What are Dash Cams?

Dashcams are video cameras that are installed or mounted on either the windscreen or dashboard of any vehicle like trucks, cars, vans, etc. As a part of ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), dashcams help continuously record the view of the road, traffic, the driver’s alertness, or bad driving patterns like cornering.

Benefits of Using Dashcam with Fleet Management System

  • – Driver visibility.
  • – Cost Efficiency.
  • – Reduced Insurance
  • – Easy evidence collection.
  • – Fleet & driver safety

Types of Dashcams TrackoBit’s Fleet Management Software Supports

Single-camera System

Captures and stores only road footage to record any accidents or events like traffic violations. This type comes with inbuilt storage which is expandable via an SD card.

Dual-camera System

Suitable for capturing both road and driver view in one footage. Helpful for vehicle owners requiring surveillance of both road activities and driver behaviour.

Multi-camera System

Suitable when you require 360 surveillance around the vehicle. This multi-camera system turns a traditional dash cam into a full DVR system, showing multidimensional footage from the vehicle’s surroundings in one feed.