Does Employee Tracking Software Improve Field Service Management?

Does Employee Tracking Software Improve Field Service Management?

Did you know that good field service management can improve customer retention by 48%? However, after-sales services are not straightforward, primarily when everything is manually managed.

The process is complicated owing to complex hybrid operations. However, if your business needs to provide field services, you’ll have to figure out a way. And using employee tracking software might just be what your business needs! 

Are you wondering how a tracking software for employees can improve field service management? Well, you’re in the right place since this blog talks about exactly that!

What is Field Service Management? 

Do you own or work at a company that sells products or services? 

Naturally, regardless of how good your product or service is, there are likely to be some issues from time to time. So, what do you do in such situations? Leave your customers hanging and lose goodwill, or offer them after-sales service and improve product/service longevity and customer loyalty? 

The latter – obviously! 

To offer good after-sales services, you will have to hire technicians and build an operations and productivity system. Through this system, technicians will receive tasks, log their productivity, and other proofs of their correct task execution. 

However, imagine one person having to manage all this process without any software aid! That’s ludicrous! And this is where field service management software and tools come into play. 

Field service management, in short, is resolving customers’ issues with your products and services at the comfort of their homes. Therefore, your executives have to be on the field, go to different clients’ sites and fix issues on your behalf. 

After-sales services are essential for customer retention and business development. However, it comes with its own unique challenges that need software aid to be overcome. Such issues can include task assignment, coordination issues, and managing employee performance.

Questions Managers Face in Field Service Management 

Sure, managing a team is difficult. However, things are even more complicated when the entire team is working remotely or on the field. Moreover, when working in field service management, the challenges are even more real because the company’s goodwill depends on the executives’ performance! 

While managing a team of field service technicians/executives, here are some questions managers have to find answers to.

Who to Assign Tasks To? 

A customer raises a ticket and the manager forms a task. However, what to do now? Who should the manager assign the task to? This is a paramount question because a couple of factors go into this decision-making:

  • Each executives’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Executives’ availability according to tasks at hand 
  • Each eligible executive’s location 
  • The task’s urgency and sensitivity

Even if the manager has only a team of 10 to manage, looking into so much information and then assigning the task properly is a huge deal. Managers, therefore, need a solution that can present all this organization in an organized manner for the manager to analyze.

Are All Executives Really at Work? 

Once the executives have marked their attendance in the field, managers can trust them and believe they are actually at work. However, there’s also a possibility that executives resort to time theft and mark attendance when they’re not actually on the field. 

In such situations, it is difficult for managers to manage fault-free attendance on the field and maintain fair pay. Therefore, they need some solution that will guarantee that all the attendance log that they receive is authentic.

Has the Executive Reached the Task Site? 

Once the manager has assigned tasks, according to the urgency, they might be anxious about executives’ movements. Will they reach the task site on time? Is everything in order on the field? Managers could call executives to get locational updates, but that is extremely inefficient and mundane. 

To solve this issue, managers should be able to have a way to check executives’ whereabouts without taking updates from them.

Did Technicians Do their Work Properly? 

How the field technicians/executives conduct themselves and their tasks with the clients makes an impact on the company’s goodwill. After all, they are the primary touchpoints to the company for the customers. So, managers need to know if some technicians/executives are especially problematic with their work or behaviour. 

The only way to figure this out is by getting honest customer feedbacks. Through these feedback, executives can analyse each executives’ progress, behavior, and strengths and strategize accordingly. They can then figure out what kind of work is ideal for which teammate.

Does Employee Tracking Software Improve Field Service Management?

How Workforce Management Software Helps 

Workforce management software is especially built to manage on-field tasks – be them sales, after-sales services, or anything else. In this section, read about how you can use software aid to benefit your field service team and operations management. 

  • Task Management: With field force management software you can check each executive’s to-do list. Therefore, you can assign tasks according to urgency and executive availability. 
  • Attendance Management: Say not to accidentally assign tasks to executives on their off days. With leave and attendance management systems, you can teel each executive’s presence on the field. 
  • Live Tracking: Know exactly where the technicians are in real-time to avoid any confusion regarding whether or not they are working in the field. This is great to stay updated without bugging executives at work. 
  • Easy Communication: In case executives have any issues with the task brief, they can easily communicate the same on the field force management software’s in-built chatboxes. 
  • Task Completion: Through geospatial information, you can always tell when tasks are completed. You can also mandate employees to send visual proofs of when they are done with specific tasks. 
  • Custom Fields and Forms: Through field force management software, documents are both stored over the cloud and are flexible. Therefore, whatever kind of feedback you need from customers, you can reshape the form accordingly and access it immediately. 
  • Employee Reports: Know how each executive is performing and what their strong suit is through insightful reports generated by workforce management software. You can then strategize your business accordingly. 

Make Your After-Sales Services Simpler With TrackoField 

The best way to have your products and services do well is by offering after-sales service. After all, if you are able to help customers through the issues they face, they are likely to stick to your brand, right? So, why not invest in the right field force service management software right now?

To make after-sales services as smooth and breezy as possible, look into TrackoField. With our robust and scalable workforce management system, there are hardly any field task-related issues that you will not be able to tackle! 

Does Employee Tracking Software Improve Field Service Management?

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