Rental Vehicle Tracking Software Rental Vehicle Tracking Software Rental Vehicle Tracking Software Rental Vehicle Tracking Software
Rental Vehicle Tracking Software

Rental Fleet Management Software

Manage Your Rental Vehicles Smartly

Safeguard your rental vehicles against theft and damage and improve your baseline with our fleet management solutions.

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waste management tracking software
waste management tracking software

Upgrade Your Rental Business Through Data-Driven Software

When most of your fleet operates without your designated drivers, it gets difficult to manage your vehicles. After all fuel consumption and route optimization go out of the window and theft risks increase exponentially in rental businesses.

Rental vehicles require special safety features and maintenance schedules for fleet optimization. Our fleet management software can help safeguard your business assets and generate accurate payslips.

Through our software, you can strengthen any rental business model – whether you rent chauffeured or non-chauffeured cars. Understand your vehicle’s performance and generate higher revenues with our data-driven and comprehensive fleet management solutions.

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

What You Get

The ability to rent your vehicles and not worry about safety, engine health, expenses, and client payments

Smart Alarms and Alerts

In case your vehicle is being stolen or is outside of designated areas, you will get immediate alarms. Any overspeeding, rash driving, or accidents will also send instant alerts for you to take timely action against.

All-in-one Solution

Automatic Invoices

According to the distance and time the vehicle is used during the rental period, accurate invoices are generated. Neither you nor your clients have to calculate prices manually when invoicing is done automatically through fuel and odometer readings.

All-in-one Solution

Comprehensive Reports

All your vehicles’ performance data collected through OBD sensors is in our software. You can view it in the form of comprehensible and actionable reports. Understand vehicle performance, expenses, and demands to fix rental costs accordingly.

All-in-one Solution

Maintenance Schedules

Optimize your vehicles’ performance by keeping them well-maintained. Vehicles in good shape consume the least resources and hence, generate higher revenue for rental businesses. Our software also sends alerts when a vehicle is underperforming.

All-in-one Solution

What You Get

A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Better Invoices

Real-time Tracking

Track each trip independently to generate better invoices for each client. You can track the fuel consumed and the route followed for higher accuracy.

Data Storage

Real-time Tracking

Drivers’ information as well as each vehicle’s travel history is safely stored in our portal. You can review them when needed or use them to strategize effectively.


Real-time Tracking

In case of theft, stop the vehicle right on its tracks. This way, you can prevent your stolen vehicle from getting lost and recover it immediately.

SOS Button

Real-time Tracking

Your clients and passengers can use the panic button to notify you in case of accidents, breakdowns, or breaches of safety. Send help immediately for maximum security.

Fuel Rates

Real-time Tracking

You can check fuel rates in each state on our software. This allows you to guide your client into getting the tank filled from where it is the cheapest.


Real-time Tracking

Geofences can allow you to generate restricted areas for rental cars. Therefore, if your client takes a vehicle somewhere out of reach, you will be notified immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Does your software offer solutions for only rented cars or also for rented cars with drivers?

    Whether your business operated chauffeured or non-chauffeured cars or both, TrackoBit will come to your aid. Through our smart driver behavior analysis features, you can store information and track each of your drivers’ performance. However, non-chauffeured cars can be tracked for safety and vehicle surveillance. Our payslip system will remain the same regardless of the drivers’ presence. The payslip will include drivers’ fees and generate the amount appropriate according to trip expense.

  • How do my clients benefit from your fleet management software?

    TrackoBit is not only designed to make your business more profitable but also more client-oriented. Therefore, even though our software might not be directly available to your clients, they will reap the following benefits by using your rental cars powered by our software: Easily Trackable: Your clients need not be scared for their safety since their cars are always under surveillance. Wherever they are and whatever help they might need, you can always get to their rescue. Safety: Features such as the SOS button and panic alarm for chauffeured cars and emergency alerts along with immobility for non-chauffeured cars help. Through these features, your clients can know that help and safety are only a minute away. Easy Payslips: Our software generates smart payslips at the end of their rental time or distance. This allows clients to pay only for the duration and distance for which they used the car.

  • Can your software help reduce fuel expenses for my business?

    Since the way people drive their cars is not under control, there is not much you can do to save fuel costs. However, TrackoBit makes the following efforts to reduce your fuel expenditure: Fuel Pricing: This allows you to inform clients about where to get fuel filled from economically. Regular Maintenance: The better your car is maintained, the less fuel it will consume. Therefore, through proper maintenance schedules, your vehicles are less likely to consume extra fuel.

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