What is the Importance of ePOD in Last-Mile Delivery?

importance of epod in last mile delivery

ePODs are essential to last-mile delivery operations as they allow logistics companies to combat failed deliveries, improve visibility, and more.

It would be wise not to overlook the importance of proof of delivery, as it is as vital as providing your customers with a seamless delivery experience. The delivery cycle will remain incomplete without POD as it acknowledges successful delivery. 

But earlier, the delivery method required the recipients to sign a physical delivery note confirming delivery. But this traditional method has loopholes and restricts the purpose of POD. 

But with the onset of ePOD, it is proving to be a reliable source of evidence of successful deliveries. And as a perk of digitalization, it helps to automate and streamline document of delivery.

What is ePOD?

Proof of delivery is a supporting document like an invoice that records the delivery service provided by the logistics company to customers. The purpose behind POD is to ensure a safe and reliable transaction. It might contain details like complete product information and product owner. 

Previously the POD was paper-based, which is prone to be lost or full of errors. With the digitalization of POD, possibilities of human errors get and deceit are eliminated. ePODs are proving beneficial to companies as they are helping them gain visibility. Electronic proof of delivery captures relevant data and pictures to verify delivery. With ePOD, contactless deliveries are possible. 

Let’s dig deeper if you don’t know what we are talking about.

What is ePOD’s Role in Last-Mile Delivery?

POD is of great value in the last-mile delivery process as it signals the end of the segment. In addition, POD provides end-to-end accountability between the consignor, customer, and 3PL. 

It is an essential element of last-mile tracking as it ensures that a package is delivered in perfect condition and the service meets the receiver’s expectations. Additionally, it is responsible for streamlining the billing process and protecting the business and the customers from getting into a dispute claim.

Importance of ePODs

Why you need to invest in a last-mile delivery software that offers ePODs as a part of the operation?

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Boosts Workforce Productivity

In the past, we would see delivery agents carrying a wad of papers asking you to sign your name and contact details on them. Gone are those days, as ePOD has digitalized the process. They can now capture the photograph or OTP to confirm delivery and the status is automatically communicated to superiors. 

This helps to speed up the delivery process, and reduce unnecessary paperwork, thus increasing the workforce’s productivity.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

It is important to communicate accurate and dynamic ETA of orders and even provide customers with real-time updates on their parcels. Soon after delivery of the order, the agent can share OTP or barcode to scan, which requires no extra effort or a desperate search for a pen.

Even if the receiver is unavailable, the parcel can be delivered, and OTP can be shared over call or message. This eliminates the need for reattempt delivery.

Improves Visibility in Supply Chain

The purpose of ePOD is not only to confirm the delivery of orders but also to enhance end-to-end visibility in the supply chain. It even streamlines and simplifies data collection by sharing the real-time status of the orders and the agent. ePOD is essential because it ensures that there is no misplacement of products. 

Since ePOD shares data in real-time, it can even be utilized to monitor delivery staff, generate weekly/monthly reports, and identify the area of the delivery process that needs improvement.

Reduces Paperwork and Human Error

With the digitalization of POD, a lot of time spent manually uploading data and managing paperwork gets reduced. Moreover, the mobile application of the last-mile delivery software is user-friendly and an efficient way to capture and share all kinds of ePOD. 

Also, the chances of human errors get eliminated due to a decrease in human intervention, thus bringing in greater accuracy in the last-mile operation.

Combats Failed Delivery Costs

Failed deliveries can further increase the cost of an expensive last-mile delivery operation. Additionally, they have a negative impact on turnaround time and customer experience.

There are two solutions to it. First, the ePOD can be shared remotely, and the recipient is not needed to be present. Second, when the agent cannot contact the customer, ePOD can validate and inform fleet managers of failed delivery. 

What are the Different Types of ePODs Offered By TrackoMile?

TrackoMile is a last-mile delivery software that offers various ePODs to help bring efficacy into the delivery process. In addition, since the software comes with a rider app, it makes collecting and sharing OTP far easier. 

eSignature: Once the order is delivered, eSignatures or digital signatures can help the agent gather the required confirmation of the delivery process. Through the rider app, delivery agents can gain the customer’s signature, acting as proof of delivery.

Photograph: Clicking pictures of the delivered order or the recipient can help riders collect contactless proofs. This is strong evidence of proof and also the safest.

Collect epod with rider app

QR Codes and Barcodes: Scanning barcodes or QR codes over the packages act as POD and allows companies and customers to track their packages in case the order is for pick-up or scan the code shared on the customer’s phone in case of a drop.

OTP: Sharing OTP with the delivery agent is the most common practice. Customers do not have to be present to receive parcels and share OTP, they can do it over call. This help prevents failed deliveries or reattempts.

Please Share The OTP With Your Delivery Agent!

It’s 2023, the age of digitalization. It’s also the time when proof of delivery is digitalized. That way, you will be killing two birds with one stone. ePOD will not only mark the completion of the delivery but also bring in visibility and valuable data. 

Let TrackoMile be your choice for digitalizing PODs. Not only this, but it has far more solutions that will help you optimize your last-mile delivery process.

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What is the Importance of ePOD in Last-Mile Delivery?

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