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Specialised Truck Tracking
Software for Special Operations

Identify and hammer down the inefficiencies in your trucks from
vehicle health to dispatches. TrackoBit helps manage trucks of all
forms running for industries like logistics, FMCG, agriculture and
more. Add a couple of AIS140-friendly sensors to your trucks and
we’ll give you a complete inner view of how your trucks are
performing and could function better!

Why Track?

What We OfferTruck Management Software For Heavy Fleet

A commercial fleet of trucks is most prone to getting into road accidents. We offer you a truck
tracking software system that helps you prevent accidents and use resources properly.

  • Live Truck Tracking

    Not just one, but all. Not just approximately, but precisely. Stay in touch with where your trucks are in real-time without any glitches.

    Live Truck Tracking System
  • Best Truck Fleet Management Software

    Insightful Dashboard

    Running status, location, fuel level, the route followed, and much more. Look inside your trucks from our insightful and simple dashboard.

  • Driver Monitoring

    Performance score, driving efficiency, and vehicle handling; TrackoBit will help you keep tabs on all your drivers’ all activities.

    Truck Tracking System
  • Fuel Monitoring With Truck Tracking Software

    Fuel Monitoring

    Not just fuel consumption, but fuel pilferage. Not just fuel filling, but also ejection. TrackoBit shows how and where the fuel goes into or out of your fleet.

  • Video Telematics

    Dashcams make TrackoBit help you be omnipresent with your fleet. Detect bad driving behaviour or when the vehicle is about to collide.

    Video Telematics With Truck Management Software
  • Cloud Management In Truck Management System

    Cloud Management

    TrackoBit's Vault stores all your fleet information securely on the cloud. Therefore, with access, all documents and invoices are safe and simple to handle.

Simple and Quick Dispatches With Truck Management System

Managing Operations Requires Less of Your Brain Fuel Now

With complete truck fleet automation systems, you get ETAs, PODs, route management, geofences, alerts, and much more. When all of this comes together, you get to maintain a comprehensive dispatching system. Now, you and your clients get to know invoicing and dispatching details while you can also manage dispatches automatically through the software.

Truck Fleet Management System
Truck Management Software Explore More

Truck Management Software To BeFriends With All Hardware

We’ve built a Truck Tracking Software that can integrate any hardware from the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the world. But if you have a device that doesn’t fit, we’ll integrate it for you!

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Custom Truck Management System

We Don't Just Customise Sales Pitches, But The Entire Software According To Your Needs

If you want your business to stand out, you must do something unique. To do something unique, you need custom truck management software!

Explore More
  • Custom branding

    We’ll cater to all your branding requirement while onboarding your vehicles. We only do business with you, not your clients.

  • Personalised UI/UX

    You need to look at the software all day, so you decide the look and feel of your portal, not us. Your wish is our command.

  • Tailor-made Features

    Special fleets have special requirements, and TrackoBit is flexible enough to find solutions to all problems related to trucks.

What You Get An Easier Way to Monitor Your Trucks

Making truck tracking systems simpler, quicker, and better while
increasing productivity, efficiency, and fleet economy.

  • Accident Prevention

    Functions like video telematics and ADAS help reduce incidents of accidents in a fleet by constant surveillance and AI-powered quick alerts.

  • Maintained Trucks

    Meet vehicle maintenance schedules to the point and keep your trucks healthy for efficient and safer running with automatic service reminders.

  • Consignment Safety

    Ensure safety with dashcams, load sensing, motion detection, and other safety measures installed in your trucks and integrated with our software.

  • Seamless Operations

    Functions like route deviation alerts, dynamic ETAs and multiple PODs simplify and streamline routing and delivery operations for fleet managers.

  • Resource Optimisation

    Know exactly where your resources are being consumed and strategies to reduce waste and optimise resource consumption.

  • Complete Supervision

    Know everything from each nut’s placement to each drop of fuel being consumed in your fleet’s trucks. Never miss a bit with TrackoBit.

It is Not Just L(tr)uck, Its Superior Results

Are you ready to fuel your trucks with the power of proven efficiency?

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    Reduced Fuel

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    Faster Decision

Trucks For All Industries Are Welcome

Wondering if we’ll support your business’ trucking problems? We’ve built
industry-specific solutions for any business that runs through trucks!



Construction and Mining


Waste Management

Your trucks are in good hands with robust truck management software that doesn’t
brake in managing invoices, routes, and vehicle health.

Logistics Truck Management Software

We’ll help you achieve smart farming metrics by maintaining your trucks’ productivity,
location, and health with a serious GPS tracking software.

Truck Management System in Agriculture

Even in untraceable locations, we’ll give you an understanding of where your trucks and
other vehicles are while maintaining 100% productivity.

Construction and Mining Truck fleet Management

All your consignment and trucks will stay on track and your resources will be
consumed reasonably with smart truck management solutions.

Truck Monitoring of FMCG fleets

Our software will help you maintain a clean city with waste management software
that avoids missing waypoints and underutilising vehicles.

Waste Fleet Truck Management

Why Trackobit We’re Here to Supercharge Your Trucking Business

We’re your fleet’s best friend in need and listen to all its requirements and
problems to frame the best solutions possible

  • 24x7 Support

    Your trucks' software support might run out, but our support to get them back on track will never run out. Our support team is always available for you.

  • Flexible System

    If you have any use case in your trucking fleet that we do not solve, we’ll mould our flexible software to cater to your needs, no problem!

  • Maximum Accuracy

    You can blindly trust the data you collect from our software. Our constant monitoring and tracking offer best-in-the-industry data accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have any questions regarding truck management software systems? Don’t worry, we’ve
answered some of the Internet’s most-asked queries here.

  • What is truck management system?

    A truck management system is a holistic software that helps you track, manage, optimise, and utilise your trucks better. With truck management systems, you get solutions such as fuel monitoring, route planning, live tracking, geofences, driver behaviour management, and video telematics to name a few.

  • Is truck management software the same as fleet management software for trucking?

    Every fleet management software can act as truck management software. However, every truck management software cannot be fleet management software. If your business is in an industry where you will not need to track and monitor any vehicles other than trucks, truck management software will work fine for you.

    Both truck tracking software and fleet management software serve similar purposes. Just that fleet management software is optimised to track vehicles other than trucks too.

  • What are some special requirements for trucks from a fleet management software system?

    Most trucks are driven by commercial drivers who might or might not care about your vehicle’s requirements and health. Therefore, the two most important things for truck management software that a random fleet management software can do without are:

    - Driver behaviour monitoring

    - Vehicle maintenance alerts

    With these two solutions, you can ensure that your trucks are in good hands and are well maintained to preserve efficiency.

  • What are the technologies used in truck tracking systems?

    The primary technology that powers truck management software is GPS trackers technology for locational data. Good truck tracking software also leverages telematics, AI, and ML to make features such as video telematics and more possible.

  • Which truck management software should I use for my business?

    If you are relying on software to track your vehicles perfectly, you should definitely choose the best one according to your business requirements. After all, if your business depends on how well trucks are functioning, you wouldn’t want to compromise on their condition, right?

    To choose the best truck management software, you should see if it solves (or can solve) all your fleet requirements. You must also look into the software’s robustness, scalability, and support. TrackoBit is a truck management software that fits all those metrics really well because of its well-backed development and flexibility. You should definitely look into TrackoBit and its compatibility with your business requirements before choosing a truck tracking software.

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