Employee GPS Tracking Software

Monitor field executives' real-time location, allocate tasks, and track service work orders from creation to completion.

Employee Tracking Solutions

Monitor Your Field Employee
Efficiency Using Our GPS Tracker App

An ultimate employee GPS tracking software for overseeing your
desk-less field staff. With TrackoField, know your field employees'
live location, where they are headed to next, and progress on task
— without spying!

  • Accurate Employee Location Tracking
  • Recording and Validating Client Visit
  • Image-verified Attendance Marking

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Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Employee tracking is common in 90% of the gig economy, 68% of tech services & 77% of construction industries.
  • A notable 27% of businesses leverage GPS tracking to enhance location-based coordination and efficiency among their employees.
  • An impressive 95% of employees are aware that they are being monitored or tracked around their workplace.
Location Tracking Software

Discover How Your Remote Employees Use Their Time

Businesses with our GPS employee tracking solutions saw a 40% increase in employee productivity. Oh,
you’re not on that list? Keep tabs on your employees’ time, location & efficiency with data-driven
employee monitoring and performance analytics in an employee location tracking app.

Top Features of

The Employee GPS Tracking App for Small and Large Businesses

With an employee GPS tracker, track what your field staff is doing with their
time and how they are progressing with assigned tasks.

  • Employee GPS Tracking Solutions

    Don’t stay clueless about your on-field executives’ current location. With employee GPS tracking software, track their every move.

    • Live location tracking
    • Distance travelled report with playback
    • Real-time work status monitoring
    Explore Employee GPS Tracking Solutions
    Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Employee Tracking Solutions

    Task Management

    With an employee location tracking software, digitally access, assign, and delegate all tasks — all in one place. Monitor task progress and deadlines in real time.

    • Self allocation of tasks
    • Task location & time check
    • Group Task assigning
    Explore Task Management Solution
  • Expense Management

    At a tap, make it easy for your field staff to register expenses they made on their way to client visits, with valid invoices & bills.

    • Easy expense uploads category-wise
    • Limit amount to be claimed
    • Automatic Travel Expense Calculation
    Explore Expense Management Solution
    Employee Tracking Solutions
  • Employee Tracking Solutions

    Order Management

    Streamline field sales tracking with an order management tool! Monitor order counts, approvals, and deliveries through an app.

    • Count, approve, and manage orders
    • Select custom discounts & pricing
    • Effortless Ad-Hoc order placement
    Explore Order Management Solution
  • Attendance & Leave Management

    Avoid mismanaged week-offs and absenteeism! With attendance and leave management, executives can mark attendance remotely, validated by exact location, time, and date.

    • Geo-coded attendance marking
    • Visual verification prevents proxy attendance
    • Online leave requests & approval
    Explore Attendance & Leave Management Solution
    Employee Tracking Solutions

What to Look For in an Employee GPS Tracking App?

  • Data
  • Offline
  • Battery and
    Network Status
  • Customizable

Companies Tracking Employee Time
& Productivity With Us!

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is an employee GPS tracking system?

    An employee GPS tracking system is a technology solution to track and monitor the location and movements of field employees, typically those who work remotely or in the field. These systems use GPS technology to collect real-time location data from employee smartphones or dedicated GPS devices.

  • Is TrackoField only for sales field staff?

    TrackoField employee GPS tracking software is suitable for remote sales reps, after-sales, phlebotomy executives, technicians, repairers, etc.

  • Is there any best GPS tracking software with a free trial?

    TrackoField offers a free demo to show you what our employee GPS tracking software can do for your team and your business. Request a free demo now!

  • How does GPS tracking software work?

    An employee GPS tracking system uses signals from satellites to identify field staff device’s location with real-time coordinates.

  • Can you track if the remote employee’s GPS is off?

    GPS tracking won’t work when the GPS is off. However, the best employee time-tracking app with GPS would still fetch the location if the network is weak.

  • How TrackoField GPS solutions will benefit my business?

    TrackoField offers unmatched GPS tracking solutions to let you seamlessly track and monitor your valuable mobile assets' daily activities, timesheets, and productivity. -Accurate Live Location Tracking
    -Sales Order Management
    -Task Management with Checklists
    -Geo-verified Attendance Marking
    -Automatic Travel Expense Calculation
    -Leave Management System

  • What is the price for employee GPS tracking software?

    Employee GPS tracking software prices differ based on the level of custom features and settings you are looking for. To get free quotes, reach us here!

  • What is GPS location tracking of employees?

    GPS location tracking of employees involves real-time monitoring of field employees’ geographical coordinates or locations for the purpose of accountability, operational efficiency, and safety. Businesses dealing with field staff or executives must invest in employee GPS tracking solutions.

  • Is it legal to GPS track employees?

    Employee GPS tracking is totally legal as long as field or remote staff are aware of it and give their permission to track themselves.

  • Do I really need an employee GPS tracking system?

    You must consider employee GPS tracking if you need enhanced accountability, productivity, and efficient operations, especially for mobile or remote teams.

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