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On-board TrackoField’s advanced workforce management system to:

  • Streamline daily to monthly task schedules
  • Automate expense reporting
  • Track geo-coded attendance
  • Automate field employee payroll
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To Simplify Staff Scheduling & Automate Shift Management

Get equipped with all the necessary workforce management tools required to prepare your field force for precise and demand-driven scheduling.

  • Automate employee scheduling and dispatching
  • Assign and manage shifts for a diverse workforce
  • Accurately manage leave and attendance of field staff
  • On-point performance analysis with Target vs Achievement Report

Efficiency Achievable With Best Workforce Management Tools

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Onboard our scaling workforce management software for your small or giant
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Features of All-Inclusive Workforce Monitoring Software

Take On-site Productivity a Notch Higher!

Explore comprehensive features you can quickly onboard to schedule, pay, and
manage field staff with our innovative workforce management tool.

  • Employee GPS Tracking

    Trace Every Staff in the Loop

    Track your field workforce's location, activity, and performance in real time. Get real-time updates on each executive’s task progress. Know who’s falling behind assigned schedules or service requests!

    Employee GPS Tracking
  • Digital Task Management

    Digital Task Management

    Assign Tasks, Track Progress

    Bid farewell to paper-based task allocation! Now plan, assign, and monitor tasks with ease. Digital task lists, deadline reminders, file/document sharing, and other collaboration tools enhance employee experience.

  • Leave and Attendance Management

    Fool-Proof Attendance Marking

    With a single tap, allow your field crew to report geo-verified attendance remotely. Biometric attendance and image-verified mark-ins pull down proxy attendance. Make the leave management process a cakewalk with a single dashboard.

    Leave and Attendance Management
  • Order Management

    Order Management

    Track Orders and Sales Volumes

    Allow your field staff to log in their sales order, and access the product list without any delay or discrepancy. Make order progress from placement to approval a breeze with a seamless routine or ad-hoc order placement.

  • Payroll Management

    Track Attendance, Automate Payroll

    Deliver only accurate paychecks! Let our software make payroll management a cakewalk for you with accurate compensation calculations based on work hours, reimbursements and leaves taken.

    Payroll Management
  • Expense Management Software

    Expense Management Software

    Instant Expense Claiming & Approval

    Automate expense management to simplify reimbursements. Let employees submit expenses via the app and track real-time status of their expense requests. Managers efficiently approve or reject applications on the move.

Highlights of Digital Workforce Management System

What…There’s More?

Don’t hang in there with just basics! Explore other essential ingredients of our workforce management software that lead to a well-managed and performing workforce.

Highlights of Digital Workforce Management System
  • Battery & Network Status

    Don’t let your workforce get away with unfulfilled tasks due to low battery or no-network. Get real-time insights.

  • Bulk Task Upload

    Avoid uploading one task at a time. Download the task template, add multiple tasks, and add them to the executive app together!

  • Reminders & Notifications

    Receive notifications on your field staff's entry/exit from assigned task locations. The executive app also sends reminders for meetings, tasks, or updates to your field staff.

  • SOS Button

    Worried about your staff working on a complicated or risky site? TrackoField’s employee app with the SOS button is here to seek immediate help.

  • Custom Fields

    Unsatisfied with the default fields? No problem. Add, expand, or modify fields to create custom categories, options, and criteria across various solutions.

  • Custom Forms

    Hello, managers! Now you have options to create different styles of e-forms that include multiple choice, long answers, checkboxes, scales, and more.

  • Unreachable reports

    Get a complete view of why your executive’s status is not visible - is their phone out of network area, on flight mode, or switched off?

  • Quick Voice Notes

    Give your field employees the freedom to exchange quick or important information over chats — supported by voice note sharing.

Pay Only for
Travelled Distance

Disburse Only Fair Sum!

Trust our route distance calculator to avoid manual field employee mileage tracking errors! Generate precise data for generating field staff’s invoices and processing payroll.

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Highlights of Field Force Management System

With Enterprise Remote Workforce Management Software

Enjoy Fast Shift Scheduling!

From a single dashboard of our best workforce management
software, plan and assign shifts to multiple field staff to varied
tasks and locations. If there are last-minute or urgent requests
— chill, everything will be taken care of.

  • Easily manage employee schedules, hours, and attendance.
  • Set up recurring shifts to simplify the team’s scheduling.
  • Set automated alerts for late, missed, and unattended shifts.
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Highlights of Field Force Management System

Walk Across Two-way Street of Workforce Management...

With Desktop & Mobile Apps!

It’s easy to manage field staff and tasks from mobile workforce management apps! With a
user-friendly interface, enjoy fast scheduling and efficient employee reporting.

Employee App Manager App/Web

With the employee app, let your field force enjoy a unified platform featuring options to mark geo-coded attendance, report expenses, manage tasks, and communicate via chat. Simplify your field staff’s admin tasks so that they can focus on strategic tasks.

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As a manager, oversee and manage your field staff’s real-time location, attendance, upcoming leave requests, payroll, tasks, and productivity — all over a comprehensive dashboard. Get minute-by-minute updates of each employee’s whereabouts and task progress.

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Benefits of Workforce Management Software

You Get With TrackoField

When you trust TrackoField as your built-in compliance tool to track employees' shifts, tasks,
overtime, and leave requests, you experience the following benefits.

  • Automated Workflows

    Switch from manual to automation. Automate task assignments, shift scheduling, attendance, and payroll processes. Free up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic work.

  • First-Time Fix Rate

    Enhance technician dispatching through timely scheduling to achieve higher first-time fix rates. Act promptly to minimize your customer inconvenience and boost their satisfaction.

  • Fast Shift Scheduling

    Optimize schedule by considering worker skills, location, and real-time availability. Reduce scheduling conflicts, minimize idle time, and ensure the right person is dispatched for each job.

  • Performance Analytics

    Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports on unified dashboards, providing valuable insights into workforce performance, job completion timeline, customer satisfaction, and areas for improvement.

  • Reduced Overheads

    Enjoy reduced operational costs by automating employee schedules. Track employees' overtime, task duration, and expenses to identify areas where you can save or splurge money.

  • Great Customer Value

    Simplify workforce management process by setting a schedule guaranteeing prompt and efficient service. Track customer satisfaction with our uniquely offered “happiness code” depicting successful deliveries.

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TrackoField has been our knight in shining armour, revolutionizing our field operations. We had a clear vision of where we headed but the challenge was to make it happen at a desirable pace. That’s where team TF stepped in along with TrackoBit to automate the entire field management including our fleet of vehicles. Today, we are operating in 6 regions and 14 cities with their software support.

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Rajeshwar Wadhera - CEO

Integrate TrackoField with 200+ Apps

TrackoField is easy to integrate with any internal CRM, ERP, complete
HRMs, payroll systems, or classic timesheets – you use!

Route Planning Software for the FMCG Industry

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Industries that “Must Have” Workforce Management Toolkit

Our online workforce tracking system caters to every industry.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Track sales reps and their task progress, leaves, and performance with a simple employee tracking app.

  • Retail

    With field force management software, manage on-field staff’s availability, movement, orders and tasks, expenses, and more.

  • Operations

    Assign tasks and get proof of delivery in real-time. Get an idea of employee productivity and client success through informative reports.

  • Construction

    With field workforce management software, streamline project coordination, track resources, and maintain optimum schedules for construction workers.

  • Healthcare

    Aid home healthcare, equipment techs, and nurses by improving scheduling, communication, and patient tracking for efficient care.

  • Public Safety

    Helpful for police, firefighters, and first responders to manage resources, dispatch teams, and communicate better during emergencies.

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Get ready to enjoy effective employee scheduling, automated processes, and revenue-generating opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have doubts about the digital workforce management system? Let’s answer them All!

  • What is online workforce management?

    Online workforce management is an important act, wherein you initiate plans and processes to optimize employee productivity, scheduling, dispatching, tasks, and expense claiming and review performance to meet business bottom lines.

  • Workforce management vs human capital management?

    Workforce management

    Workforce Management or WFM is more related to optimisation of the workforce on optimization level. It includes focusing on employee scheduling, assigning tasks, and managing their attendance and leave records while adhering to company policy.

    Human capital management

    Human Capital Management has a broader context than WFM. It involves more strategic elements like talent acquisition, training and development, and overall strategy creation and implementation for reducing employee turnover.

  • What is workforce management software?

    Workforce tracking software is a cloud-based platform that monitors employees’ performance, efficiency, location, and timeline. It generates reports on the team’s efficiency, task analytics, and expenses.

    In-depth insights into productive vs unproductive hours, efficient vs inefficient teams, and most spendthrift vs least spendthrift, help make better business decisions in the future. Best workforce management software enables organisations to optimise resource allocation, improve productivity and make decisions backed by data.

  • What are the benefits of using workforce management Software?

    The workforce monitoring software comes with several benefits both for employees and employers.

    1. Improved productivity: Automated report generation, task scheduling, and workflow management enhanced productivity for managers as well as executives.
    2. Reduced Costs: Accurate resource utilisation, reduced absenteeism and lesser overtime pay will result in reduced overhead expenses.
    3. Data transparency: Workforce tracking software assesses employees on the same parameters and any sort of discrepancy in data along the hierarchy is not possible.
    4. Data-driven decision making: Real-time insights and historical data allow managers to make instant decisions with confidence.

  • How can workforce management software benefit teams?

    Employees benefit a lot from workforce monitoring software in terms of productivity, growth, and collaboration with other team members. If put in straight words then workforce monitoring software benefits a team by:

    1. Improving collaboration among team members
    2. Enhancing the efficiency of employees with automation
    3. Increasing accountability for individual and team tasks
    4. Open and transparent communication among team members
    5. Tracking and analysing individual performances

  • Is Workforce Management Software hard to use?

    Is Workforce Management Software hard to use? Workforce tracking software solutions to the likes of TrackoField are very easy to use and understand. However, some software may seem complicated and tough to understand in the beginning. Still, advanced field workforce management software comes with intuitive UI/UX, making it adaptive and fast to grasp.

  • What are the challenges of workforce management solutions?

    Many workforce management systems or solutions come with integration complexities, resistance to scale, poor data accuracy and compliance, and inability to adapt to evolving workforce dynamics.

    But that’s not the case with TrackoField’s web based workforce management software. It bypasses all the challenges and aids according to flexible and growing needs of enterprises. Can’t believe it? How about you try it for free?

  • What is remote workforce management?

    Remote workforce management is efficient scheduling, dispatching, and management of field or remote staff.

  • What is mobile workforce management software?

    Mobile workforce management software is an easy to access platform from anywhere that hosts you with capabilities like:

    - Employee shift scheduling
    - Task assigning
    - Expense management
    - Salary compilation and payroll processing
    - Order management
    - And load more features you need to build a productive, safe and compliant field force.

  • How does remote workforce management software work?

    The field workforce tracking software uses big data and automation to optimise staffing needs. It brings a remote workforce in one place and streamlines operations via a mobile employee tracking app.

    Step 1: Employees download the remote workforce management app and sign up.
    Step 2: Create the profile and mark themselves present.
    Step 3: The employees reflect on the manager's dashboard
    Step 4: The manager allocates tasks on the app, and tracks their workflow, attendance, and every other performance metric.

  • What types of businesses can benefit from using workforce management solutions?

    Workforce monitoring software can benefit businesses across various industries and sizes. Field workforce management solutions are beneficial for small and large enterprises as managing a field staff is not easy be it small or fragmented.
    Industries that can benefit from workforce management software:

    - Hospitality: Staffing, task scheduling, and operational automation
    - Healthcare: Medical representative and hospital operations
    - Construction: Site staff tracking and monitoring
    - Manufacturing: Field sales management
    - Logistics: Technician and Driver Monitoring

  • How much does workforce management software cost?

    The cost of workforce monitoring software depends on various factors such as the number of users, custom features/requirements, the software provider, and the scale of the software. However, the pricing of the workforce management software starts from around $4 per user/month going all the way up to $80 per user per month.

  • What Is a Good Workforce Management Plan?

    In this time and age mapping out a good workforce plan requires much more than just the current standing, years of experience, and a solid gut feeling.
    Guesswork has been replaced with data-driven decision-making and only for good. However, the ingredients of a good workforce management plan include:

    - Performance Tracking
    - Accurate data analytics
    - On-point forecasting of trends
    - Efficient Scheduling
    - Transparent Communications
    - Adherence to compliance and protocols
    - Regular evaluations and assessments

  • What is the future of workforce management?

    Workforce management in future would be seen leveraging smart workforce management solutions to drive:

    - AI-driven workflow automation
    - Remote work optimisation
    - Data-led decision making
    - Enhance employee experience with better compliance
    - Agile, adaptable and efficient workforce strategies

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