Target vs Achievement Reports

What are Target vs Achievement Reports?

The purpose of introducing this innovative and unique feature that none other than TrackField provides is to eliminate the need to manually compare target and achievements, efficiently use data, and enable managers to gain insights into their team’s productivity with a single click. Thanks to this feature, managers can now access real-time information about how each employee is performing their duties.

Later, based on the results, they can take immediate corrective measures if necessary. For example, if a manager learns that some of their employees are falling far short of their targets, they can identify the cause of the problem and fix it as soon as possible. At the same time, the manager can share the modus operandi or approach followed by the employees who have excelled and achieved the goals with the rest of the team.

Overall, this feature will assist organizations in enhancing overall productivity by recognizing less-productive employees and ultimately providing them the right training and guidance.

What Are The Key Benefits of Target Vs Achievement Feature?

The Target vs. Achievement feature provides numerous benefits to managers as well as the organization as a whole. Three of the most important benefits of this feature are:

  • 1. Set Employee-Specific Goals
    With this feature, you can set personalized targets for each employee. This allows you to set different goals for novice and experienced employees, ensuring that work is allocated to each employee based on their experience and competence.
  • 2. Real-Time Performance Evaluation
    The Target vs. Achievement feature allows you to track individual or team performance in real time. You can determine which employees are progressing toward the goal with the desired speed and which ones are lagging.
  • 3. Help You Find Flaws
    The real-time data and report analysis of target vs. achievement will allow you to identify and fill gaps in your approach. For example, you can determine whether your employees require specific training or the workflow needs to be overhauled.

What Metrics Can Be Calculated Using the Target vs. Achievement Feature?

TrackoField’s unique Target Vs. Achievement feature allows you to track and measure several different metrics, such as call target, login hours, and talk time. Moreover, you can define individual targets for each employee and edit them as needed.

For example, you can set 10 calls per day for senior employees, whereas for new recruits, you can set it to 6-7. Similarly, you can specify login hours and talk time as well. At the end of the month or after a period, you can extract the data and evaluate whether or not employees met their respective targets.

If several employees have met their targets, you may raise them for the next month. For underperforming employees, you can arrange for training and consultation programs to help them improve their performance.