Medical and Healthcare fleet tracking software Medical and Healthcare fleet tracking software Medical and Healthcare fleet tracking software Medical and Healthcare fleet tracking software
Medical and Healthcare fleet tracking software

Medical Healthcare Fleet Tracking Software

Automate Medical Mobility & Healthcare System

Optimize healthcare equipment transportation and make medicines easily available everywhere with TrackoBit!

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Make Medical Equipment Available Anywhere at Ease

Medical equipment can be fragile and prone to contamination and spoilage. Transporting such contamination also requires accurate ETAs and emergency deliveries.

Several medicines and similar products need to be stored at fixed temperatures to maintain their potency. Cold-chain transportation, thus, is an important feature of medical and healthcare equipment transportation.

When medical equipment can be delivered on time, people’s lives will be safer. Therefore, at TrackoBit, we innovate and develop newer technologies to make pharmaceuticals available to everyone easily. The better the medical transportation, the better the country’s healthcare system!

Fleet Management backed by Intelligent Telematics

What We Offer

Strong and seamless medical infrastructure so that no one has to suffer due to pharmaceutical inaccessibility

Cold-Chain Supply

Prevent decomposition of medicines through cold-chain supply. Our software helps build reliable supply chains that deliver consignment to its destination at maximum potency. Reduce spoilage and overall cost with ideal pharmaceutical fleet management .

All-in-one Solution

Total Fleet Visibility

Track nearest ambulances and vehicles carrying emergency equipment in real-time. Time can be exceptionally precious in the pharmaceutical industry and you can prevent wasting some of it by choosing the right vehicles and drivers for time-specific tasks.

All-in-one Solution

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Choose the right drivers for sensitive tasks such as carrying fragile or flammable consignment. Careless driving can be extremely problematic with specific consignment and time restrictions. Single out and train unruly drivers to secure your fleet and profits.

All-in-one Solution

Engine Supervision

Allow your vehicles to run on maximum engine efficiency under proper engine supervision. Prevent breakdowns and delays due to improper engine health. Our software is compatible with OBD integration and monitors engine performance.

All-in-one Solution

What You Get

A future-proof formula that helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Sensor Integration

Real-time Tracking

Integrate our software with any sensor to make pharmaceutical fleet management simpler. Monitor reefer temperature or cabin pressure easily on the go.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time Tracking

Know where all your vehicles are at all times. Extract your fleet’s exact lat-long location to offer accurate ETAs for urgent deliveries and cases.

Geofenced Routing

Real-time Tracking

Mark traffic or accident-prone areas under geofences to prevent time wastage. Ensure the safety of delicate medical consignments by geofencing dangerous roads as forbiden route.

Fuel Management

Real-time Tracking

Reduce operational costs and pilferage through our fleet management features. Monitor fuel consumption patterns to devise a cost-effective fleet management system .

Automatic Alerts

Real-time Tracking

If your vehicle enters restricted areas, goes missing, or has inadequate reefer temperature, you will receive automatic alerts. Be aware of such anomalies in your supply chain.

Vehicle Security

Real-time Tracking

Safeguard your vehicle, consignment, and driver against theft-related dangers. With features such as immobility and SOS buttons, everything remains safe.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • What is your best pharmaceutical supply chain feature that makes you stand out?

    TrackoBit offers wonderful cold-chain supply technology to facilitate perfect pharmaceutical fleet management. Moreover, our powerful tracking system allows us to deliver accurate ETAs for emergency consignments. Through complete sensor integration, we not only simplify transportation but also management. This is because all the data that is collected through the sensors is arranged into organized categories and delivered as actionable reports. Through these reports, managers can create more effective fleet management plans. TrackoBit is all about complete client-based flexibility. Therefore, if your pharmaceutical supply chain requires specific sensors to facilitate extra reporters or better results, we’re happy to help.

  • Will using your software reduce my overall operational costs?

    Absolutely! TrackoBit is built to simplify and economize your fleet management operations. Pharmaceutical companies can reduce operational costs with TrackoBit through our reefer temperature control. Through this software, you can set the temperature range your consignment needs to be stored. The software will sense whenever there are temperature fluctuations and will either self-regulate it or send you alerts to fix the same. Other ways to reduce operational costs of your pharmaceutical fleet are driver behavior regulation, fuel monitoring, route planning, and maintenance schedule . Through all these features combined, TrackoBit offers you a clear picture of where your fleet management budget is leaning so you have an idea of what you can do to reduce it.

  • Can using your pharmaceutical fleet management system better a country’s medical structure?

    The best thing to come out of using TrackoBit for the pharmaceutical industry is that potent medicine is made available easily. To serve its purpose correctly, pharmaceutical fleet management software allows companies to increase their nationwide distribution by multi-folds. In a country like India, medicine availability in remote areas was a huge challenge for the medical sector. However, with better fleet management through TrackoBit, such equipment can be made available just about anywhere. Therefore, the nation’s medical structure is bound to improve.

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