Is TrackoBit a Productivity-booster for All Fleet-dependent Businesses?

Is TrackoBit a Productivity-booster for All Fleet-dependent Businesses?

As long as your business needs vehicles to run any aspect of operations, you should use TrackoBit. It will help you increase productivity, efficiency, profitability, and visibility.

Regardless of the trade you are in if you want your business to stay relevant, using technical aid is inevitable. 

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

John Chambers, Cisco

In the current technological environment, the only way to make your business future-proof and profitable is by leaving mundane manual operations to software. 

A lot of current businesses in some way or another involve vehicles. These vehicles are either used for consignment transportation, developing public networks, delivering goods, conducting heavy tasks with specialised vehicles, or even adding supervision to the area. And for all businesses using vehicles, the right software choice is TrackoBit!

How Good and What Kind of Software is TrackoBit? 

We’re not making any tall claims here. TrackoBit really has been a powerful enough business addition to help boost profits by 35% while making decision-making 2x faster. This capability has proven the fleet management software’s mettle and has gained the trust of over 1,20,000 vehicles in 15+ countries!

TrackoBit is a great option if you are in a business that in any capacity needs commercial vehicles to complete any size of operations. 


Because TrackoBit is a Fleet Management Software, specializing in tracking and managing commercial vehicles, their productivity, and safety. It is often fashioned as India’s fastest-growing telematics software because of the rapidity with which it has captured the global market with its accurate and powerful geospatial analysis. 

Here are a couple of the most prominent solutions that TrackoBit offers to commercial fleets:

So now, are you wondering if your business can benefit from (or needs) TrackoBit? 

Chances are that the answer is yes, but continue reading to know for sure!

TrackoBit Aids Your Vehicle-based Business Through

Do You Need Fleet Management Software To Boost Your Business? 

As long as you need commercial vehicles for business operations, you need fleet management software systems. However, here are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself to know for sure.

What Kind of Vehicles Does Your Business Use? 

Are you using multiple vehicles to help your employees commute better? Or are you using commercial vehicles to deliver products and services? Or are you using vehicles in mining sites to extract coal?

No matter what kind of vehicles you’re using, as long as they are commercial vehicles used for commercial purposes, you need fleet management software!

How Important Is The Fleet Function In Your Business? 

Are fleet functions extremely important for your business? Or are they something that you do on the side? 

If the fleet part of your business takes up even 20-30% of your total business operational costs, you need fleet management software to optimise and manage things. Any kind of commercial vehicle dependency calls for aid from telematics software!

Does Your Business Function In Any of the Following Industries? 

No worries if it is difficult to explain how important vehicles are for your business! If your business uses a fleet for any of the following industries, you need fleet management software like TrackoBit! 

  • Logistics and Transport
  • Construction and Mining
  • Agriculture 
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • FMCG 
  • Public Transport 
  • Rental Vehicles 
  • Waste Management 
  • Security Services

How Many Vehicles Does Your Business Use? 

If you’re using only under 5 vehicles in your business, then you might not need fleet management solutions on an urgent basis. However, any more vehicles than that and software aid become paramount! After all, the bigger the size of your fleet, the more difficult it becomes to handle their data, right?

How Fleet Management Software Boost All Fleet-centric Industries

Regardless of the trade you are in, using technical aid is inevitable, and you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. After all, using software is a time, effort, and monetary investment, and no investment is better than a wrong investment, right?

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”
–  George Westerman, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy

In this section, we will discuss how the technical aid, solutions, and automation offered by TrackoBit allow you to boost business operations for a plethora of industries!

Logistics and Transport

The logistics sector is one of the largest contributors to the world’s GDP. 

It faces its fair share of challenges, including the management of complicated operations, astronomical expenses, and unlimited opportunities for fraud and theft. The trucking industry for logistics is highly competitive due to its tight profit margins. 

Fleet management solutions streamline operations, optimise company processes, and increase profit margins.

Some elements of a TrackoBit that will help keep your Logistics business stay profitable are: 

  • Route Monitoring Solutions: Managers can plan and manage the best routes that are the most efficient in terms of time and fuel consumption and safety. They can also add as many waypoints as possible in one trip to reduce unnecessary to and fro. 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Whether the tyre pressure is falling or the engine is overheating, the system will be able to provide a notification and cumulative reports right away. You can then maintain your fleet better and reduce operational costs and avoid accidents. 
  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring: A single mistake by the driver can result in significant losses for the owner. That is why, especially with sensitive cargo, driver vigilance is critical. Managers are immediately notified when a driver accelerates, corners sharply, abruptly brakes, overspends, or idles.
  • Security: The battery disconnection warning saves the owner from loss through quick alerts. TrackoBit also offers eLocks for consignment safety, immobilisation and parking alarms for vehicle safety, SOS alarms for driver safety, and much more. 
  • Video Telematics Solutions: Large commercial trucks are often at the receiving end of backlash due to their involvement in road crashes. Video telematics solutions help reduce accidents and insurance claims by providing proof of the driver’s innocence.
  • Real-time ETA and PODs: Customers and managers receive real-time ETAs while the vehicle is on the road. Everyone also gets automated PODs through the software.

What is Route Planning in Logistics

Construction and Mining

It is typically challenging for managers to physically be present at all times in mining or construction sites. Therefore, fleet management software helps simplify supervision.

TrackoBit helps you locate your assets in a matter of seconds even in deep mining sites. We provide comprehensive fleet management services for your hard-working equipment. Get ahead of emergency situations, customer issues, and rising maintenance expenses. 

Telematics data collected by fleet management software might assist you in identifying issues before they escalate with the following tools: 

  • Real-time Tracking: Managers can track their equipment in real time by using GPS tracking software. It enables them to keep order simultaneously across multiple sites. Moreover, they can also track vehicles in unreachable mining sites seamlessly. 
  • Route Planning Solutions: Managers can build custom routes even where Google maps are not available. The solution is so accurate that even slight deviations are instantly reported to the concerned people. 
  • Geofencing: A geofence can be used to mark all potentially hazardous routes or areas, protecting the vehicle. Regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional, the managers are notified whenever a vehicle enters this area. If the field is turned into a geofence, they cannot leave it without a justification, minimizing theft.
  • Servicing and Maintenance: Vehicles in construction and mining sites often run 24×7. That much usage can cause wear and tear. To ensure that vehicles stay in excellent condition, managers can establish reminders for vehicle inspections. 
  • Video Telematics: Managers get to see what exactly is going on in the mining field or construction site, regardless of how remote the area is. 
  • Fuel Monitoring Solutions: Every drop counts on a mining and construction site. Therefore, you need to see consumption reports and well as idling reports to see if your massive fuel-guzzling vehicles consume more fuel than required due to fixable issues.

Medical and Healthcare

Medical equipment can be delicate and susceptible to contamination and deterioration. Transporting them with precision is our forte. 

TrackoBit improves people’s lives with healthcare with the timely and safe delivery of medical supplies. We innovate and develop novel technologies to make medications readily accessible to all. The better the country’s medical transportation, the better its healthcare system!

Here are some fleet management tools that ensure that TrackoBit leaves no error in executing operations for such a sensitive industry: 

  • Route Management Solutions: Designing a route is important since emergency vehicles need to take the shortest and quickest path possible. The driver will have more time if they have an idea of areas with heavy traffic. In case of pharmaceutical transportation, the planned routes need to be the most fuel efficient. 
  • Cold-chain Monitoring: Its challenging to transport medications and vaccines that must be kept at low temperatures. TrackoBit offers total sensor integration that can make it easier for managers to maintain the reefer temperature. They also get alerts for instances of heavy fluctuations. 
  • Driving Behaviour Monitoring: Medical professionals must be mindful of their driving behaviours. Through driving behavior monitoring tools, TrackoBit ensures that safety procedures are followed while moving patients, equipment, or medications. 
  • Video Telematics Solutions: Medical fleets are extremely sensitive and hence extra driver supervision and aids are helpful through AI-powered DMS and ADAS. Managers whenever the drivers are unattentive or whenever a collision is about to happen to save their vehicle from the worst. 
  • Real-time Tracking: With tools like dynamic ETA, choosing a vehicle for emergency transportation is made simpler. You’ll know when the absence will arrive at its destination, and you can reassure the patient accordingly. Moreover, emergency centers can prepare for an incoming patient according to the ambulance’s ETA.


The agricultural sector holds up major world economies, but it comes with huge challenges, all catered to through TrackoBit’s cutting-edge fleet management solutions. We help make smart farming possible by simplifying the process of retrieving insightful telematics data at any time and from any location.

Fleet management solutions introduce automation, visibility, and accuracy to the agricultural sector to avoid inconsistencies.

Here is where fleet management software brings benefits to the agricultural industry: 

  • Data Accuracy: Maximum data accuracy allows you to calculate the precise tiled area of your field, which is impossible to do by hand. TrackoBit’s concave hull approach can be used for maximum agricultural field data collection. 
  • Geofencing: You can use a geofence to mark all of the fields that are off-limits and areas where livestock graze. This makes sure that the vehicles don’t enter these clearly indicated areas and cause disturbance or put the animals in risk.
  • Fuel Monitoring Solutions: Vehicle idling is rampant in the agricultural sector. Precise fuel monitoring solutions can help managers see how fuel is being consumed in their fleet and the ways they can cut down on idling and overall fuel consumption. 
  • Informative Reports: With informative reports, you can ensure that all vehicles are operating at their best of capabilities. Managers can check every aspect of the fleet from a nifty software.

Public Transportation

Managing a fleet of cars for public transit is sensitive and complicated. After all, these vehicles do not transport replaceable cargo, but rather people.

The majority of individuals utilize public transit to save time and money while ensuring road safety. Hence, safety and resource optimization are of the utmost significance when managing a fleet of public transit vehicles, something that only TrackoBit can help them do. 

Here are a couple of ways TrackoBit increases safety and reduces operational costs for a fleet in the public transportation industry:

  • Route Planning System: With so many vehicles on the road, route planning systems can help fleet managers make sure that no stops are inadvertently missed. It makes sure that the paths of any two vehicles never cross.
  • Driver Data Organization: Manually maintaining a list of trained and licensed drivers is complex. But it is a required activity for a job with such tremendous responsibility. The software enables you to keep track of and add driver documentation in one location.
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring: Since the lives and safety of so many people depend on public transportation, drivers need to be at their best driving practices. Managers can get notified whenever their drivers resort to unhealthy driving practices and can even check their performance through reports. 
  • Security Measures: TrackoBit comes with vehicle safety measures such as immobilization, parking alarms, and SOS alarms. Moreover, advanced fleets can even make use of video telematics’ DMS and ADAS to increase road safety.


The Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) transportation businesses need to focus on quick deliveries of perishable goods. TrackoBit provides a full monitoring solution for temperature, route, fuel, safety, and more. It is a comprehensive fleet management system with excellent telematics control, much beyond a simple GPS tracking device.

TrackoBit helps managers to make smart, real-time decisions and contributes to profitable businesses. 

If you’re looking for tailored solutions with an emphasis on certain tools, you need to choose TrackoBit with all its following features: 

  • Route Planning Solutions: Managers get to choose routes not only according to efficiency but also according to the required sequence as per which customer has the biggest order or the quickly perishing order. 
  • Fuel monitoring System: Monitoring fuel consumption and obviating pilferage with the help of real-time fuel charts and supervision will help you boost profits exponentially. 
  • Cold-chain Monitoring: FMCG products, especially milk, must be transported at a specified temperature to prevent spoilage. This issue can be solved by installing cabin thermometers and connecting them to the software. It enables managers to remotely regulate the temperature of the vehicles.
  • Driving Behaviour Management: In this profession, there is a lot of pressure on drivers to finish jobs fast, which can lead to irresponsible driving habits. By maintaining regular oversight of their driving, managers can protect the drivers from the possibility of accidents.
  • Dynamic ETAs: The fleet management software’s ETA and POD features aid managers in determining whether deliveries can be made before they go bad. POD provides an additional delivery assurance and prevents the possibility of product theft.

Transporting Baked and Dairy Goods Efficiently Using Fleet Management Software

Rental Vehicles

When the majority of your fleet works without designated drivers, vehicle management becomes challenging. In vehicle rental firms, you need to make your fleets theft-proof and vehicles absolutely top-notch, something that TrackoBit can help you do. 

Our fleet management software can assist in the protection of your company’s assets and the generation of correct invoices. You can boost any car rental business model with our software’s data-driven and comprehensive solutions such as:

  • Real-time Tracking: While your trusted driver isn’t behind the wheel, it’s important to know the rental car’s exact location. This eliminates the possibility of auto theft. 
  • Geofencing: Managers can mark in-bound areas or the ones that are unsafe. Therefore, whenever the vehicle enters or exits any such marked area, the rental vehicle’s manager will know. 
  • Servicing and Maintenance: For potential renters to exhibit interest in a car, it must be in top condition. This is when the feature is useful. It notifies the management of any pending car inspections or licenses.
  • Management of Invoices: By tracking fuel use and vehicle damage, managers can keep track of all expenditures. These expenses will be included in the final bill and paid by the tenant.
  • SOS Button: The driver’s and the vehicle’s safety is guaranteed by this panic button. This functions in the event of emergencies like accidents, malfunctions, or safety violations. The driver can notify the manager and request that they provide assistance right away.

Waste Management 

Effective waste management is required for a clean and inhabitable neighbourhood. Controlling a fleet centered on waste is much more crucial for process optimization. Efficient waste management involves the timely collection, secure handling, and organised disposal of waste. 

Our advanced software enables effortless operational planning to boost the profits and efficiency of your business. TrackoBit can help ensure that you are following all compliances and making the city cleaner and healthier with the following tools: 

  • Route Planning: With the help of this tool, managers can plan a route that passes by each bin in the area that needs garbage collection. As a result, route overlapping is prevented. 
  • Gepfences: With the system’s geofence feature, no bin is left unattended along the path. After all, no bin should be left unattended, right? 
  • Load Sensors: The software is integrated with sensors to know when bins are filled. The management can then add it in the route each time the garbage has to be emptied. The vehicles can also be equipped with load sensors to track how much weight they are pulling. Unhealthy vehicle overloading might result in high fuel usage.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The management can view the cars’ current locations. In the event of an emergency, such as overflowing trash bins, the closest available truck is dispatched.

Security Services

No city can be as safe as they are at all hours without state security services. Consistent patrolling and maximum supervision in sensitive areas is something that is paramount for this industry. 

TrackoBit brings peaceful sleep to citizens by automating several processes for the security forces of cities. After all, the right tools bring the right benefits to every industry. 

Here are a couple of features that make security fleet supervision and management easier: 

  • Real-time Tracking: Real-time vehicle tracking allows concerned authorities to see where each patrolling vehicle is. This allows making sending personnel for emergency tasks much easier. 
  • Route Planning Solutions: The patrolling routes need to be set according to each area’s supervision priority. Route planning can also keep in mind the prime time to visit sites. 
  • Report Automation: The concerned authorities do not have to sit with heaps of data and analyse them. Instead, TrackoBit will offer the exact information they need, such as vehicles that didn’t meet the patrolling requirements, or vehicles in the most dangerous areas, etc. 
  • Video Telematics System: By installing dashcams in each vehicle, authorities can even see live or historical footage of each site from the vehicles’ POV. 
  • Safety Measures: Since the vehicles and personnel involved in security services are susceptible to attacks, security features such as immobilization alerts and complete vehicle diagnostics help a lot.

One Software Multiple Industries

Why is TrackoBit Universally Adaptable? 

Sure, fleet management software in general can provide almost all of the solutions and features mentioned in the previous section. TrackoBit is not the only fleet management software out there, after all. 

Still, regardless of the competition, TrackoBit stands out as the leading software in its segment of fleet management software systems. It is that one solution that any business can use, regardless of the use cases it needs. 


Because TrackoBit specialises in the following things:

  • White-label Solutions: TrackoBit is a white label fleet management software that allows businesses to use it under their own branding. Therefore, if the business needs TrackoBit for external coordination as well, nobody needs to know who the developer is. Your business remains your own. 
  • Solution-oriented Approach:  You might find multiple software that will show you how your problems are unique and cannot be solved. However, TrackoBit is built by a team of solution-oriented professionals who believe that every problem can be solved, you just need to put rough thought into it. 
  • Customisable Features: TrackoBit is built with the concept of customizability and automation as its core values. Our team listens to your business requirements and builds tools and solutions that can solve your specific needs. One software, many solutions! 
  • Best Data Accuracy: Another reason why TrackoBit is a crowd favourite in the fleet management industry is its hold on geospatial data. The software offers 99.9% locational data accuracy and comes with zero downtime, allowing seamless and continuous data transfer. 

TrackoBit Can Be Your Fleet’s Best Buddy! 

There you have it! A whole lot of reasons why any fleet-run business needs TrackoBit to increase profitability and efficiency of operations! 

TrackoBit, with all its solutions and virtues, is the best way to manage your fleet and make it stand out against the competition. So what are you waiting for? TrackoBit is ready to be friends with your fleet, and so should you be! 

Reach out to us at or contact us on our website to get your free demo now! 

Is TrackoBit a Productivity-booster for All Fleet-dependent Businesses?

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