Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

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Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Paving the way for greener fleets
and cleaner fleet management!

While the world and the automotive industry are fastening
their belts for the EV revolution, how we as vehicle-tracking
software providers could stay aloof? This led to the genesis
of EV fleet management software by TrackoBit. It offers
everything that conventional fleet management software
has, plus BMS and an EV dashboard.

How EV is Revolutionizing The Fleet Business

Battery Management System

What fuel monitoring system is to ICE vehicles, BMS is to EVs. The battery management system is an integral part of Electric Vehicle Fleet Management solution. Its monitoring, variables, and analysis are different from that of mainstream fleet monitoring solutions.

Anatomy of EV Fleet Management System
Battery Management System
  • Battery Health Monitoring

    Our software keeps a close tab on the batteries’ State of Health(SOH) and sends an alert if they are in bad health. Deteriorating battery range, rising expense, and a few more factors determine the SOH.

  • Real-time SOC

    Riders and managers, both get the real-time status of the charge. The data on SOC for each vehicle is archived. The software notifies the manager and the rider, every time the battery hits the threshold.

  • Smart Battery Balancing

    Automatic battery balancing offered by TrackoMile ensures equal distribution of charging and discharging load amongst all the battery cells. It helps in improving the life, health, and range of the battery.

  • Live Voltage Tracking

    Similar to the SOC and SOH of the battery, voltage is another crucial variable. It controls the ill effects of overcharging and undercharging of the battery on vehicles. Hence, improving their lifecycle.

Highlights of EV Fleet Management Solutions by TrackoBit

What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much we offer beyond and in addition to this. Explore our Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software!

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Nearby Charging Hub

Insights and Reports

Route Planning

Maintenance Alerts

Driving behaviour directly impacts the battery life, hence, offering
complete driving behaviour monitoring.

Driver Behaviour Analysis

The software directs the driver to the nearest charging station with
respect to the current location of the vehicle.

Nearby Charging Hub

Get in-depth insights into EV fleet operations. Historical data is
available in the form of reports and charts.

Insights and Reports

Automatic route planning, dispatch management, and route optimisation
to transform your last-mile deliveries.

Route Planning

Get automatic maintenance reminders and never miss vehicle
servicing or battery servicing dates.

Maintenance Alerts

Unlocking Electric Vehicle Safety

TrackoBit is that knight who would never leave your vehicles in distress.

Unlocking Electric Vehicle Safety
  • Automatic Parking Alerts

    Your drivers may leave the EV on charging at a station or park overnight when off duty without worrying as our vigilant software alerts you when the safety is compromised.

  • Unauthorised Battery Disconnection

    Battery disconnection is a common practice with electric vehicles, so how to detect an unauthorised battery disconnection? TrackoBit has solved the dilemma and triggers an alarm every time it happens.

TrackoBit: Electrifying Your Fleet

Experience the TrackoBit Difference!

  • Enhanced Vehicle Range

    The concept of vehicle average works the same in EVs as it works in ICE vehicles. Get the real-time vehicle range in terms of distance and time with respect to the charge remaining.

  • Lesser Downtime

    On-time maintenance alerts, battery swapping alerts, driving behaviour analysis, and real-time vehicle insights help vehicles stay in the pink of health, resulting in reduced downtime.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Get in-depth analytics on each aspect of the fleet - trips, vehicles, routes and more. TrackoBit offers you both, historical and predictive analysis. Get tabular as well as graphical views.

Fleet Management Software for ICE Vehicles

TrackoBit for ICE is only different where a fuel monitoring solution is involved. Do you wish to
have a hybrid fleet? You do not want to go all green? No problem! TarckoBit allows easy
integration with a hybrid fleet wherein a few vehicles are electric and some are
running on internal combustible engines.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • Do all my vehicles need to be electric to integrate with EV fleet management software?

    No, TrackoBit does not have a separate software or interface for EV vehicles. We have highly flexible software that integrates with all types of GPS Tracking Devices be it external, OBD, or in-built trackers. Our software is equally smooth with the BMS as it is with fuel calibration. You get separate cards in addition to the existing analytical panels on the dashboard.

  • How is fleet management software for ICE vehicles different from one for EVs?

    The only additional aspect involved in the EVs is the BMS integration and battery-related tracking. Otherwise, everything else is similar be it route planning, trip management, driving behaviour analysis or delivery management. For this one particular and most crucial aspect, OBD integration becomes a must.

  • How do I choose the right EV fleet management software?

    Not every fleet management software provider is the right fit for your EV fleet. However, any fleet management software that offers a good number of fleet monitoring solutions with top-notch accuracy shall be given priority over the ones that offer compromised reports. Before shortlisting a few Electric Vehicle fleet management software providers, make sure you ask for a thorough demonstration of the EV solutions.

    Compare all the software providers you shortlisted - solutions they offer, the UI/UX of the software, accuracy of data, quality of reports, and ease of integration. Whichever software ticks green on all points, that’s the software for you.

  • Can I start by adding a few electric vehicles to my existing fleet and continue the current fleet management software by TrackoBit?

    Yes! All you need to do is get in touch with our support team to calibrate and integrate the EVs with TrackoBit and voila! You are good to go. However, you need to guarantee a minimum number that our SLA would include.

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