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Driver Behaviour Monitoring Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Drive Your Fleet Well With the Right Drivers

Track and analyze driver behaviour and separate good drivers from bad ones. Use our robust driver behaviour management system and never miss any driving anomalies. Maintain your fleet’s safety, efficiency, and economy with the best skilled and trained drivers in your fleet

Join the Ride: Explore Effortless Driving Behaviour Analysis

Analyse your drivers' on-road activities with automation-backed Driver Behaviour Monitoring Software by TrackoBit.

  • What We Offer

    The ability to get your
    vehicle steered by the right people

    Vehicles are machines that need to be controlled and regulated carefully to get the right results. With our driver behaviour monitoring system, we offer complete supervision and control over your vehicles and drivers.

  • Driver Behaviour Tracking

    Through our GPS tracking system, insightful reports, and sensor integration, get complete reports on how drivers drive your vehicles. Track instances of rash driving and weed out bad drivers from the good ones.

  • Route Deviation Alert

    Our software helps form the most efficient route for your operations. Check with our driver management system if a driver constantly deviates from the specified route and also monitor the alternative routes they take.

  • Driver Management System

    TrackoBit uses video telematics and ADAS systems to give you complete visibility of your fleet. Protect your fleet from distracted driving or use video footage to get insurance claims when your drivers are not at fault.

Analyze With Insightful Reports

Collect, display, and analyse data for superior driver monitoring

TrackoBit collects driver behaviour data from your fleet and displays it in the form of insightful reports. Always stay ahead of the curve by seeing how well your drivers are treating your vehicles.

  • Harsh Cornering

    Event Report in a week 12

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Harsh Cornering Reports

    Prevent stress on vehicles and accidents by overturning by checking when and which drivers frequently resort to harsh cornering.

  • Harsh Acceleration

    Location 28.6195585,77.2979777

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Harsh Acceleration

    Harsh acceleration leads to harsh braking and overspeeding. Get notified when drivers resort to this rash driving behaviour.

  • Harsh braking

    Event Report Today 5

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Harsh Braking Reports

    Save your vehicles from unnecessary ABS stress and premature wearing out by monitoring every time drivers brake harshly.

  • Overspeeding

    Event Report 110 km/h

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Overspeed Reports

    Our software doesn’t condone overspeeding. Therefore, every time your driver goes beyond the speed limits, you’ll get an alert.

  • Excessive Driving

    Driving Hours 10 hrs 25 min / Day

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Excessive Driving Reports

    Keep your drivers from overworking themselves and your vehicles. Keep your assets safe and healthy at all times.

  • Freewheeling

    destination 60 km/h

    27 Jun 2022, 13:45 pm

    Freewheeling Reports

    Avoid freewheeling with occurrence notifications since it puts your consignment, vehicle, and drivers in danger as the vehicle is not under control.

What You Get

Complete relief, knowing that your
vehicles are in the right hands

Several driver behaviour monitoring features help you get the peace of mind that your vehicles are safe, efficient, and well-maintained. You also get to keep an eye on your drivers to avoid inappropriate driving or unethical usage.

  • Complete Safety

    When you curb risky driver behaviour, you automatically safeguard your vehicle, consignment, and drivers. Prevent accidents by promoting safe driving practices among your drivers.

  • Maintain Eco-Driving

    Driver management allows you to check how much fuel drivers are making the vehicle consume. Promote eco-driving through safe and efficient driving practices.

  • Efficient Operations

    Increase efficiency in your fleet through eco-driving and accident-preventing driving practices. Allow your assets to be extremely efficient with our fleet management system.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Driver Behaviour Monitoring Driver Behaviour Monitoring Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Manage Your Drivers All the Time

Cut corners in your fleet economy by
knowing when your drivers are cutting harsh corners

Whether you want real-time driver supervision or want to check each driver’s performance later, TrackoBit lets you
do it all. Go beyond dot-on-a-map tracking and track how your drivers are performing anytime, anywhere.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring Allow Smooth Driving Speed Limit Adherence Promote Safe Driving Smooth Acceleration Encourage Eco Driving Avoid Vehicle Idling

Your Drivers Benefit From Monitoring Too!

We offer supervision, not spying!

Any tool should not just benefit the company but should work both ways. Driver behaviour monitoring is also beneficial for the drivers in your fleet. Supervised drivers get the right wages aided by software-backed data. They rest assured that they’d not be accused of harsh driving unnecessarily.

Your Drivers Benefit From Monitoring Too!
Real-time vehicle tracking
Bite-sized driver reports
Complete driver information

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • Can effective driver behaviour management reduce road accidents?

    Yes! Driver behaviour monitoring practices can definitely help reduce road accidents. However, this is only possible when you use the data collected by fleet management software effectively.

    Through insightful reports, TrackoBit will help you find out which drivers resort to risky driving practices such as harsh cornering, harsh braking, overspeeding, and harsh acceleration. All you need to do is train your drivers accordingly and see them get rid of the driving habits that generally lead to road accidents.

  • How does GPS tracking software track driver behaviour?

    GPS tracking software use telematics, geospatial data, and most importantly, sensor integration to track driver behaviour. Through sensor integration, if a driver brakes harshly, the system will take the signal and display it on the software dashboard, or even send an alert to your device, if you have opted for that feature.

    TrackoBit constantly collects data from these sources and processes them to form digestible reports.

  • Is driver behaviour monitoring equivalent to spying on your drivers?

    No! Driver behaviour management is nowhere close to spying on your drivers for two reasons:

    - The drivers are aware of the fact that they are being supervised
    - They receive some major gains from the fleet management software system integration as well

    While it might seem like a fleet management software is spying on the drivers; all it is doing is supervising them, collecting data, and then helping managers to use this data to help drivers improve their performance.

  • Is video telematics a must for superior driver monitoring?

    No, video telematics is only a small part of driver behaviour monitoring practices. While it does help increase surveillance and visibility on the vehicle, it is not the end-all and be-all of driver behaviour monitoring.

    The most essential things that should be available in a driver behaviour monitoring system are:
    - Real-time tracking
    - Insightful reports
    - Safety enhancement

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