Mobile Laboratory and Phlebotomy Software Solution

Mobile Laboratory and Phlebotomy Software Solution

Automate operations for your phlebotomists and lab with TrackoField!

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Mobile Phlebotomy Software

Help your phlebotomist manage their work day effectively with an easy-to-operate blood draw app. Manage tasks, documents, route schedules, and patient details, with just a few taps on the screen!

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Mobile Phlebotomy Software

What to expect?
Collect Samples and Profits With Mobile Phlebotomy App

Phlebotomist Live Tracking

Phlebotomist Live Tracking

Track your phlebotomists' whereabouts in real-time. Our system sends an automatic SMS to patients with the live tracking link and other details of the assigned representatives.

Automated Documentation

Phlebotomists don’t have to continuously fill in recurring information such as the patient's and phlebotomists’ IDs, date, and test type. Everything is automated for them to save time and effort.

Automated Documentation
Two-way Data Sharing

Two-way Data Sharing

In-built chatboxes and forms allow labs to know what tests they should be preparing for with complete information available on the cloud. Phlebotomists get quick responses when they get stuck.

Comprehensive Reports

Stay aware of your phlebotomists’ activities and performances. You can also monitor the routes and patients best suited to specific employees. Everything is documented neatly in the system.

Comprehensive Reports
Unreachable Reports

Unreachable Reports

Know when your phlebotomists’ devices lost signal or battery. Maintain their safety and a smooth workflow. Figure out operational anomalies as and when they occur so that you can respond, not react.

Simple API Integrations

All other applications you need for medical tests can be integrated into our mobile phlebotomy software. Streamline your operations under the same platform on all your devices.

Task Management Software

What We Offer
Build Healthy Relationships on the Field

  • Emergency Draws

    Get ad-hoc services for emergency bloodwork. The patient’s sample would be collected and dropped at the lab on priority.
  • Recurring Draw Alerts

    Send alerts to designated phlebotomists if someone on their route has a scheduled recurring or ad-hoc appointment.
  • Saves Time and Efforts

    Negate confusing task management with pre-set routes and schedules. Patients get the medical attention they need at ease.

Phlebo Mobile App
Optimise The Medical Test Procedure With TrackoField

  • Delegate Tasks Remotely

    The software detects the right phlebotomist for emergency bloodwork collections. Managers can send tasks online at any time of the day and executives can follow them through for seamless operations.
  • Easy Phlebo Replacement

    Managers can easily find a replacement for phlebotomists who fail to show up at the client site due to an emergency or any other reason as they have scheduled tasks and performance history on the cloud.
  • Prompt Communication

    If phlebotomists have to perform a new test, they can quickly communicate with the lab for the right safety and quality procedure. Guides and documents are always available for their aid on the software.
  • Dual Apps for Simplicity

    The lab sees what tests they have to prepare for, and the phlebotomists can see their tasks and manuals with ease. Both admin and executive apps are clutter-free for simple functioning and hassle-free field operations.
  • Geo-sensitive Attendance

    Executives cannot mark faulty attendance. They also cannot start tasks without logging in via software. Geo-sensitivity shows the managers only accurate leave and attendance status for complete transparency.
  • Expense Management

    Phlebotomists do not have to worry about travel costs and overhead testing expenses anymore. They can enter the expense information on the software and get reimbursements or allowances.

Visible Out-turn
Practical Benefits of Mobile Blood Draw Software

The global mobile phlebotomy market has been growing at a CAGR of 4.4% due to the immense benefits and profits it offers to phlebotomists, labs, and patients. A phlebo mobile app is a comprehensive solution promoting safe and accessible healthcare to everyone.

  • Promotes eHealth

    A mobile phlebotomy app promotes eHealth by allowing everyone regardless of their physical capabilities or schedules to get the testing they need. They need to request a test online and the rest is automated for them.
  • Accurate Analytics

    The software constantly collects data and processes it in the most accurate and effective way to create bite-sized reports. Say no to human errors that can cost the lab extensively and keep phlebotomists’ performance stagnant.
  • Smooth Operations

    Operations become extremely smooth when all information is seamlessly shared throughout the lab and executives. Moreover, detailed analysis and reports allow managers to strategize and improve their performance in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is mobile phlebotomy software?

    Mobile phlebotomy software essentially helps an on-field phlebotomist to get in touch with patients who need blood draws. This software works for the betterment of patients, labs, and phlebotomists as it tracks the movements and productivity in the field.

    A mobile phlebotomy app is the best way to connect lab managers to phlebotomists. It allows minute-to-minute monitoring of field phlebotomists and their operations.

    Through a mobile laboratory and phlebotomist software solution, managers also get to see the testing patterns of patients and the performance patterns of phlebotomists. Therefore, it helps them get a complete idea of how their business is functioning and what they can do to make it better in the long run.

  • What is the difference between mobile blood draw software and a medical representative reporting app?

    The core differences between mobile blood draw software and a medical representative monitoring app are:
    - Business model: A medical representative app connects medical manufacturers to retailers. However, mobile blood draw software connects labs to patients.

    - Purpose: The purpose of an MR app is to boost sales and profits for medical industrialists and the phlebotomist app is to help everyone get the medical care they might need.

    - Sector: MR app works primarily in the sales or pharmaceutical sector. The phlebotomist app, on the other hand, works in the healthcare sector. However, both widely fall into the medical industries and need field operations and hence, a field force management app to work.

  • How many phlebotomies can be performed in an hour through our field force management software?

    The answer to this question is quite subjective, depending on the distance between patients. However, within a small neighbourhood, a phlebotomist should be able to perform about 3-4 phlebotomies in an hour.

    This number reduces when everything is functioning online. However, this number is nothing in comparison to the 10-per-hour phlebotomies that can be performed in a dedicated space and in a more optimised manner.

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