DMS (Driver Monitoring System)

What is DMS (Driver Monitoring System)?

DMS (Driver Monitoring System) is a vehicle safety feature that allows managers to have a complete overview of drivers’ activities behind the wheel. This system works with driver-facing dashcams integrated with Video Telematics Systems of Fleet Management Software and is powered by AI.

DMS is concerned with the risky behaviours that drivers engage in while driving. The system detects events such as smoking, drowsiness, driver absence, etc to ensure that the driver’s full attention is on the road.

What Events Can Trigger DMS Alerts?

DMS systems conduct constant video supervision of drivers’ activity in the vehicle. It sends cautionary alerts to managers whenever the driver is:

  • – Drowsy
  • – Yawning
  • – Smoking
  • – Distracted
  • – Absent
  • – Blocking camera

Other than sending alerts, DMS also captures evidential videos of all incidents. This evidence can be used later for better driver training.

How Does DMS Help Drivers?

Regardless of the surveillance, DMS is crucial for drivers because it provides:

  • – Safety in case they are indulging in risky behaviour unknowingly
  • – Context for better future training
  • – Evidence of good driving behaviour
  • – Proof to absolve them of false blames
  • – Evidence of overworking

How Does DMS Improve Fleet Functions?

This system is mostly beneficial to the fleet manager and fleet because it provides:

  • – Cautionary warnings that can avoid road accidents
  • – Reduced insurance premiums
  • – Possibility to weed good drivers from the bad ones
  • – Vehicle and driver visual surveillance