Employee Tracking Software

What is Employee Tracking Software?

Employee Tracking Software is a compilation of code in the form of an application software that allows organisations to monitor, manage, and analyse the location, activities, and performance of their employees.

Used mostly for field operations, field employee tracking software provides features and tools that allow tracking and recording on-field attendance, work hours, location, and tasks. It does so with the help of GPS tracking systems, mobile devices and strong network connections that facilitate easy data collection, transmission, and display.

Things Employee Tracking Software Monitor

A field employee tracking software can track the following things and more:

What Are The Benefits of Employee Tracking Software For Field Operations?

With the help of an employee tracking software, you can get some of the following benefits:

  • – Know employees’ location in real-time
  • – Get a clear understanding of what they are doing on the field
  • – Maintain authentic attendance records through location-sensitive attendance
  • – Build better accountability within the team
  • – Reduce resource wastage in your field operations

You Can Use Employee Tracking Software if your Business Is In These Industries

If you have field operations teams for a business operating in these industries, you will definitely need an employee management software (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • – EdTech
  • – Pharmaceuticals
  • – Phlebotomy
  • – Field Sales Operations
  • – Publishing
  • – Sales and after-sales