles’ engines, movements, and miles driven. The ELD supports fleet compliance, inspections, and planning by providing dispatchers and truck drivers with real-time driver status information.

An ELD consists of fleet management software, a mobile app, and a vehicle tracking device linked to the truck.

What Does an ELD Do?

An ELD interfaces with the vehicle engine to accurately record driving time for Hours of Service (HOS). In addition to automatically recording driving activity and other data like engine hours, ignition status, location, and kilometers driven, the ELD connects directly with a vehicle’s engine.

Following the transmission of engine and GPS position data to a server, the telematics device creates Duty Status logs and pushes them to the ELD mobile app for viewing. The data is updated regularly.

Drivers can view their electronic logging data using an ELD mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. The mobile app’s sync with fleet management software allows fleet and compliance managers to monitor and analyze compliance using ELD reports, maps, and notifications.

What are the Benefits of ELDs?

ELDs offer carriers several significant advantages. Most significantly, electronic logging lessens driver weariness and strengthens compliance with Hours of Service requirements, both of which contribute to increased driver safety. In addition to saving time, eliminating paper logbooks improves record-keeping accuracy.

  • Increase driver safety and save lives.
  • Simplify the process of keeping Records of Duty Status (RODS)
  • Increase Hours of Service compliance by automating the Recording of Duty Status for drivers
  • Reduce paperwork for drivers and office staff
  • Save time and money spent on office administration
  • Minimize the risk of errors with automated tracking