Battery and Network Status

What is Battery and Network Status?

Battery and network status tracking is a feature of good Field Force Management Software that records the employees’ devices’ battery and network percentage along with locational data. These percentages can be seen right from the software’s dashboard to get to the root of why locational data is not available at any point in time.

Importance of Battery and Network Status Tracking

Battery and Network status adds another dimension of ‘real-time’ to real-time field employee tracking.

  • Trust in Employees: Break the cycle of constantly calling employees since managers have all the information regarding the employees on the field, including the duration, time, and place where the executive’s phone lost network.
  • Prompt Alerts: Whenever employees’ devices lose network or switch off due to low battery, managers get an alert.
  • Fool-proof Tracking: Whenever employees are unreachable, managers know exactly why that is the case – whether they ran out of battery or network, or if they have deliberately switched it off.