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What TrackoBit Offers

Beyond Fleet Management Solutions

Video Telematics Solutions

Leveling up to provide a safe, secure and comprehensive fleet management system. DMS and ADAS systems come together to deliver an enhanced telematics software experience.

  • Livestream the Footage Remotely 24*7
  • Automatic and Manual Footage Archiving
  • Reporting and Notifying 60+ Events
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Video Telematics Solutions Video Telematics Solutions
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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Encourage good driving habits amongst drivers with accurate diving performance reports. Ensure the safety of drivers, consignments and vehicles with top-notch driver behaviour analysis.

  • Driver Scores and Event Reports
  • Realtime Driving Violation Alerts
  • Hours of Service (HOS) Monitoring
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Route Planning Solutions

Custom plan your routes for every trip your vehicles undertake. Prioritise the waypoints, get instant alerts every time a vehicle violates the code and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Accurate Route Deviation Alerts
  • ETAs and PODs for Deliveries
  • Trip Management Solutions
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Route Planning Solutions Route Planning Solutions
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  • Fleet Management Platform
  • Fleet Management Platform
  • Fleet Management Platform

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Fleet Management Platform

Real-time visibility and on-point analytics make TrackoBit
popular with the enterprises and GPS tracking system
providers across the globe.

  • TrackoBit’s Hottest Commodities

    Highlighting Attributes of Our best Fleet Management Software

    Wondering, why choose TrackoBit over other Fleet Tracking Software providers in the market? Our software has many x-factors and the following are just like a teaser.

  • Analytical Dashboard

    Other than a conventional dashboard, TrackoBit offers you an analytical dashboard that answers the most crucial question pertaining to your business and fleet. It’s like a secret to scalability served on a platter.

  • Accuracy of Data

    Having a solution or a feature in a software kit is one thing and delivering it with precision is another. Data Accuracy is something we press on the most and that’s what shapes the credibility of our software.

  • Offline Monitoring

    Our fleet management solutions are potent enough to monitor the movement of vehicles while they are in the no-internet zone. Our software fetches data packets from the device as soon as it enters the network area.

Fleet Management


Not all industries and all organisations are the same, how could their software requirements be? Therefore, we deliver custom solutions to our clients catering to their business problems.

Build Your Software

White label

Fleet Management Solutions

We are all about a client-first approach. Our software is meant for businesses that are making a difference in the field. Hence, those businesses require their brand name to show and shout from every corner of the software their customers use.

Solutions For Industries


Solutions For Industries

Our flexibility and adaptability make us one of the best fleet management software solutions in the market today. No matter the industry you cater to, our software is equipped enough to tackle any use cases and problems pertaining to that sector.

Applications for iOS & Android


Applications for iOS & Android

UI/UX of the software speak a lot about the brand. Therefore, we give you an option to custom design the entire look and feel of the application that’s more relatable to your users. One thing’s guaranteed, you get easy-to-understand and simple-to-use software.

Benefits of Fleet Management Solutions

TrackoBit Leaves No Stone Unturned For You.

Our clients have shown significant improvements in their KPIs ever since they joined
forces with us. We’ll let the numbers do the talking.

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Features of Our Fleet Monitoring Software

Following features are like the piece of a jigsaw puzzle that when put together complete the picture and make complete sense.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

    Get real-time insights on vehicle health, speed, fuel levels, tyre pressure and more. OBD makes vehicle diagnostics more convenient and precise.

  • Geofences/POIs

    Mark all essential spots/places as geofences and get real-time notifications every time vehicles enter or exit them. You also get consolidated geofence reports.

  • Six-month History

    The software archives the trip history and reports for six months that you can playback, download, and revisit as many times during that period.

  • Vehicle Safety

    Parking mode, immobilisation, battery disconnection alerts and live streaming ensure all-around security of not only vehicles but also consignments.

  • Custom Alerts

    Our fleet management system offers more than 50 alerts that you can choose from. You may also ask for custom alerts and their reports.

  • Announcements

    Announcements are like broadcast messages that appear as pop-ups with images and text on the assigned users’ screen when they log in.

  • Driver Management

    TrackoBit offers complete Driver Management in one place - Store drivers’ details, important documents, monitor performance and manage tasks.

  • Access Management

    The admin has complete control over who gets to access what. He/She may enable/disable different features for your dealers, transporters and users.

  • Technician Management

    Separate app for on-field technicians. Hence, they do not get access to the entire portal and whatever updates they make on their app reflect on the software too.

GPS Trackers and Sensors We Support

TrackoBit is open to integrating any devices and sensors under the sun. We have aced the game of compatibility
no matter which protocol your devices follow to communicate.

  • 500+ devices/sensors

  • AIS 140 GPS Tracking

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What More?

Supplementary Fleet Management Solutions

Do you really think that the leading fleet management software provider in the subcontinent will leave
you with just a handful of solutions? Our list of additional solutions keeps growing with time.

Supplementary Fleet Management Solutions
Fleet Management Solutions Fleet Management Solutions Fleet Management Solutions Fleet Management Software
  • Fuel Monitoring

    Get real-time fuel level updates with respect to speed, absolute mileage and ignition status on a graph. Instant alerts every time the system detects a sudden drop or rise in fuel levels. Automatic fuel reports and state-wise fuel prices board help you map a fuel budget efficiently.

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Keep an eye out for any fluctuation beyond the optimum range of temperature in the reefer. Real-time alerts help keep mishaps at bay. Get notifications every time the AC is turned on/off. A fool-proof solution to keep a cold-supply chain running in an optimised manner.

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    TrackoBit is easily compatible with TPMS of all types. It fetches live readings of the tyre pressure and sends alerts every time tyres are under too much pressure or below the required. The software deduces the pattern in tyre pressure for vehicles, hence reporting tyre health.

  • Why

    Trusted by 50k+ users

    4.4/5 (14k Reviews)

  • If the quality of products and services is at the top of your list of requirements then TrackoBit is the best place to get your white label fleet management platform from. We don’t blink an eye when our clients bring challenging use cases to work on. Providing custom fleet management solutions is our forte.

    A dynamic team of experienced software professionals and always-on-toes support staff makes for a win-win combination for any enterprise.

Omnipresent Fleet Management Software Platform

You’ll find your white-label fleet monitoring software on all popular digital platforms. Our developers
and support staff ensure seamless operations everywhere

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Fleet Management Platform Fleet Management Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find your answer? Get in touch with us.

  • What is Fleet Management System?

    The fleet management system is a tech-enabled platform to help you track, monitor and manage your entire fleet from one place. It comes loaded with myriads of solutions including live vehicle tracking, driver behaviour analysis, fuel monitoring and more. It makes remote monitoring easy for technicians, managers and transporters alike. Advanced software platforms offer Video Telematics - DMS & ADAS. This takes the fleet management game a notch higher by adding another dimension of visual evidence to the metrics.

  • What are the benefits of white label Fleet Monitoring Software?

    If you do not have an IT background, it’s suggested to go for white label fleet management software. The software providers have core knowledge of tech and you have in-depth knowledge of the market. White-label fleet monitoring software will save you ample time, money, and labour. With TrackoBit your software is backed by tech experts. Hence, expect only quality and state-of-the-art products from your providers.

  • Does your fleet tracking software support all types of API?

    Yes, we have integrated more than 1000 APIs with our vehicle tracking software for our clients. We can integrate your fleet monitoring platform with any other tool you use be it Tally, SAP, Bilty, etc.

  • What is the uptime of your fleet management software system?

    We offer the best in the industry uptime of 99.9%. TrackoBit is one of the finest and most robust vehicle tracking solutions providers. We have clients in more than 15 countries. Our uptime is one of our core strengths.

  • Do you offer video telematics solutions such as DMS and ADAS in your fleet management software?

    Yes, we offer a complete fleet management system along with video surveillance DMS and ADAS. Not only this, you can mount as many cameras on the vehicle’s exterior and we’ll integrate them all to fetch a 360-degree surround view of all the vehicles. Other than these video solutions TrackoBit offers

    - Video Telematics Software

    - Last Mile Delivery

    - Fuel monitoring solutions

    - Route Planning Solutions

    - Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    - Asset Tracking

    We have designed customised solutions for hundreds of clients ranging from construction, Mining, FMCG, Public security (State Police), Logistics and other niches.

  • What is the purpose of fleet management software?

    A fleet monitoring software system is designed to help businesses manage and optimise their fleet of vehicles, equipment, assets and machinery. The purpose of a fleet management software is to boost operational efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and enhance fleet safety. However other utilities may include:

    - Vehicle Live Tracking

    - Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

    - Driver Monitoring and Management

    - Analytics and Insights

  • Can your fleet management system support the size of my fleet?

    Yes, TrackoBit’s fleet management solution is scalable and flexible to handle as much volume of vehicles as you can. TrackoBit’s advanced fleet tracking solution has the base criteria of 500 units. We have more than a dozen clients who have 2000+ vehicles on board. So as far as scalability is concerned, rest assured, TrackoBit offers you the best in the industry.

  • How does fleet management software work?

    A fleet monitoring software tracks and gathers data on the vehicles, equipment and assets on the move. Telematics is the technology that enables the hardware device mounted on the vehicle to shoot data to the cloud server place some millions of kilometres away. The software then fetches the data from the server and massages it to present in a digestible manner called reports.

    With the help of a GPS Tracking system, the software tracks the vehicle's status, live location, condition, performance and other metrics.

  • Do you customise the design of the white label fleet management software?

    Yes, we provide a complete design white label of our fleet management software. We create the design theme around your brand language and put your logo on it. You get to choose the icons, colours, font and everything else. Your app's UI/UX doesn't match our app at all if your want it to be that way.

  • Which GPS Trackers are compatible with your Fleet management System?

    Our fleet management app/software is compatible with all protocols. We have integrated more than 500 devices or sensors with our software for our clients. We have a 100% success rate in integrating hardware devices with our software. Even if your device fails to integrate with our software during the trial, our vehicle tracking platform is flexible enough to new protocols.

  • How many sensors can your fleet management platform handle?

    TrackoBit is a robust software that is built on the latest tech stack. It’s capable of integrating as many sensors as you want. We have integrated more than 200 hardware sensors with our system so far - different angle sensors for the construction industry, load sensors for the mining sector and many universally used sensors such as temperature, TPMS, fuel, and door sensors. Along with the sensors, we have integrated camera sensors of different types to sense collision, facial movements and spot blind spots.

  • What kind of data is provided by TrackoBit’s Fleet Management Solutions?

    Our Fleet monitoring software keeps tabs on different metrics to ensure all-round business growth. Other than vehicle status such as ignition, running, and stopped overspeeding, our system provides data on driver behaviour, fuel refill/drainage, trip history, delivery reports and so much more. Other than real-time data and reports on anything that you have provided the support for, we also provide geospatial data analysis that can answer some crucial but off-stream questions.

  • What are the most important fleet management features to look for?

    Before you jump straight to the features offered by a vehicle fleet tracking platform, we suggest you look into the solutions they provide. If the platter of solutions has everything you need on it, then you can drip down to features. The most important features to look for in a fleet Monitoring System are custom alerts, six-month travel history, driving behaviour reports, ETA, POD, route deviation, vehicle safety featuress and many more. To know the must-have features in a fleet management system.

  • How can fleet management software improve the safety of drivers?

    Telematics, GPS Tracking, AI and automation come into play in the fleet management software to ensure the real-time relaying of data to from and the vehicles.

    a. Driving Behaviour Monitoring curbs rash driving practices such as overspeeding, harsh cornering, Braking, acceleration, etc.

    b. Video Telematics solution triggers an alert every time a driver is distracted, smoking, feeling sleepy or on the phone. Similarly, ADAS controls lane switching, signal violations, tailgating and other on-road activities.

    c. Route planning and optimisation help in avoiding high-risk areas and making informed decisions pertaining to routing and trip planning.

    d. Maintenance reminders and checklists help keep breakdowns, downtime and accidents at bay.

    e. DVIR and analysis help spot weak and problematic areas in driving practices and train drivers accordingly.

  • How can I use fleet management software to reduce my fuel Costs?

    Improvement in fuel costs is something that reflects first when you resort to fleet management solutions for monitoring and optimising fleet operations. Following are the ways in which a fleet monitoring solution can help reduce fuel costs.

    - Fuel monitoring solutions alone can make a huge difference in curbing fuel pilferage, and wastage. Real-time fuel maps help understand consumption patterns.

    - Route planning and optimisation help plan the most cost-effective route and take corrective actions in real time if need be.

    - Keenly monitoring driver behaviour can curb practices such as idling, overspeeding, route deviation, etc that can increase fuel usage.

  • How long does it take to set up your fleet management software?

    To be honest not more than ten minutes, if your device is compatible with the software. If the device comes with a new protocol or the software is interacting with such a device for the first time then integration would take some hours. If some sensors such as fuel require keen calibration then a little more.

    However, TrackoBit has a 100% compatibility rate with almost all sorts of hardware devices.

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