Macromanage Field Employees Through FFM Software’s Reports and Alerts

Macromanage Field Employees Through FFM Software’s Reports and Alerts

By macromanaging with field force management software, managers can trust their field agents to complete their tasks as they see fit.

Keeping an eye on your field employees is a thing of the past. To macromanage your field employees is the new cool. Even managers prefer to avoid frequently calling up agents for updates; let’s not even get started on how much employees dislike it. 

But this does not negate the fact that some sort of monitoring is required at every level. 

You must be wondering how this monitoring is possible, right? Well, the answer is not-so-much in-your-face tracking which involves automated reports and reminders, pushing employees to be the best on the field. 

Let’s see how you can execute your subtle monitoring skills with the help of field force management software.

How Do I Manage My Field Employees

Just like managers pray for productive employees, employees pray for an efficient manager who can invest in field force management software. (: (no, not joking)  

92% of the employees agree to be monitored to improve their productivity and performance quality. 

How you manage your employees can be the deal breaker or maker. Here are two ways people generally manage their teams.

Micro Management

To begin with, we have micro-management. It is a negative management style marked by excessive control over employees’ work and functioning. Through this management style, managers give the employees no decision-making freedom. 

“Micromanagement is the destroyer of momentum.” – Miles Anthony Smith.

Micromanagement tends to have a negative effect on employees. For example, managers will constantly call their field executives to know their whereabouts and task updates at the slightest delay. This constant calling negatively affects 68% of employees’ morale and confidence. In addition, 36% of employees consider changing jobs due to this strict management, thus increasing employee turnover.

Macro Management

Macro management is all about seeing the bigger picture. Managers trust their employees with the freedom to complete the task in their order as long as they meet the deadlines. Instead of obsessing over the details, managers focus on aligning the agent’s work with larger goals and objectives. 

“Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.” — John D. Rockefeller.

Though there is undoubtedly a certain amount of monitoring done to prevent employees from straying but in a very subtle manner. The best way to do so is through analytical reports and notifications. Reports help managers analyze the employees’ performance and productivity. 35% of employees believe that a flexible working approach has helped them improve their work-life balance.

Automated Reports Offered By Field Force Management Software

Knowing that macromanaging is better for a productive and performance-oriented workforce, it’s time to adopt it in your management system. 

But if you are still not convinced enough to trust your employees. How about we tell you that you can still enjoy a bit of control in macro management?

Yes, you read that right, and you can do so with the help of automated reports generated by field force management software. Since these reports are developed in real-time and updated accurately, managers no longer have to wait for quarterly reviews to assess each employee’s performance. Instead, the reports show the results of the trust and freedom you have given to your executives.

Leave and Attendance Reports 

Leave and Attendance reports are beneficial during task delegation. While assigning tasks, they need to know which employees are on leave that day, right? Moreover, studying this data will give the managers insights into how many leaves field executives have taken or can take. Keeping this information in mind, tasks can be allotted accordingly. 

Additionally, attendance and leave information and timesheet management are crucial for determining pay, compensating overtime, etc.

Travel History Reports

Managers supervising field executives must ensure that the tasks are being performed efficiently. With the accuracy offered by TrackoField, managers can easily view the travel history collected by the software. 

Clear-cut data on the route taken, kilometers traveled, and the time spent at each stop is shown. This accuracy can benefit companies offering reimbursement according to the distance covered by agents.

Performance and Productivity Report

Through performance reports, managers can come to know a bunch of things. But, most importantly, he comes to know of the work quality of his team and individuals. 

Taking it to the next level, the manager can compare two sales teams’ productivity. Not only that, but the software lets the manager compare every employee’s current performance with the previous quarters’. You can identify the best-performing agents with these metrics.

The software is truly one of a kind, as it can even generate reports client-wise. For example, it shows the number of times customers have shared the happiness code signifying their satisfaction with the service.

Task Reports

The manager delegates tasks to employees after a lot of planning. Therefore, task reports are essential to judge the success of their strategies. 

Also, managers are presented with a detailed list of completed, pending, and carried forward tasks field agents are working on. Each task assigned to them in the past and its status could be evaluated through the reports. Furthermore, employees are more accountable for the time taken to complete the job.

Simplified Task Report

Expense Reports

Every reimbursement requested and approved is revealed in expense reports. Right from buying stationery to machine lubricant, all expenses are listed. Each detail is accurate to the T allowing managers to make decisions based on the reports. And for companies that reimburse according to travel history, TrackoField would be an ideal software as it offers accurate distance traveled reports.

Network Status

The software lets the managers track their employees in real-time through the app. And through the reports, managers can study the time, duration, and place field executive’s phone lost network or was switched off.

Made To Order Reports with Graphics

The software is customizable to suit the organization’s needs.  Managers can request custom reports other than default reports offered by the system. The software presents reports both in tabular and graphical form. Reports with illustrated charts and graphs make it easier for managers to understand the growth trajectory. TrackoField is built to help managers and employees operate with accountability and ease.

Benefits of Automated Reports with Field Force Management System

It takes the right field force management software to generate reports containing data managers can take advantage of. Along with metrics, the reports contain many charts, making it easy for managers to derive digestible information that was otherwise too complicated to comprehend.


Seeing that there is no aspect left behind that is not monitored and presented by the reports, we can say that managers have their eyes on every move. It’s just that they are not doing it bluntly. As a result, managers have way more visibility of field operations than they could have gained over calls or GPS tracking. Not only real-time monitoring but clarity over performance and productivity, accurate ETAs are gained through reports in a jiffy.

Help in Strategizing Future Actions with Informed Decisions

While everyday access to data is important for proper management, businesses run on long-term planning. Only when you are aware of the profitability, targets being achieved, employees to retain, and areas to focus on can you strategize for the future. And for this, studying reports generated by the software is an essential component. 

In addition, emergency tasks could be allotted according to the knowledge manager has of each employee’s bandwidth, expertise, and availability through the reports.

Enhance Employee Productivity

These reports are presented with accurate details that record every employee step. This is how macromanaging works—keeping an eye without being in the face. Through the reports, managers can identify areas where employees struggle with time and tasks. This allows the managers to hold meetings to discuss the solution to the problem.

Real-Time Notification and Alerts to Field Executives

Notifications and alerts by the field force management software are great to macromanage the employees. However, they are subtle reminders for employees of their work if they deviate from the task.

Unlike micromanagement, where the managers are breathing down their necks, these reminders are employee friendly and designed to help them be their best on the field by showing their productivity and efficiency in the reports.


  • Upcoming Meetings and Tasks: Alerts can be set to remind them periodically of the next meeting or tasks. This way, they can be punctual for meetings.
  • Arrived on Site: Managers can geofence an area around which they will be notified if the agent enters. This way, managers can inform the client of the agent’s ETA.
  • No Network Zone: Managers are alerted once their agents enter a no network zone or lose network.
  • Change in schedule and tasks: Employees receive an alert whenever a change occurs in their allotted task list or schedules. This is useful so that they don’t panic but have time to plan their other tasks accordingly.

Alerts and Notifications


Notifications are an efficient way for managers to be informed without being too invested.

  • Application of Leave: Managers are notified once an employee requests leave. Managers can approve or reject the request remotely through the field force management app. Employees do not need to meet with the manager personally.
  • Approval or rejection of leave: Employees receive notification if there is any update on their request. This way, they don’t have to check their phone or call the manager.
  • Broadcasted Message: Field agents are notified when managers broadcast a message. It can be about a holiday or a change in the shift schedule for every employee. With one message, all employees are informed.  
  • Reimbursement Status: To save time, employees are notified of any change in their reimbursement request status through the software app.
  • Personal Chat: Whenever the manager or any other team member messages the field agent through the built-in chat box of the software, they are notified. This does not let the employee miss out on any important information.
  • Personalized Alerts and Notifications: Other than the list of alerts and notifications we have mentioned, managers can request personalized pop-ups. They are useful for keeping employees on track and communicating with them without badgering them. These reminders are also a way of communicating. TrackoField a variety offers customizable reminders.

Benefits of Macromanaging with Field Force Management Software

Macro management is all about managing your employees from afar. You have to trust your employees with the freedom to decide how they complete their tasks.

But no manager can trust their employee blindly; truth be told, some degree of supervision is required for employees to work productively. And this is where field workforce management software comes in. It lets managers monitor field agents through detailed reports, alerts, and notifications. Doing so lets managers and employees enjoy certain benefits.

  • Better Employee Retention: Monitoring employees from a distance through detailed reports and alerts prevents the manager from interfering in the working of his employees. The space and freedom provided are an incentive to the employees, which helps retain the talent.
  • Higher Employee Morale: Trusting your employees with the liberty to complete their tasks in whichever order boosts their morale. This step gives them confidence in themselves and their skills.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The reports accurately convey to managers where their employee is falling short or struggling. This allows managers to take appropriate steps to help their field agents.
  • Time-Saving Techniques: Since these reports are real-time and automated, managers do not need an employee to put together reports for him to study. Even the scheduled notifications are automated, thus saving time.
  • Stress-Free Environment: Macromanaging presents a stress-free and motivating environment for both managers and employees to thrive. The employees are confident and efficient in completing their tasks, while managers are more relaxed and utilize their time to make future strategies.

Ping…You Got a Message

We know you are pro-macro management, right?

And if you too like to spend a few minutes enjoying your coffee knowing that your employees are efficiently working, then we are on the same team. Trust your employees just how much you trust field force management software to provide you with accurate real-time reports of them. 

TrackoField is a leading field employee tracking software in the market. It has automated features and tools to help you efficiently macromanage your employees.

Get your demo here now.

Macromanage Field Employees Through FFM Software’s Reports and Alerts

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