12 Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps for All Use Cases

12 Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps Reviewed and Tested

Avoid spending hours and days finding the right employee tracking solution. Have a look at the list of the best GPS location tracking software we’ve curated for you.

Want to track your employees’ time, location, and miles accurately? Seems like you need the best employee GPS tracking app.

However, with so many available options, you may get an irrelevant app that hurts your specific business needs. But, don’t worry. Our experts have reviewed some of the best employee GPS tracking apps for all use cases and unique business needs. By scrolling through the guide, you will surely find your perfect match for employee tracking.

A Complete Insight into Employee GPS Tracking Apps

Employee GPS tracking systems harness the power of the global positioning system to ensure real-time, accurate, and precise data on employees’ location and movement.

These apps are ideal for teams that operate remotely. With these apps, managers eliminate the need to travel to the task sites or call to check on employees. They just access the software and viola, they have every information on employee performance at their disposal.

With a reliable employee GPS tracking system, you can:

👉 Stay ahead of your team’s movements to adapt to changes.

👉 Create a connected and transparent field business process.

👉 Eliminate repeated phone calls every day for task status checks.

👉 Assess that field employees are utilizing their time effectively.

👉 Do away with faulty expense claims.

👉 Identify top-performing employees, technicians, or sales representatives.

👉 Ensure the safety and security of employees during field service operations.

👉 Prevent buddy punching, time theft, and faulty logins.

Monitor your employees’ activities, tasks, and locations

Top 12 Employee GPS Tracking Software – Reviewed by Experts

Get into the deals of high-graded employee GPS tracking systems, choose the one that serves your use case, and enjoy complete visibility into your field operations.

Top 12 Best GPS Tracking Software for Employees
Tools Ideal Use Cases Features Pricing & Plans
  • Monitor MRs performance and productivity on the field.
  • Allocate remote tasks to technicians and drivers.
  • Simplify field sales operation.
🔎Complete task monitoring

🔎GPS location tracking

🔎Geocoded attendance marking

🔎Distance traveled report with playback

🔎Employee expense management

🔎Individual or group task allocation

🔎Offline Tracking

🔎Real-time Analytics and Reports

🔎Ad-hoc Order Placement

  • Free for upto 10 users
  • $3/month/user

in case of 10+ users

  • Manage freelancers with detailed timesheets and automated payments.
  • Automate clock in/out and track the exact location of the field workforce.
🔎 GPS location tracking

🔎 Geofences for automatically clocking in and out

🔎 Automated time cards

  • Starter ($4 per user/month)
  • Grow ($9 per user/month)
  • Team ($10 per user/month
  • Enterprise (Pricing depends on your custom requirements)
  • 14-day free trial
  • Simplify field sales tracking with geo-verified proof of client visits.
  • Save time, effort, and resources in field operations by scheduling and monitoring tasks.
  • Validate and process expense claims
🔎 Running in zero connectivity

🔎 Intuitive dashboard to check historical data

🔎 GPS on/off notifications

🔎 Date/time manipulation detection

🔎 GPS spoofer discovery

All plans come with a 14-day free trial but vary on the number of users.
  • Starter (1-10 users)
  • Basic (1-25 users)
  • Standard (15 employees)
  • Professional (>100 users)
  • Deploy HVAC service tasks based on the team’s availability and agent capacity.
  • Automate job scheduling, ticket creation, and invoice generation.
🔎Location-based Activity Monitoring

🔎Workforce productivity monitoring

🔎Task allocation

It comes with plans like
  • Startups
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

You can select the best plan.

  • Real-time visual map for locating the next meeting site.
  • Recording visit outcomes from field locations.
  • Locating field employees  individually in one click
🔎Remote location Tracking

🔎Team Collaboration in real-time

🔎Monitoring and Reporting System

FieldSense provides different plans that depend on the user count.
  • Basic plan for 10 users (free)
  • Premium monthly plan for 10+ users @$3
  • Annual premium plan for 10+ users @$36
  • Track and manage leads for the sales team in real time.
  • Enhance productivity and performance of the remote team.
  • Provide an efficient solution to track and analyze employees’ efficiency
🔎GPS tracking to track every moment of the team

🔎Geo-based restriction to facilitate accurate attendance marking

🔎Distance playback to monitor the team’s productivity and activity

TrackOlap’s tracking solution comes with
  • $3/user/month for the sales team.
  • $15/vehicle/quarterly for fleet management
  • $3/user/month for remote team management
  • Plan routes and assign medical representatives to the same.
  • Audit employees’ activities on the field by location and time stamp.
  • The sales head saves time by automatically generating reports
🔎Automated distance traveled calculation for fuel reimbursement

🔎Grouping to combine field employees for a specific task

🔎Chat & collaborate for peer-to-peer communication.

FieldEZ provides a user-based pricing model.
  • Easily track and monitor the organization’s staff.
  • Give unparalleled precision in monitoring deliveries.
  • Track employee time no matter where they are.
🔎Accurate location tracking with GPS technology

🔎Simplified route planning and monitoring of delivery routes

🔎Seamless location control with geofence technology and authorized spot.

  • Its free version offers unlimited time tracking for an unlimited number of users.
  • Premium and Ultimate have a set price range on specific number of users.
  • Enterprise is for companies that have more than 500+ staff. You can consult the team to know its price.
  • Track agents’ working hours and locations.
  • Eliminate paper-based systems with automation to organize the job-tracking process.
  • Cut down on costs required to get better field insights.
🔎Employees’ overtime, on-duty hours, breaks, tracking.

🔎Alerts for out-of-bounds locations.

🔎Real-time status on employees’ availability

🔎Timesheet and mileage reports creation

Timeero’s pricing package includes:
  • Premium: $11/per user/monthly
  • Pro: $8/per user/monthly
  • Basic: $4/per user/monthly

For the enterprise package, you need to contact Timeero’s team

  • Avoid customer disputes by providing insight into the agent’s location and route
  • Enable real-time communication for team interaction.
  • Speed up processes for garage repair shops with smooth operations.
🔎Customized fenced areas for different jobs

🔎Time spent, and mileage consumed by field technicians

🔎Automated workflows with real-time location intelligence

🔎Distance traveled reports

Zuper comes in different plans
  • Starter
  • Growth
  • Enterprise

You can connect with the team to assess their price range.

  • Manufacturing companies use it to migrate workloads to the cloud.
  • Provide real-time data insight into the field workforce
  • Pharma companies use the software to track their MRs
🔎Location Intelligence

🔎Optimal delivery route planning

🔎Real time tracking

You can try any edition free for 14 days

Business Starter: $2/per user/month

Business Standard: $9/per user/month

Business Plus: $16/per user/month

Enterprise: contact the sales team for pricing

  • Helps in simplifying appointments and automating manual tasks
  • Monitor reps’ performance and auto-generate beat plans for them
  • Send reminders and alerts to salespeople
🔎Geo Reporting Tasks


🔎Collaboration Tools

🔎Lead Scoring

🔎Tasks and Follow-ups

LeadSquared ensures high sales efficiency and comes with plans like:
  • Pro: $30/user/month
  • Super: $60/user/month
  • Ultimate: Contact sales to know its pricing model.

1. TrackoField

TrackoField- Employee Monitoring

TrackoField’s employee GPS tracking software helps in monitoring executives’ real-time location status. The software ensures image-verified attendance marking to avoid faulty attendance marking. You can instantly check where your employees are stationed and where they are headed next.

The app provides data-driven and real-time insight into employees’ activities. You will also get a distance traveled report with a playback option to visualize the on-field sites visited by employees. Even in areas with no or minimal network, the software continues tracking employees.

Additionally, you can assign individual or group tasks on the go, monitor task progress, and manage deadlines in real-time. With its expense tracking feature, you can monitor expenses employees incur during their working hours and automate the expense calculation. You can even validate employees’ exact location, time, and date, with geofenced and geocoded attendance marking, which helps in restricting buddy punching and fetching accurate attendance data. TrackoField also makes ad-hoc order placement easy-breezy for organizations with a field workforce.

To learn more about TrackoField, tap on the video link below.

Read Blog: Field Employee Management Software – Employee Tracking App

2. Hubstaff


Hubstaff’s employee GPS tracking software allows field managers to view the real-time locations of their staff. It comes with an interactive map that displays which route employees took and how many hours or minutes they spent moving to multiple sites.

It also supports Job Sites (geofencing) which designates a specific area or task’s site. Employees after reaching the area get an automated clock-in or timer that records their accurate working hours (time cards).

Managers upon analyzing these timecards, assess the most punctual and hardworking employees. They can also provide customers with ETAs after analyzing employees’ whereabouts.

3. Unolo


Unolo’s GPS employee tracking software helps managers check the real-time location of their field employees. Using it means getting unparalleled accuracy and reliability while monitoring the field force.

Its GPS-based distance calculation helps verify and compare the accuracy of the distance claimed against the actual distance traveled. The software also captures odometer readings to process reimbursement to employees.

Moreover, you can create a geofence to get notified whenever an employee enters and exits that defined area. Unolo detects GPS spoofers and provides notifications to managers when GPS is enabled/disabled in an employee’s phone device. That’s how it ensures 95% accuracy in employee tracking.

4. Fieldproxy


Fieldproxy comes with real-time location intelligence, which helps managers monitor employees’ activities in real-time. With just a glance at the software, managers know what their teams are doing and how much they have progressed till now. Moreover, they can access KPIs to assess the organization’s overall growth and derive operational efficiency.

Its live location tracking with insights into path-taken reports helps monitor agents’ daily routes. Managers by accessing Route Replay can revisit the routes employees took to reach the client’s site. This way they assess the effectiveness of their working hours.

5. FieldSense


FieldSense provides information on every single member in the field. It helps in monitoring employees’ productivity throughout the day. You can monitor your team and deploy idle resources to assignments.

It brings pertinent information on employees’ schedules conveniently and intuitively. Streamlined operations, enhanced workforce productivity, and automated workflow are some benefits of employing FieldSense as the GPS tracking software. Besides, you can collaborate with team members in real time to tackle daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.

6. TrackOlap


TrackOlap’s field employee tracking software helps you assess how your team behaves during working hours. It offers geofencing to limit attendance marking in some specific task locations. This way it removes unwanted time wastes. With real-time tracking, it helps boost the efficiency and productivity of the field force.

Moreover, there is a playback option for managers to rewind the locations employees covered during their job hours. All thanks to the GPS tracking technology, you can track what your team is up to, i.e., their locations, tasks, and availability. TrackOlap’s mobile app also removes unwanted time wastes and helps improve overall team productivity.

7. FieldEZ

Get accurate location tracking and automatically calculate the distance traveled by employees for travel allowance and fuel reimbursement with FieldEZ. The software lets you combine your team members in a group on a locational basis. For instance, you can couple field employees nearby to complete a task together.

Grouping helps managers analyze performance metrics, create location-based reports, and dispatch employees to the task’s locations. On top of that, it allows secure chat and knowledge sharing with managers and peers. With a host of field service-centric features, you can track and manage your entire field force.

8. Jibble


Jibble helps in monitoring and managing employees’ locations in real time. It connects the whole team on a single platform. It enables live location tracking that goes beyond just basic clock-in/out. You can effortlessly access field force live locations and traveled routes.

The app works even in no network zone and its geofence prevents employees from clocking in when they are not closer to the marked area. Besides, Jibble sends smart alerts and notifications on managers’ web portals when their employees enter/exit the geofenced area. Such features make Jibble quite competent among all field employee tracking software solutions.

9. Timeero


With Timeero in place, you can simply track your employees’ location, working hours, and mileage while they move to multiple sites. The software provides a complete overview of employees’ total working hours, i.e., their overtime, breaks, etc. You can also generate timesheet reports, get alerts for out-of-bounds locations, and see the route taken for conducting tasks.

Timeero’s mileage tracking captures mileage logs as employees travel throughout the day. Moreover, it lets you enjoy geofencing that automatically sends clock-in/out reminders when your employees arrive or leave the geofenced location. With Timeero’s employee time tracking software, you can also calculate total miles for jobs done.

10. Zuper


Zuper’s location intelligence or GPS employee tracking software helps automate the entire workflow for businesses with scattered tasks. It ensures accurate data on technicians’s location, their hours on duty, and mileage traveled while moving to different places. The best thing about Zuper is you can configure business hours according to your business needs.

Moreover, its employee location tracking app lets you enjoy the capabilities of real-time visibility into technicians’ movement, geo-tagging, route optimization, and geo-fencing. Another interesting thing about Zuper is you can anticipate the battery levels of technicians’ devices to ward off communication issues. With custom geofenced tags, you can also stop time theft, absences, and buddy punching.

11. Searce

Searce provides custom solutions no matter what your goals are. From getting real-time visibility into employee performances to planning the route, everything is done within minutes when you have Zuper. The company has helped hundreds of customers get locational insights to improve workflow and other related processes.

With this in place, you can get closer to all employees and instantly learn about their whereabouts and how they utilize their working hours. In short, you can manage field staff across multiple locations.

12. LeadSquared


LeadSquared’s GPS tracking software eliminates challenges faced by sales managers while tracking and analyzing their reps’ activities. It helps in improving sales operations with its connected and transparent field sales process. Managers can eliminate the reliance on 100 calls and identify inefficiencies in the sales rep’s itinerary.

Geotracking the sales team helps them get real-time insight into your sales team’s check-in and out. Besides, they can find leads closest to their reps and plan their days accordingly. Also, managers can geofence their reps’ tasks, get geo reporting (tasks completed by reps based on location history), and access collaboration tools to minimize redundant steps and streamline routine tasks. With real-time tracking, managers can get rid of silos and enjoy a seamless workflow.

To Sum it Up!

Accurate employee tracking unlocks a door of opportunities for businesses to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and streamline workflow. Also, businesses prevent unnecessary delays with no more reliance on countless calls and messages. That’s why switching to an employee GPS tracking system is necessary.

From the list above, you will find the most appropriate software solutions. However, if you are looking for software that can improve your entire field operations by replacing mundane tasks with automation, TrackoField can be your suit.

It provides a whole package of different modules besides just GPS tracking software. Upon employing the software, you will find expense, attendance & leaves, payroll, employee task management software systems, etc., and automate from minor to major tasks conveniently. For further info, get in touch with the experts of TrackoField.

Managing and Tracking Field Employees


  • What are the Benefits of GPS Tracking Apps for Employees?

    Upon using the employee GPS tracking software solutions you will have multiple benefits such as:
    - Geocoded attendance marking
    - Live workforce monitoring
    - Real-time insight into employees’ working hours, task, and location
    - Distance traveled reports
    - Streamlined workflow
    - No faulty logins

  • What are the best Employee GPS Tracking Apps for Android?

    Here is a list of the best employee GPS tracking apps for Android.
    - TrackoField
    - Hubstaff
    - Jibble
    - Timeero

12 Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps for All Use Cases

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