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Workforce Management Software

Remote Workforce Management
Made Possible Via Software

Hybrid work culture has become the mainstream working culture post covid. Most offices have struck the balance between work-from-home, work from the field and work in the office. In order to make this ultra-hybrid work culture flourish, companies are relying on IT.

Workforce management software has made this post-pandemic cultural shift possible. TrackoField offers dynamic software solutions to monitor and manage on-field, in-office and WFH teams easily. We help keep your entire workforce on one page/app.

Remote Workforce Management Made Possible Via Software

What Our Workforce Management Software Offers

You can expect complete field force surveillance and monitoring of tasks from far away. Our advanced field workforce monitoring solutions are well equipped to do so!

Real-time Workforce TrackingReal-time Workforce Tracking

Workforce Tracking

TrackoField offers live tracking of field staff on the app. There is no limit on the number of employees our field staff tracking app can track. You’ve got a hundred, a thousand or a million employees moving in real-time, we’ll monitor them all.

Manage Employee

Expense management is one of the crucial tools offered by field workforce tracking software. It streamlines the expense reimbursement and reconciliation for both, field employees and in-office teams.

Manage Employee ExpenseManage Employee Expense
Task Management SimplifiedTask Management Simplified

Task Management

Long-distance relationships can work be it personal or professional. Our Task management tool makes sure distance is never a barrier to the cordial, flawless relationship between an executive and the manager.


Geo-tagging ensures that the field workforce is at the right place at the right time. The software fetches the geo-coordinates when employees log in. Also, auto-login ensures that attendance is marked only when employees reach their assigned locations.

Geo-verified AttendanceGeo-verified Attendance
Online Leave ManagementOnline Leave Management

Online Leave

Our workforce management software makes it convenient for remote employees to apply for leaves online. Managers receive notifications when they get leave requests. They can approve or reject them anytime from anywhere on the fly.

Workforce Management Solutions

It Doesn’t Spy, It Automates

It may look like spying to some but it’s not. TrackoField ensures that employee privacy is not
breached. All solutions we offer are in compliance with regulations.


Tracking starts when employees grant permissions.

Hours Only

Tracking stops when employees log out.


Tracks employee locations without network coverage.

Battery & Network

Monitors real-time Battery and network status.

Practical Benefits of Workforce Management Software

If your employees find it tough to keep track of tasks, time, team, and expenses, then TrackoField is the magical potion you shall offer them. Let us see what are the practical benefits of workforce management solutions.

Monitor Productivity

Real-time tracking and detailed reports offer you complete visibility into each employee’s performance.

In-depth Insights

Data is power! We leverage technology to fetch crucial insights into employee activity that help make better business decisions.

Optimised Operations

Automation not only speeds up the operations but also optimises them. Hence, less scope for errors and better function.

Data Transparency

Sharing insights on employees with them will enhance transparency and boost their trust in the organisation.

Enhanced Performance

When employees have access to their data, it helps them improve where they lag and sustain where they excel.

Reduced Costs

With optimised operations, better performance and in-depth insights, the only way to go is forward and above for a company.

Field Workforce Monitoring Software Highlights

More is less when software highjacks manual management! The expectations start skyrocketing, pushing the limits of possibilities. Here’s how workforce management software did for businesses:

  • Bulk Upload

    In these fast-moving times, when workforce management software doesn’t allow bulk upload, it’s the saddest. Well, TrackoField has taken care of it. We don’t just allow bulk upload but also do it super fast.

    Bulk Upload
  • In-built Chat

    TrackoField offers an in-built chat facility where employees chat with one another. It allows both, one-on-one and group chats. There is no need to switch apps for conversing with a colleague or managers. Also, everything remains documented on a single app.

    In-built Chat
  • Custom Fields

    One size fits all is not our philosophy. Hence, we provide custom fields in TrackoField that allow managers to create custom categories, options, and criteria under different solutions. It’s one of the most valuable features of the software.

    Custom Fields
  • Bespoke Forms

    Just on the line of custom fields we also offer custom forms. Managers have options to create different styles of forms that include multiple choice, long answers, checkboxes, scales, and more.

    Bespoke Forms

Optimise Workforce
Management with TrackoField

With technology at hand, it is not possible for employees to misrepresent facts and observations. Workforce tracking solutions ensure fairness and transparency. TrackoField is a fool-proof formula to manage field workforce and in-office workforce equally well.

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  • Manage Teams

    Create teams, switch teams, assign tasks, monitor their performances and do much more in a single platform.

  • Spot Anomalies

    Software-enabled workforce monitoring also helps spot hidden anomalies in the process and mitigate them.

  • Real-time Updates

    Instant alerts and notifications ensure that managers get real-time notifications on essential updates.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

    Digital attachments, e-forms, and online archives are some features that help you reduce your carbon footprints.

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Companies Riding with Us

Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • What is workforce management software?

    Workforce tracking software is a cloud-based platform that monitors employees’ performance, efficiency, location and timeline. It generates reports on the team’s efficiency, task analytics, and expenses. In-depth insights into productive vs unproductive hours, efficient vs inefficient teams, and most spendthrift vs least spendthrift, help make better business decisions in the future. Best workforce management software enables organisations to optimise resource allocation, improve productivity and make decisions backed by data.

  • How does remote workforce management software work?

    The field workforce tracking software uses big data and automation to optimise staffing needs. It brings a remote workforce in one place and streamlines operations via a mobile employee tracking app.

    Step 1: Employees download the remote workforce management app and sign up.

    Step 2: Create the profile and mark themselves present.

    Step 3: The employees reflect on the manager's dashboard

    Step 4: The manager allocates tasks on the app, and tracks their workflow, attendance and every other performance metric.

  • What are the benefits of using workforce management Software?

    The workforce monitoring software comes with several benefits both for employees and employers.

    1. Improved productivity: Automated report generation, task scheduling and workflow management enhanced productivity for managers as well as executives.

    2. Reduced Costs: Accurate resource utilisation, reduced absenteeism and lesser overtime pay will result in reduced overhead expenses.

    3. Data transparency: Workforce tracking software assesses employees on the same parameters and any sort of discrepancy in data along the hierarchy is not possible.

    4. Data-driven decision making: Rea-time insights and historical data allow managers to make instant decisions with confidence.

  • What types of businesses can benefit from using workforce management solutions?

    Workforce monitoring software can benefit businesses across various industries and sizes. Field workforce management solutions are beneficial for small and large enterprises as managing a field staff is not easy be it small or fragmented.

    Industries that can benefit from workforce management software:

    - Hospitality: Staffing, task scheduling and operational automation

    - Healthcare: Medical representative and hospital operations

    - Construction: Site staff tracking and monitoring

    - Manufacturing: Field sales management

    - Logistics: Technician and Driver Monitoring

  • How can workforce management software benefit teams?

    Employees benefit a lot from workforce monitoring software in terms of productivity, growth and collaboration with other team members. If put in straight words then workforce monitoring software benefits a team by:

    - Improving collaboration among team members

    - Enhancing the efficiency of employees with automation

    - Increasing accountability for individual and team tasks

    - Open and transparent communication among team members

    - Tracking and analysing individual performances

  • How much does workforce management software cost?

    The cost of workforce monitoring software depends on various factors such as the number of users, custom features/requirements, the software provider and the scale of the software. However, the pricing of the workforce management software starts from around $4 per user/month going all the way up to $80 per user per month.

  • Is Workforce Management Software hard to use?

    Is Workforce Management Software hard to use? Workforce tracking software solutions to the likes of TrackoField are very easy to use and understand. However, some software may seem complicated and tough to understand in the beginning. Still, advanced field workforce management software comes with intuitive UI/UX, making it adaptive and fast to grasp.

  • What Is a Good Workforce Management Plan?

    In this time and age mapping out a good workforce plan requires much more than just the current standing, years of experience and a solid gut feeling.

    Guessworkkwork has been replaced with data-driven decision making and only for good. However, the ingredients of a good workforce management plan include:

    - Performance Tracking

    - Accurate data analytics

    - On-point forecasting of trends

    - Efficient Scheduling

    - Transperant Communications

    - Adherence to compliance and protocols

    - Regular evaluations and assessments

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