Advanced Driver Assistance System

Extra Supervision for Extra Special Assets

What’s ADAS?
Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System Advanced Driver Assistance System
What’s ADAS?

See Not Just Your Fleet,
But Also Its Surroundings

Your vehicle’s safety is both our utmost priority and
challenge. We face them head-on with Advanced
Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS)
. These systems can
help your fleet cover the trip to zero-accident mobility by
completely eliminating human error. Our system’s eyes
are open on all sides of the vehicle, allowing you to
manage insurance claims and the fleet.

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ADAS Fleet Management
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  • What We Offer

    ADAS Software Sees What Your
    Drivers Cannot

    View your vehicle from all angles and get notified whenever the
    system recognises any anomaly or dangerous situation. You don't
    have to always see to know that your fleet is being seen properly.

  • Video Supervision

    You get to see whatever is happening outside your fleet without any blinks. Be it a fast-appearing vehicle that might collide with yours while switching lanes or your driver overspeeding dangerously, you’ll see it all.

  • Visual Alerts

    Whenever the system gets triggered by any unsafe event, you’ll receive a video proof and understanding of what’s going on. The system can even trigger alarms for the driver to keep them safe and on the fence.

  • Analytical Reports

    You can see how safely your fleet is driven with visual proofs. Getting insurance and claims is simpler when you have so much data to show. Track and analyze both - your fleet’s activities and safety measures.

ADAS leaves

No Danger Invisible
Because Drivers Might Make Mistakes, But We Cannot

You can leave your fleet’s security in our hands as we leave nothing unwatched so
that your vehicles remain untouched by accidents.

ADAS leaves
  • Forward Collision Alert

    Anytime your vehicle is about to hit someone’s back, we’ve got your back.

  • Rear Collision Alert

    We watch your back to ensure that your vehicle don’t face rear collisions.

  • Side Collision Alert

    See who was at fault when your vehicle collided with something on the side.

  • Signal Violation

    We don’t condone violations, be they traffic signals, fleet policies, or your trust!

  • Lane Switch Alert

    Switch from other fleet management systems to us and any unauthorised lane switches don't go unnoticed.

  • Overspeeding

    Switch from other FMS to us and notice all unauthorised lane switches

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Welcomes All

Our ADAS Software works on video telematics solutions that can integrate and support any hardware from the biggest to the smallest GPS tracker manufacturers in the world.

  • 500+ devices/sensors integrated
  • Direct and indirect pressure monitoring
  • Technical troubleshooting via SMSs
  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking Devices
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What You Get

Vehicle Safety Like Never Before

And V2I supervision like never before. Our ADAS Systems with video telematics systems help
your fleet in not just one way but many.

  • Complete Asset Safety

    Your vehicles, drivers, and consignments will always be safe when you know every mishappening is promptly alerted for.

  • Better Driver Feedback

    Drivers get precise and directed feedback with visual evidence of right
    or wrong driving practices.

  • Top-notch Goodwill

    We can prove that some accidents are not your driver’s fault. Fleets with extra safety get extra brownie points.

ADAS Is Made To Help Drivers ADAS Is Made To Help Drivers

From Combating False Blames to
Eliminating Human Errors

ADAS Is Made To Help Drivers

  • Get visual proof of who was at fault in an accident
  • Commercial fleet drivers will be saved from false blames
  • Drivers have surroundings’ awareness even in low visibility
  • Train drivers better with the visual cues you see through ADAS
  • Use proximity sensors to alert drivers about V2X connectivity
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Go the Extra Mile With

Complete Fleet Management Solutions

That Ensure Safety, Efficiency, and Profitability

Don't always have the time to view videos about your fleet? Improve fleet safety
and surveillance through digital telematics solutions that help you achieve
smooth and well-organised fleets in no time.

ADAS Fleet Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question related to Advanced Driver Assistance System? Find some answers here. If you want more information, contact us.

  • What is Advanced Driver Assistance System?

    In layman's terms, an advanced driver assistance system is making use of modern technology and hardware to keep visual tabs on the fleet’s surroundings. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems primarily work with video telematics and aim to help the drivers by establishing V2I, V2V, and V2X communication.

    Therefore, it is the real-time visual tracking of the vehicle’s surroundings and helps drivers by giving them:

    - Forward collision alerts

    - Rear collision alerts

    - Side collision alerts

    - Overspeeding alerts

    - Signal violation alerts

    - Lane switching warnings

  • What is the difference between Driving Behaviour Management and DMS, ADAS?

    Driving behaviour monitoring or management is a comprehensive understanding of how your drivers are driving your vehicles. These things include tracking idling, harsh braking, acceleration, braking, etc. Driver behaviour management is concerned with their driving skill . It has more to do with GPS tracking systems than with video telematics and AI.

    On the other hand, DMS and ADAS are completely set on video telematics systems. Video telematics sees everything in and around a vehicle, and it is through AI that DMS and ADAS can detect the right triggers and notify the manager.

    Driving behaviour monitoring can make a difference in fleet efficiency. However, DMS and ADAS are mostly concerned about surveillance and safety.
  • Will ADAS work in fog?

    The terms driver behaviour analysis and driver monitoring systems are incorrectly used interchangeably. Here is why: Yes! The best part of having an Advanced Driver Assistance System is that it works even when drivers cannot see ahead. While ADAS mainly works on video telematics technology, through sensors and V2I and V2X connectivity, it is also capable of detecting movements and danger when visibility is low.

    In fact, when visibility is low, drivers should turn on the ADAS system so that they are able to maintain better vehicle and surrounding awareness.

  • Is using ADAS safe, and How effective is it?

    Yes! Using ADAS is absolutely safe. In fact, it will make your fleet safer! As long as your commercial fleet ADAS system does not use ML without driver override system, your vehicle and drivers are absolutely safe.

    ADAS is so effective that with time, it can mitigate about 1.69 million accidents, which are about 60% of total road injuries. With forward, rear, and side collision alerts, ADAS helps you safeguard your fleet, and with video footage, it helps make the drivers safe.

  • Is it necessary to have ADAS integrated with my fleet management system?

    In this fast-paced technological world, we would always suggest that you get the best technology for your business.

    ADAS through video telematics systems allows your vehicles to be much safer, save a lot of expenses, and even have high goodwill due to better productivity rates

    However, if you are only starting with a connected fleet system, you can get away with not using Advanced Driver Assistance Software for a while. After all, it is an expensive and advanced functionality that requires even your business to be at a high-yielding stage.

  • Does ADAS for commercial fleet management use AI, ML, or both?

    ADAS is a complex vehicle management tool that mostly makes use of GPS tracking, telematics systems also, and video telematics hardware loaded with AI.

    It is through AI that ADAS systems are able to detect anomalies and danger and through telematics and cloud integration that those anomalies are reported as alerts on the fleet management software and interlink also. ADAS systems for commercial fleet tracking do not aim to help in self-driving. The only automation these systems aim to do is sending event triggers.

  • Do self-driving vehicles necessarily need ADAS?

    Yes! ADAS is a huge part of self-driving vehicles. In fact, it is one of the biggest features of this module. Just that, unlike commercial fleets, self-driving cars also use ML. Therefore, depending on the automation level of the vehicle, ADAS can be paired with ML to steer the vehicle away from danger and to accelerate and brake according to speed limits and V2X connectivity.

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