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  • Automate the dispatching process.
  • Optimise delivery schedules.
  • Simplify logistics to excel in the last mile.

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On-board Intelligent Dispatch Management System

Manual to Automation! With smart dispatching, turn your last mile into the auto-profit-making mill.
Reduce scheduling delays, optimise routes, cut costs & keep customers happy.

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Automated Dispatch Management System

One Platform, Countless Features

Trust our experts for tailor-made dispatch management service
software integrated with rich algorithms, custom functionality, and editable modules — as you like.

  • Advanced Dispatcher Dashboard

    Allocate Tasks (in Minutes)

    Avoid allocation time & headaches! Within a few minutes, plan dispatch operations for multiple delivery channels. Fearing unexpected orders? Don’t worry, the system will reschedule the process without your intervention.

    • Plan 1000s of deliveries in a jiffy
    • Meet complex last-minute/ad-hoc tasks
    • Drag and drop stop sequencing
    Advanced Dispatcher Dashboard
  • Optimal Resource Allocation

    Optimal Resource Allocation

    Capacity Management

    Trust our robust rule engine to find the suitable carrier and rider match based on 50+ rules like vehicle capacity, distance, driver skill, proximity, and more. Match the right resources with our powerful suite of dispatching tools.

    • Automated task scheduling
    • Instant rider and carrier scheduling
    • EV friendly (BMS) software
  • Live Tracking

    Delivery Tracking (Trace Every Dispatch)

    Enjoy the real-time locational tracking feature in our dispatch management software. Get an eagle-eye view of your tasks, riders, or deliveries in action. Stay vigilant about every moving phase of your last-mile operation.

    • Track riders’ schedules & rosters
    • Trace every vehicle assigned
    • Timely treat factors causing delays
    Live Tracking
  • Routing Management

    Routing Management

    Route Optimisation

    With our advanced dispatch software, you do not just optimise dispatching but delivery routes too. Find the most efficient routes to minimise ETAs, fuel costs, and delivery drivers’ fatigue. Assign practical, economical, and optimal paths.

    • Routing algorithms with 120+ variables
    • Dynamically arranged addresses
    • Last minute routing updates
  • Analytical Dashboards

    Data-Driven Reports

    Trust nothing but data! Get insightful reports of every event in the last mile – from scheduling to routing. Find and solve inefficiencies blocking last-mile fulfilment in a timely manner. Access daily to quarterly reports through an intuitive dashboard.

    • Precise dispatching analytics
    • Rider, carrier, and routing reports
    • Real-time locational analytics
    Analytical Dashboards

Choose Rider Apps…

For Seamless Delivery Assigning!

Complete last-mile delivery optimisation is impossible without the rider app. It allows order acceptance and barcode scanning, offers a dashboard with performance insights, and a lot more, without which real-time visibility is out of the question.

  • Multiple digital delivery proofs
  • In-built chat for dispatcher-rider communication
  • Seamless attendance mark in/out
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Automate Last Mile Scheduling & Dispatching…

with TrackoMile

Let’s build you a flexible platform where you can fearlessly manage and optimize
the dispatching process without delays and disappointments!

  • Unmatched Efficiency

    No gaps & delays! With smart scheduling and optimised routing, turbocharge deliveries and service appointments.

  • Timely Track & React

    Monitor the process in real-time, build better coordination between resources, and still have room to respond to last-minute changes/emergencies.

  • Long-term Customers

    With quick & precise scheduling, speed up dispatching to see how happy and long-term customers look like.

  • Save Dollars

    You are one decision away from saving overheads around delayed deliveries, fuel, vehicle malfunction, and overtime costs.

  • Optimal Utilization

    You sit back! Let software assign the right personnel to the right vehicles to optimise resource allocation!

  • Data-led Decisions

    Trust data only! Access analytical reports underlining scheduling, routing, and allocation inefficiencies. Act before it’s too late.

Smooth Delivery Dispatch

Achieve in a Few Steps!

Leave the multi-tasking to our dispatch management software! Let our algorithms take the
lead and plan, schedule, sequence, and match the best delivery resources and routes.

Smooth Delivery Dispatch
  • Automated Task List Generation
  • Work Order Planning & Scheduling
  • Matching Order Requests with Best Riders
  • Assigning Right Delivery Executives
  • Real-time Delivery Tracking & Tracing
  • Delivery Management, ePOD sharing

Your Delivery Workflow
Needs Digital Touch

Become a good dispatcher who acts fast, coordinates every process, and assigns delivery drivers without delays.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is dispatch management?

    Dispatch management is an automated process of coordinating delivery resources, assigning tasks, and optimising schedules to lead to on-time last-mile fulfillment.

  • Why is dispatch management important?

    Dispatch management helps optimise and streamline the hassle-led task of manual planning, assigning, and scheduling delivery resources.

  • How can dispatch management improve profit margins?

    The last mile delivery is the most expensive process and eats up almost 50% of the shipping costs. That means this phase has a huge scope to cut significant costs lying in the last leg of the supply chain. Giving opportunity to increase take-home profits. Automating this process with advanced dispatch management software can significantly help:
    - Digitise order scheduling and assignment.
    - Plan ahead cost-efficient routes.
    - Cut extra steps, and miles, save on fuel spending and other operational overheads.

    All the above significantly helps plan efficient routes to reduce extra costs while adding highly to profit margins.

  • Why trust TrackoMile for dispatch management solutions?

    TrackoMile offers a comprehensive dispatching tool, easily customisable, integrative, and scalable according to every unique last-mile business. Following are some state-of-the-art solutions suites, removing the need to consult multiple apps:
    - Quick scheduling of appointments or deliveries.
    - Automated vehicle assignment to delivery employees.
    - Optimized route scheduling by factoring distance, priorities, deadlines & more.
    - Task list assignment to drivers over the rider app.
    - Effortless management of drivers, carriers, and vehicles.
    - In-built chat feature for quick communication between dispatchers and drivers.
    - Access to daily, weekly, quarterly, and monthly analytical reports.

    Get a free demo to learn how you can simplify dispatch management process!

  • What is dispatch management software?

    A dispatch management software is an application that helps automate the process right from order planning and scheduling to final dispatching over effective routes.

  • How can you improve dispatch management?

    To improve dispatch management, the use of advanced, automated dispatch management software is highly recommended. Believe it or not, it will simplify and digitise the process of:
    - Planning delivery tasks.
    - Assigning order requests to the right vehicle and delivery staff.
    - Rescheduling the dispatch in case of last-minute changes or ad hoc orders.
    - Tracking, tracing, and monitoring every phase of the last mile.
    - Scheduling tasks with optimised routes.

  • Which industries need dispatch management software?

    Any emerging to established D2C model, quick commerce or even hyperlocal businesses can make the best of both worlds from the automated dispatch management software.

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