Fully-Automated Payroll Management System

Release Paychecks with No Delay!

Make the HR & Finance team’s tasks easy and hassle-free with
TrackoField’s seamless payroll management software.

  • View & approve accurate timesheets.
  • On-point attendance, leaves & PTO data compilation.
  • Detailed payroll reports for audit.
  • Accurate salary computation with “0” gaps.
  • Suitable for variable work schedules & pay types.

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Field Employee Payroll Management Software

With Field Employee Payroll Management Software

Enjoy Accurate Salary Processing

Trust our all-inclusive payroll processing software to:

  • Auto-create payroll summaries with accurate leave and attendance data.
  • Manage hourly wages, overtime, commissions & per diem allowances.
  • Auto-compile on-field expenses for travel, meals, lodging, etc.

Simplifying Payroll Process for Fast-Building Fieldforce!

Top Features of Payroll Management Services to Avoid Month-end Mayhems!

Our scaling employee payroll management system is here to reduce your
admin hours and simplify field employees' salary calculations.

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What’s More in TrackoField’s Staff
Payroll Management System?

Yes, we believe in adding more value!

Claim more features to take care of timely payments over a single platform. Put our best payroll management system on a roll and focus strictly on the onboarding process.

  • Seamless Data Migration

    Enjoy auto-transfer of attendance, leave, and working hours data over our payroll management system through robust APIs. Stay worry-free about duplicate entries while reducing manual work!

  • Location-Based Tracking

    Enjoy an exclusive payment management system supporting GPS tracking or location-based services. Now mark attendance and pay only for verified field visits.

  • Expense Tracking

    Reimburse salaries inclusive of allowances for on-field expenses you pre-decided. Be it for travel, food, stationery, or miscellaneous – note and pay for every expense.

  • Leave Management

    Get all-inclusive features to effortlessly manage leaves and time-off requests. Maintain accurate records and ensure payroll calculation after considering employee absences.

  • Integrate with Work Scheduling Tool

    Integrate our payroll management solutions with a shift scheduling tool you own to ensure payroll is calculated based on scheduled shifts and actual hours worked.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Generate quick payroll summaries, attendance and leave data reports, and time tracking reports. Use each to track trends, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance.

From Spreadsheets to Cloud-based Payroll Software

Helping businesses achieve smooth transitions with impactful numbers through our scalable payroll management software solution.

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    Accurate Attendance
    & Leave Data .

  • 0

    Unique Payroll

  • 0

    Faster payroll

  • 0

    Reduction in
    Unproductive Hours.

Streamline Expense Management Manage Field Employee Expenses at One Click!

Yes, this is the payroll system that automatically gathers field expenses for travel, food, stationery, or miscellaneous events from expense management software.

  • Accurate expense receipts capturing
  • Expenses and costs segregation
  • Quick expense verification
Explore Expense Management System

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Workforce’s Payment Cycle Faster with

Whether you manage delivery drivers, salespeople,
construction workers, or agricultural workers,
leave their payroll management onto our software.

  • Remote Payroll Processing

    Embrace seamless mobility with the power of cloud payroll processing. Process payroll from any locations where your business and your field staff operate.

  • Accurate Timesheets

    Eliminate manual timesheets! Enjoy accurate payroll calculations with precise clock-in/out, leave, weeks-offs, and holiday data compilation.

  • Better Expense Management

    Simplify expense reporting and reimbursements to reduce administrative burden and free up your HR time for more strategic tasks.

  • Cost Savings

    Stay compliant with federal or state regulations to avoid paying penalties or excessive interest. Ensure nothing but correct compensation to avoid overpaying.

  • Robust Security Measures

    Stay assured about sensitive attendance and salary payroll information. Our system, backed with the highest encryption lets you maintain the maximum data security.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for field staff to navigate and review information without requiring extensive training.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    An ultimate payroll system accessible through handheld devices makes it easy to submit timesheets, access payroll information, and manage payroll-related tasks - on the go.

"1 in 4 Employees Admits to Logging False Working Hours”

Ouch! That’s 2 Days of Productivity Stolen.

Say goodbye to timesheet fringing and hello to geo-verified attendance, task, distance, and productivity monitoring.

  • 0 Decrease
    in Time Theft
  • 0 Accurate
    Timesheet Representation
  • 0 Decrease in
    Employee Procrastination

Complete Toolkit for Field Workforce Management is Here!

No way, we can’t see you settling for a handful of solutions. We will ensure you walk away with a
complete suite of field employee management solutions.

  • Order Management System

    Your field staff can access an elaborate product list and place an order online. Managers acknowledge the order remotely over a smartphone.

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  • Expense Management Software

    Streamline employee expense reimbursement process online. Make the process transparent with instant alerts, real-time status checks, and bill/receipt attachments.

    Explore More
  • Task Management Solution

    Go for digitalised checklists over pen-paper ones! Assign, manage, and track tasks for field executives based on their availability, bandwidth, and strengths.

    Explore More
  • Attendance & Leave Management

    Ensure geo-coded, visually verified attendance marking. Auto-manage leave requests with custom criteria without compromising urgent work requirements.

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  • Employee GPS Tracking

    From monitoring the whereabouts of employees to tracking the status of tasks, battery, and network strength, get all under one hood.

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  • Route Distance Calculator

    Our distance calculator feature ensures turn-to-turn accuracy with a negligible discrepancy between the actual distance travelled and the route tracked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have doubts about the digital Payroll Management System? Let’s answer them All!

  • What is payroll management?

    Payroll management is an administrative process that helps accurately compile employee attendance, leave, and working hours data to help with accurate salary calculation. The process ensures accurate and timely payment while meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

  • How does the best payroll management system work?

    Payroll management software works well when integrated with any HRMS and accounting software. By drawing the data from the attendance and leave management system, the payroll system computes the accurate salary invoices, including gross salary, overtime, and bonuses minus the deductions for leave or time off requests.
    The software ensures accurate record-keeping and timely payments that comply with regulations.

  • What is the main purpose of payroll management software?

    - Total hours and days worked
    - Overtime, bonus, or commissions
    - Deduction for unpaid leaves and time-off requests

    Note that the best payroll management software should be easy to integrate with any existing CRM, HRMS, or accounting software you own.

  • What are the features of Payroll Processing Software?

    A scaling payroll management software features should include capabilities to:

    - Automate salary calculations based on attendance and leave data.
    - Ensure better compliance management.
    - Integrate well with time and attendance, expense, and other suitable software.
    - Generate up-to-the-minute reports for accurate and efficient payroll management.

  • What are the types of Payroll?

    There are mainly 4 types of payroll management systems:

    - In-house payroll (often manual-based)
    - Full-time Accountant (accountants or financial experts are hired)
    - Payroll Service (hiring agencies specialise in running payroll processes)
    - Payroll Software (dedicated software, easy to integrate with internal ERP or CRM)

  • How much can payroll software cost in India?

    The cost of payroll software ranges from vendor to vendor, and so does the level of customization or features you are looking for. It also depends on the scalability level of the software and the business size and scope in the future.

    Share your requirements, and we will help you get free quotes for our scaling payroll management software!

  • What is the meaning of a payroll management system?

    A vest payroll management system is an all-inclusive software that streamlines and automates the process of compiling and calculating employee wages or salary invoices to ensure timely, fast, and accurate payouts.

  • What are the steps of Payroll?

    Payroll processing works through the following stages:

    1. Employee Information Collection - The system helps maintain comprehensive employee data like hours worked, attendance, leave, overtime, and overall salary details.
    2. Time and Attendance Reporting - The system further records and tracks employees' accurate working hours, overtime, absences, and PTOs even, despite department or shift differentials.
    3. Total Earnings Calculation - The system calculates salary after considering hourly rates or overall compensation structures.
    4. Deductions for Gross Pay - The system considers unpaid full-day leaves, half-days, and time-off requests to calculate the accurate salary invoice.
    5. Record Keeping - The system maintains detailed summaries of payroll transactions and employee earnings, including the complete breakdown of salary components.

  • Do SMEs need HR and Payroll Software?

    Yes, small to medium enterprises need HR and payroll software to streamline processes for accurate workforce and payroll management.

  • What are the benefits of payroll management system software?

    Having an all-inclusive payroll management software solution from TrackoField lets HRs and finance teams:

    - Auto-compile accurate attendance, leave, and work hours data.
    - Generate accurate salary invoices inclusive of overtime, on-field reimbursable expenses, and deduction on accurate leaves and time-off requests.
    - Integrate the software with existing CRM, HRMS, and accounting software to ensure quick disbursal.

    More than that, you get other untapped features of payroll management systems proven to Free up your admin teams' time and let them focus on more strategic tasks like onboarding and strengthening workplace policies.

  • How to select the best payroll software solution in India?

    To select the best payroll software solution in India, make sure you evaluate the payroll software based on features like:

    - Its richness in diverse modules and features
    - Ability to scale as per growing needs
    - User-friendliness and easy navigation
    - 24/7 support services
    - Free trial or demo to test the platform
    Easy integration capabilities with in-house platforms

  • Does TrackoField offer a biometric payroll management system?

    Yes, our executive app supports the biometric clock in/out feature. The biometric inputs are accurately collected, shared, and processed over our web-based payroll management system. We aim to help businesses enjoy nothing but an easy payroll process.

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