Proofs of Delivery (POD)

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proofs of Delivery (PODs) are digital evidence and confirmations of successful delivery completion. They verify that a delivery is completed and the customer has received it at the intended location as per the task at hand.

What Are The Different POD Formats Offered By TrackoBit?

TrackoBit offers four types of PODs:

  • – Automatic: When the vehicle reaches the desired location, managers will automatically get a POD notification.
  • – OTP-based: The recipient gives the delivery partner a OTP to verify delivery completion.
  • – eSignature: The recipient provides a digital signature on the platform presented by the delivery partner
  • – QR Coded: The delivery partner scans a QR code printed on the package when they arrive at the delivery location.

What Are The Benefits of PODs?

The primary benefits of Proofs of Delivery are:

  • Easy tracking
  • Delivery documentation
  • Better customer relations
  • Increased accountability in operations