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Don’t let any expense go untracked with TrackoField!
Make every expense count with:

  • Instant evidence upload
  • Seamless expense categorisation
  • Quick approval and reimbursement
  • Analytical expense tracking reports

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Best Expense Management Software

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Have employees or staff who always travel? Simplify their expense tracking,
reporting, and reimbursement in a few clicks!

  • Request
    Reimbursement Online

  • Attach Bills as Evidence

  • Link Expenses to

  • Enable Multi-level

Feature-packed Expense Tracking Software

Taking the guesswork out of expenses!

We’re sure you are tired of budget blowouts! Ease up, because now is your time to automate the entire expense reporting and claiming process. Get real-time insights into your spending with our powerful reporting platform.

  • 01

    Expense Evidence Upload

    It’s easy for field executives to upload expense receipts in JPEG, PNG, or PDF formats for any expense kind. All managers in the approval hierarchy are free to see these proofs.

    Expense Evidence Upload
  • Hierarchy Approval

    Hierarchy Approval

    Experience streamlined expense claims without chaos! Effortlessly establish a multi-level approval structure pre-defining assessors to simplify and speed up the approval processes.

  • 03

    Payroll Management

    Let our software make payroll management a cakewalk for you with accurate compensation calculations based on work hours, leaves taken, and other overheads.

    Payroll Management
  • Status Check with Reminders

    Status Check with Reminders

    Executives can check their real-time claim status on the app. Managers involved in the approval hierarchy can check the approval trail. Executives will get a notification every time the status is updated.

Employee Expense Management System

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    management features.

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    Less errors in
    expense compiling.

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    Faster reimbursement

Automated Expense
Management Software

More Features to Rejoice!

Our expense management system goes beyond basic, automating
all those tedious tasks you've been postponing.

  • Expense Reports

    Get accurate expense reports by categories, teams, designations, or individuals. Make insightful decisions about future spending and allowance policies.

  • Route Distance Calculator

    Reduce manual mileage tracking errors with our automated distance calculator. Now generate precise data for billing, payroll, and performance analysis.

  • Cumulative Database

    Any action taken by the managers on the claim request along the hierarchy gets archived, which is transparent amongst everyone along the process.

  • Easy Request

    Executives can apply for reimbursement on the app. No need to dedicatedly collect evidence, fill out forms, and wait for the manager to hand over expense requests.

  • Cap on Expenditures

    Don’t go beyond budget! Put a cap on expenditure allowance either team-wise, category-wise, or role-wise. The system won’t take inputs once the decided spending limit is met.

Employee Mileage Tracking Simplified

Get past error-prone manual mileage reimbursement! Simplify mileage tracking through a fool-proof distance calculator.

  • Reimbursement w.r.t. Distance
  • Instant Expense Calculation
  • Playback Route Travelled
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Employee Mileage Tracking Simplified

Expense Tracking Software

Why with TrackoField?

Don’t get lost in multiple receipts or spreadsheets! Choose our software to automate tasks of expense
reporting, categorisation, and tracking over a single dashboard.

  • Intuitive interface

    User-friendly design for both employees and managers, simplifying expense tracking and reducing manual data entry.

  • Automated Workflow

    Establish approval rules, define a managerial hierarchy, and category-wise expense cap to streamline the reimbursement process.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with other apps and software you use for accounting, payroll, etc. Sit back and enjoy a smooth exchange of data between multiple software.

  • Geospatial Validation

    With GPS data, verify every expense, whether that was incurred at the claimed location or not.

  • Mileage Tracking

    Automatically track employees' mileage with a complete distance break-up report and pay-per-mile travelled.

  • Custom Categories

    Create custom expense categories relevant to your business and field of operation. Just report and start tracking them till the time they are paid out fully.

Simplify Claiming with Effortless Categorisation

Without making the entire process overwhelming, segregate expenses into categories your business requires.

  • Travel

    Define a spending limit of fuel bills for two-wheelers and cars.

  • Food

    Freedom to eat, treat, work, and repeat.

  • Stationery

    In case your team members need any!

  • Custom

    Have more types? Create custom categories as you like.

Pair Automated Expense Management System with…

Our Other Smart Offerings

Hey, you deserve a complete suite of employee management tools. You ask for just one, and we will serve you with endless
products ready to take away your field employee management headaches.

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  • Route Distance Calculator

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Expense Management Software

Integrate withAny Third-Party Software

Put an end to juggling between endless field staff and their unavoidable expenses. Simplify the process with secure and seamless integration with any CRM, ERP, and HRMS system.

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TrackoField has been our knight in shining armour, revolutionizing our field operations. We had a clear vision of where we headed but the challenge was to make it happen at a desirable pace. That’s where team TF stepped in along with TrackoBit to automate the entire field management including our fleet of vehicles. Today, we are operating in 6 regions and 14 cities with their software support.

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Rajeshwar Wadhera - CEO

Integrate Expense Tracking Software with 200+ Apps

Easily integrate our expense management software with existing CRM, ERP, complete HRMS, payroll systems,
or classic time sheets! Let software automatically pick employees' receipts and generate invoices for HR teams to process successfully.

Integrate Expense Tracking Software with 200+ Apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover all your doubts about the best employee expense management system here!

  • What is expense management software?

    Expense management software is an electronic platform that helps businesses simplify the process of expense reporting, claiming, and processing for reimbursement. It further helps:

    - Automate expense proof submission digitally.
    - Oversee approval of business expenses from the hierarchy of managers.
    - Track the real-time status of expense approval with reminders.

  • Is your expense management solutions beneficial to every industry?

    Yes, our expense management solutions is suitable for every enterprise dealing with field staff and their expenses frequently. Be it sales, operations, logistics, delivery, pharma, or so on.

  • How to automate expense management?

    To automate expense management, you must integrate a dependable expense tracking tool to your existing CRM and HRMS portal that lets you:

    - Use OCR for receipt scanning
    - Set automated approval workflows
    - Employ AI for categorization and insightful report generation.

    Wondering where to find such an efficient expense management platform? Did you try TrackoField for free?

  • What is the best way to track expenses?

    Expense tracking software is the best way to track expenses. It lets you:

    - Automatedly file for claims with evidence.
    - Set a hierarchy for approval from different managers.
    - Put a cap or maximum limit on the expenses.
    - Segregate the expenses for better clarity.

  • What are the challenges with expense tracking software?

    Choosing cheaply available and random expense tracking software can put you through various challenges like:

    - Difficulty for user adoption.
    - Integration complexities with existing systems.
    - Data entry errors.
    - Lack of compliance with company policies.

    That is why you need the best expense tracking tool that lets you seamlessly automate the process without many gaps and anomalies.

  • Why use expense management software?

    Expense management tools are the best investment as they help you:

    - Simplify and speed up the expense claiming and reimbursement process.
    - Provides a detailed report on spending habits and budget.
    - Are easy to use for both managers and executives.

  • What are the disadvantages of an expense tracker?

    Paper-led manual expense trackers have negative implications to them like:

    - Inaccurate data compilation.
    - Reliance on time taking manual input.
    - Difficulty in handling complex expense structures.

  • How do I manage expenses in Excel?

    To track your expenses in Excel:

    - Create columns for date, description, category, and amount.
    - Enter expenses in the amount cell.
    - Use SUM for totals and format cells for currency.

  • How to manage expenses?

    To manage expenses, you must onboard sought-after expense management systems that offer flexibility to automate expense claiming, approval, and reimbursement.

  • What types of expense management software exist?

    Expense management software can be either a white label or fully customized. Depending on the organisation’s needs and provider offerings, the types can be available.

  • What is the all-in-one expense management solution?

    All-inclusive employee expense management software is a platform that prevents you from using multiple apps. It offers you all the features, and functionality you need to manage expense claims and settle under one hood.

  • How do Expense Management Solutions work?

    Expense management solutions work in 4 simple steps:

    - Claim filing with evidence upload.
    - Expense categorization for clarity.
    - Setting of the hierarchy of managers.
    - Rejecting or approving the claims for reimbursement.

  • Do I Need Expense Management Software?

    If you are an organisation with constant field employee expense claiming and processing requirements, then you need expense management software. Any business in logistics, field service, or customer support can benefit from the integration of smart, dedicated expense claim management software.

  • How to buy expense management software?

    To buy our expense management software, you must connect with our sales team to enquire about the flexible enterprise plan we offer.

  • What are the standard features of expense management software?

    A standard expense management software must offer:

    - Options to file expenses with quick bill upload.
    - Settings to add or edit approval managers hierarchy.
    - Put caps on spending on fuel, food, or stationary.
    - Options to separate expenses under various heads like — travel, food, stationery, and miscellaneous.
    - Easy integration with existing ERP, CRM, and HRMS portals.

  • What is an expense reporting tool?

    An expense reporting tool is a consolidated platform wherein you can upload expenses with receipts, categorise them, put a limit to expense reimbursement, and process them for final disbursement from the finance team’s end.

  • How much does expense management software cost?

    On average, expense management software costs range between $5 to $15 per user monthly. However, the prices depend on the vendor you are choosing, the types of features, and the number of users you are planning to onboard.

    We are giving a free trial, make sure to come check it out!

  • What is the difference between spend management and expense management?

    Expense Management

    Expense management is all about tacking and controlling individual costs that are incurred by a business.

    Spend Management

    Spend management is all about strategically reviewing and optimizing all expenditures to maximize value, efficiency, and compliance across the organization.

  • What are the types of expense management?

    Paper forms, spreadsheets, software, or petty cash expense management are some of the popular expense management kinds.

  • How do I choose an expense management software?

    To choose an effective expense tracker software, ensure you enquire about providers’ offerings aligned with:

    - Customized solutions
    - 24/7 support
    - Solutions easy to integrate with existing software
    - Customised pricing plans
    - The industry’s best features, functionality, and module

  • How can expense management system help me with end-of-the-month closing?

    Expense management system simplifies the process of expense claiming and compiling. The software is easy to integrate with existing CRM, HRMS, and reporting tools. Managers can easily share the compiled data from this software with their accounting software, making end-of-month closing a breeze.

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